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By Elie - 11:35 AM

I am still in the midst of losing whatever I've chomped down from last night's visit to the Nuffnang Food Fest; the first ever tw(eat) fest in Malaysia. To my followers on Twitter, I'm sorry about this:

Epic spamming for food.

For the first time ever, my tweets were worth money and every tweet entitled me to good food like onigiri (Japanese rice balls) samples from Niko Niko Onigiri and Sumo Onigiri, both of which are found in the Uptown area. Nando's even served me with a huge serving of mild peri-peri chicken thigh while Chatime left my dad super satisfied and that says a lot because my old man NEVER drinks Chatime. He thinks it's such a hype that we "youngsters" throng to but look at him now!

Picture stolen off my Instagram. I apologize for the blurriness. I was overly excited to see a happy daddy at the most rare of times- holding a Chatime!

So for those who are wondering what on earth was this weird #NNFoodFest hashtag that was trending better than #Tiesto last night? I have proof for that, I'm not lying!

Do ignore my creepy looking Totoro.

Well then, it was a one-of-a-kind festival of which Nuffnang had set up at Sunway Pyramid's Blue Entrance with numerous vendors to bring in their food and in exchange for all that tummy yummies, visitors simply had to tweet with the right hashtags, "LIKE" designated Facebook pages or post up a picture on Instagram with the right Insta handle! For instance, you could see my endless tweets as above to redeem good bites from Sisters Crispy Popiah and slurps from Yakult Malaysia. And to make things more fun, I even had to post up a picture on Instagram to get my Chatime fix...for dad.

I have no idea what I was thinking of with that face.

The event; if I may say so myself; was an AMAZING success. Throngs of people brushed against each other, lining up for a bite to eat, moving from stall to stall with so much hunger in place. Everyone just seemed so happy to have their smartphones in hand and fingers busy with tweets that it felt so one-of-a-kind. Heck, I was surprised to even hear my dad say it was a good idea because everyone is so involved to get their bites and my mum agreed. 
 Excited at the registration table!
*Wipes sweat off forehead* I was so worried they would feel like it's too much a "hipster" (If they knew what that means anyway) thing and just give up midway but no! Everywhere we turned, both my mum and dad would say, "Tweet me a burger, tweet me a coffee, tweet me a juice or tweet me a nasi lemak." I couldn't have imagined my parents; whose age when added up would surpass a 100 could ever learn the word "tweet" per say.

While I didn't get to stay too long because my parents got full very quickly, I still thought it was a whole lot of fun to have been at the Nuffnang Food Fest where my tweets finally meant something else than the emo nemo in me. I'm really hoping Nuffnang would keep up this tradition even though the planning must have been terribly tedious but it's really unique to have everyone tweet for food. Who knows, I'd stay longer for more food next time!
 Humans. Humans everywhere!

If you weren't there last night, here are SOME of the food I had. Most of the other bites were all gone before I could even snap pictures. Cue the overly excited girl here!

Red Dragon Fruit juice with Grape Vinegar from VinegPlus! Super yummy, super healthy!

Nasi Lemak wrapped in popiah skin from Zuo.

The most amazing drink ever: Banana and Pineapple juice from Crush Foods.

Mild peri-peri chicken thigh from Nando's. Sorry it looks so disfigured, I was halfway through when I thought I should take a picture.

Yummiest gelato ever from NBrew. I got the full sized gula melaka avacado from their store in Asian Avenue of Sunway Pyramid after that.

Yakult for good digestion! They had the most enthusiastic team ever! They would jump in so much joy to read my tweet then push me a Yakult hahahaha so cute!

Macaron from Les Macaroons. I love macarons. Just love it. Did I mention, I love macarons?

Other yummy fixes included soup from Paradise Inn Malaysia, juicy burgers from BurgerLab, Crayon Burger and Andy's BBQ as well as the yummiest fish cakes EVER from Absolute Thai. We tried lots of other things too but I don't quite remember them all because they were all so good, I was totally spoilt for choice. 

And here's a good cheer to the Nuffies who put up this event for Nuffnangers like us who were hungry for good food in exchange for a little tweet that used to mean nothing yet was everything last night. You guys did great so PLEASE do it again next year! I'll go on a diet the week before to eat more when the day comes. Great going, Nuffnang!

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  1. Of course your parents would love it. Who wouldn't like free food. Haha

    1. Hahahaha! But to tweet for free food, my parents have never ever tried stuff like that! My dad never quite enjoyed the attention I paid to my smartphone all the time...until the Nuffnang Food Fest changed his mind FOREVER! :P

  2. Replies
    1. It was a LOT of fun! Were you there, Yum List? :)

  3. Wish i could go either.... too far for me, hope they are doing this in Penang in the near future :p

    1. Aww man. :( Hahaha drop Nuffnang some mails and suggest it to them! :P


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