Staying In: Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa, Langkawi

By Elie - 2:30 AM

That's a pretty long name for the title. So last week I talked about my experience with Firefly and today I shall ramble on the hotel I got to stay in during my trip in Langkawi. Located just about 15 minutes away from the Langkawi International Airport, the hotel sports 51 single and double-storey wooden chalets along a vast beachfront view over the 35 acres of land it sits on. A few steps away puts you along the roads of little shops of food and shopping, so much so it felt like I was in Phuket, Thailand when we went out at night.

A shot from the moving bus.

The vast lobby that greets you.

And the walk to our beachfront chalets.

 Twin beds side by side.
Picture by Elwyn who has tall people problems, all his pictures are viewed from a higher point of view. Ish!

I was praying hard for a bathtub and...BATHTUB I GOT!

Ironing board hidden, safe is half seen and...I have no idea what this area is for.

Chairs just in case you wanted to chill away from your bed. But really, who would?

To nobody's surprise, Max got to follow me to the trip and approves of the soft bed!

Panaromic beachfront from the veranda of the chalet.

I was fairly lucky to have been placed on the lower storey of the double storey chalets because this was what I opened up to from the other side of the room. Posh green grass, wavy high palm trees and a sandy beach by the vast seas. It's crazy! I would seriously do anything to be back there and waking up next to it every single day. 

Elwyn caught a glimpse of the sunset from the beach too!

It was really unfair because he got to Langkawi earlier and got to watch the sunset from the beach. Although the sands weren't as nice as the ones in Pangkor during my trip last year, it was still nice to escape the city hustles to come to this short term paradise. I got to write letters on the beach on my final day there and buried them deep so if you're reading this blog post and you've found my notes, congratulations for knowing my little secret!
Another spot that Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa is fairly famous for is the Spice Market Restaurant that faces the pool outside and sits right next to the lobby if you're on a hunt for it.

A table of healthy and unhealthy *ahem* desserts.

Milk and cereal if that's your forte.


Bread and toast with butter for your liking.

The choices does appear to be just as regular buffet restaurant spreads but the ambience of being in the Spice Market Restaurant is really quite comfortable. Food choices are sparse however with the omelette being the only good dish. A great hint is to stay away from the pancakes because they are overly flour-y and it's just too thick to really enjoy. I really loved the fact that they served muesli with fresh yogurt though so that's a plus point to them right there. It doubles as a buffet dinner spot in the evening but again, choices are fairly limited.

I didn't quite get to take that much a walk around the hotel and neither did I get pictures taken (MY PHONE!!! *Sighs loudly*) but I suppose the mental images taken is good enough to last. The hotel is overall clean and acceptable with no creaking beds or moldy tubs and I am very thankful for that. A suggestion however is that they put up a little more light along the walkways from our beachfront chalets to the lobby because it was really dark the few times I walked through and that was both dangerous as well as scary. They do provide you buggies from the lobby to your room but that's quite subject to availability and your luck.

I figure if you want a good stay in Langkawi, Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa is quite a good consideration for where it is located and the awesome views it features, really. So here's an end to my blog post, and as per usual it's really just a camwhore picture of yours truly.

After all, what is a blog post without my face?

That's the last picture of myself that my S3 has taken. Forever. *Cries loudly* I miss my S3! *Cries even louder* This, ladies and gentlemen is a true case of first world problems.

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  1. pretty nice much per night?

    1. Yeah, really pretty isn't it? Unfortunately I have no idea how much it costs per night as I was there on a sponsored trip. :)

    2. ehhh, i think it ranges from RM600 to RM1,900 per night

    3. Sorry, still recovering from the shock of numbers ._.


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