The Weekend I Was In Langkawi Part I

By Elie - 3:30 AM

If you've known me well enough in real life, you would know that there is nothing I love more than my bed and blanket. In fact, I wouldn't even leave bed till 11 AM or so nowadays all thanks to my post-graduate yet jobless life. Having said that, I was fairly taken aback when someone called me up to join HyppTV's Love In Langkawi program where it was supposed to be all dirt and no play(ing matter) just as the ones they reality series "Love In The Wild" that is aired on TV in the States. Here's a link in case you have no idea what it's all about. Don't tell me you're too lazy to click on that, it is simply a 36 second trailer!

While a part of me told myself that there is nothing better than to be snuggled under the warm comforts of my fluffy blanket, another part asked if I really wanted to simply while away time doing nothing meaningful as I am now of a legal age. And so I jumped onto the opportunity and as you would have read in my Firefly as well as Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa post, I was whisked away to Langkawi last weekend. My flight departed only in the evening with a shocking revelation that there were all guys and no girls along with me. I later found out that 3 other girls and a guy was already catching their breath from the ride to the island much earlier.

Arriving in Langkawi. In case you don't spot me, look for the most anti-social one in the group!

Well, okay maybe I am not THAT anti-social. At least I'm smiley and stuff.

I traveled with 3 guys; all of whom were taller and bigger sized as compared to me. Not too sure if that's good or not but at least I got there safely.

We were assigned to our rooms soonest we got to the hotel and that was when I learned that my roommate is a nice Indian girl named Yashna. Our first meet up was awkward as I didn't expect someone in the room and vice versa so the shock of our lives came when I pushed open the door amidst my messy clamber in luggage handling. Future cabin crew my butt. The meet up with the rest of the people came much later during dinner when we realized that the guys had been shipped away to our dinner spot first and that was when I met the other two girls; Ainna and Hanim. 

Yashna up front, yours truly behind then followed by Ainna and Hanim as we alight the bus.

It turns out our "adventure" to the Love In Langkawi program would begin right at that moment at Wood's Kitchen & Bar Langkawi when the girls got to pick out the guy they would fall head over heels for with a glance of an eye. You see, we girls had the power of which the guys couldn't say no. *Cue the perfect song of the moment - I've Got The Power by Snap* I panicked for a moment because I looked like crap in my shorts, tank top and denim shirt paired with my flip flops while everyone else looked like they were ready to get out and party. WHAT IF MY GUY DIDN'T LIKE ME?! Then again, he would have to just settle with it because the power was in my hands.

We had men waiting for us inside of Wood's Kitchen & Bar Langkawi.

The deal to picking your guy is simple. We girls sat outside before we were offered a bowl with numbered papers just to see the order of which we would pick our partner and as my forever horrible luck would go, I was the fourth. I didn't figure it was that bad however because then it would really mean my partner and I had that sort of a fate to be together since I was the last to err...pick. We were all given a pair of bracelets of different colours to be offered to our chosen one and mine was of a bright red colour. That wasn't too bad, least it wasn't pink or I would have thrown a tantrum.

Meet my fated partner; Elwyn who is seen here devouring his grilled chicken.

I've known his existence from movie screenings with Nuffnang but we always just went hi, bye and I occasionally slipped a "thank you" in between when he let me sandwich between himself and Kian Fai while grabbing our tickets. But that was it. I thought for a moment if we would even live through this adventure because he is first of all fairly skinny and second of all much taller than the shorty in me. I hardly got up to his shoulder and I could swear prolonged staring will give me a neck ache. The better part however was that he did eat like a glutton which meant he would have the kind of energy to last through whatever came our way, right? Then again, it might have been because dinner was only served close to 10 PM from the special way our food is prepared at Wood's Kitchen & Bar Langkawi. I'm not too sure if my carbonara was indeed tasty or if I was just too hungry to figure the taste out.

We were left to talk for a bit when the food was still nowhere to be found and I realized that this scrawny broomstick (I label tall people as broomsticks, I apologize.) wasn't too difficult to speak to even with my awkward antic and I wondered why we never spoke to each other so properly before. He was a cat lover, a complete opposite of my disliking for kitties and was of age with Chef. Our first task of the night was to figure out how compatible we were in playing Charades of a different kind. The first round was to express them out in words and the second time around, they hit the weakest point of my silly life: to draw whatever the word was. Clearly the drawing didn't go too well so he never figured that I was trying to say "50 First Dates" and I'm still unsure if it were my fault or it fault.

Exhausted at midnight, we made our way back to the hotel but not without a warning that the next day would be tough; complete with walking and fairly minimal wet adventures. That was fair enough, I thought. After all, that was what I came all the way for! Otherwise I would have just stayed home with a glass of gin in hand catching up on movies with my father, right? I was drained the moment I hit the bed of the hotel and there were already images playing on what I would have to go through the very next day. That however will be expressed in my next blog post as it would not just be wordy but of a ton in expressions whether in joy, depression or anguish. 

If you're not looking forward to it, you're missing out on a lot. Trust me, it'll be worth your time. Over and out for the moment, I'm seeking a different kind of adventure right now. But I'll be back. Till then, have a muffin and wait.

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  1. I was eating like a glutton cos i did not had lunch at all :((((((


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