Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

By Elie - 4:30 AM

When do we start?

Clearly I'll start with the fact that I did NOT get to Instagram my cool tickets of Thor: The Dark World that I got at the Nuffnang Premiere Screening tonight because the fate of my S3 is still untold till this moment. You'll get the story on what happened to it later on. But really, here's some good says on one of the most awaited Marvel movies this year!

Kian Fai pointed that this looks exactly like IronMan's poster HAHAHAHA!

Thor: The Dark World picks up where it left off from The Avengers, a point of where Loki has been arrested for the chaos he has created on Earth. Of course hereinafter there is Thor who waltzes around to restore peace to all the places of which has been turned upside down; including the life of Jane Foster in London. It is also at this point of time of which she runs around looking for him and accidentally stumbles upon the darkest of all weapons: The athier. (Is that how you spell it? Correct me, someone!) If you're finding a huge chunk of missing points in my summary, it is really because I refuse to throw the story out to you in a spoiler-free blog. Go watch it and figure things out!

Come, my child. Let me hammer some shit up for you.
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Who else but Chris Hemsworth do we have reprising the role of Thor right here? Seriously, has anyone noticed that guys named Chris are somehow just naturally hot? Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris(topher) Plummer...if you don't know the last guy then it's shame on you! I wouldn't say it was the most amazing act from Hemsworth just yet but it's still nice to see him sweep around in that big red cape and spread out his arm in the summons of his big fat hammer. Do note the point of which he gets topless. GODDAMN.

Read, my child. Get intelligent.

I must have mentioned this in one of my reviews before but I've forgotten which...HOW ARE VILLAINS SO HANDSOME IN MOVIES? Gone were the days when you could simply just watch a movie and you have that typical villain-ey faced guy whom you could easily identify as the bad one. No, here you have the most suave and good looking Tom Hiddleston as Loki who just has the cutest of all watery eyes and a flashy smile to match the angry yet defeatedly (Is this even a word?) naughty character. I can't even word this properly. I'll just hashtag it like a dreamy teenage girl. #TeamLoki.

Hello? Is this the world?

Call me cheesy but I've decided to have the hairstyle that Natalie Portman has throughout this movie because it looks really nice. But her hair aside, I thought she did really well as the estranged I-miss-my-Thor kind of Jane Foster earlier and the I-will-just-go-with-the-flow Jane Foster later on. I mean, heck if I were to suddenly be in Asgard I would go bonkers. She does nothing of that...which is fairly unrealistic. She just randomly changes in clothes that belongs in the Asgardian world and suddenly she's all accustomed to whatever Asgard has in store. What?

The movie does pack a huge load of CGI into it but at the same time, the imagination of 9 universes coming together and that amazing view of the sky is just breathtaking. Of course with the load of action, Marvel also throws in some good laughs especially as Loki regains his freedom. Best part of the whole movie, I must say. Other casts included Anthony Hopkins who makes a really good Odin and Christopher Eccleston who had me completely freaked out as the evil Malekith. It must have been the make up.

To watch or not to watch is never the question when it comes to Thor: The Dark World but it will really help if you have seen The Avengers beforehand. It's a great movie but you've really got to work your way to getting tickets as I believe most of it would have been snapped up anyway. One word of advice however is that you have to stay back for the 2 cut scenes that will come midway through the credits and another all the way towards the very end of all the credits. Don't say I haven't warned you. Just sit back, talk to the person next to you and watch them. It's a Marvel thing to have cut scenes, really. The real question here is...who's sexier? Thor or Loki? This will be one long debate...

Maybe...I'll just have them both.

Oh I've just realized I didn't put a scaling to this. Definitely hitting hard on 8/10 on my personal scale. That's your cue to run for tickets...unless you're weird and have a disliking for handsome men and beautiful ladies. Then stay home and play your little games on your computer. I won't judge you. Or maybe I will. Also uhm...Happy Halloween, all. *Smiles*

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  1. Second all the hot Chris-es out there. Lol at Christopher Plummer. I, too, think he's one of a kind hottie (enough) that he got me wishing I was Maria. *wink*

    I've been dying to watch Thor: The Dark World since forever and I know it's going to be worth it. Thanks for the spoiler free review.

    1. Hahahaha well Christopher Plummer *was* hot as Captain Von Trapp so he does pass as a hot Chris! Yes, I think we've all wanted to be Maria at a point of time haven't we? Hehehehehe...I mean...*coughs*

      It is worth the money and the queue for the ticket so go on ahead and head on for it! You're most welcome and thank you so much for dropping me a nice note like this! :)

  2. Chris Hemsworth! I don't need to know what the movie is... I'm going just to see him. ;-)

    1. Hmmm all the Chris(es) hahahaha! Go on, Yum List! :D


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