The Firefly Experience

By Elie - 11:11 AM

So I've just realized that I haven't been in this space for a whole week. HAVE YOU MISSED ME?

 I'm sorry I look constipated, I felt awkward camwhoring next to a stranger of that moment.

That was a sad excuse to parade a selfie in a flight, really. But yes I've just gotten back from Langkawi yesterday with multiple cuts and bruises alongside the fact that my phone has gone for a swim in murky waters. More tales on that later on with the longest rant you can ever imagine but let's start off with lighter and happier notes to the trip. I've been on a plane AGAIN. In case you don't already know from my forever emotional notes, I have been dying to be a stewardess for the longest of times and every single time I have a chance to jump on a plane, I'd go for it!

This time around, it's a flight with Firefly! Granted, I pass by the Subang Skypark every Saturday to get to my Japanese teacher's house in Ara Damansara but I've never imagined being in there. It was a pleasant surprise for me on Friday when I walked in to see that the airport is in fact quite big, albeit being less glamourous when compared to KLIA. I do however think it looks better than LCCT for odd reasons.

Everybody's just waiting to take flight!

 I should have been in front and pretended as a child.

This little thing shall take us all to Langkawheeeeee!!!

Although it was just a 1 hour 20 minute flight, I was still very excited over the journey. Truth be told, I was even prepared to compare it with AirAsia because they're both budget airlines, right? The first thing I realized is that the planes that Firefly uses are much tinier as compared and must be really uncomfortable for people with long legs what with the limited leg room from seat to seat. The cabin spaces were so tiny that even my cabin size certified luggage couldn't quite fit and the height of the aircraft is so short, even I could touch the roof of it without a tiptoe and THAT is saying a lot.

Up in air!

Taking photos of the sky. SKYCEPTION.

What was better however is the service of the stewardesses as compared to those of AirAsia. We were served with a little cup of drink each and offered muffins or peanuts to your preferable taste. They were very nice when they collected all the thrash from you too; coming with professional looking trays and not plastic bags like in AirAsia going "Rubbish, rubbish. Rubbish, sir? Rubbish, ma'am? Rubbish, rubbish." That was...a culture shock for me the last time I took AirAsia. It's like they were selling rubbish (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) and I just didn't get it.

Muffin and pink guava juice. Everything 30,000 feet in air is naturally yummier!

One word of advice for the stewardesses however is to be more gentle when asking their passengers to turn off electronic devices. I mean, yeah sure I understand that it's a common ground rule but obviously if you're just going to bark at us "Switch off your phone please!!!" then we wouldn't do it. In fact, I would purposely dangle my phone in front of you out of rage to your rage. Karma will hit me so hard when I get to fly as a stewardess wtf. And smile more please. You guys look so sad. In fact, here's a video I secretly took after the stewardesses sat down so they wouldn't scream at me for using my phone ON FLIGHT MODE.

I'll update on the pretty hotel in Langkawi and the trip much later on. After I've done my homework. Maybe. Ending the post with a picture of the rainbow I saw before we landed. Happy shot!

Now all we need is a pot of gold at the end.

I'm so lame.

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  1. I never flew with Firefly before but i did with MASwings... it's actually faster than normal plane cause of the smaller size :)

    1. I think Firefly is affiliated to MAS because during boarding they announced a collaboration of flight numbers as well as vests bearing MH logos being used all over. They're pretty nice to fly with actually but the aircraft is tinier and the stewardesses needs to be a bit happier la. Otherwise it's pretty good. :)

  2. I have taken Firefly before. It is not bad. I like they give us a snack and a cup of water without charges. haha

    1. Hahahaha omg yes. I know this sounds super Chinese and cheap but I think it's nice to even have a little cup of drink for a 1 hour 20 minute flight. Much unlike the flight with AirAsia where you would have to buy an overpriced cup of Milo. Hmph!


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