Nestle Drumstick Adventure

By Elie - 3:55 AM

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How adventurous do you think you are on a regular day? For me, being on an adventure means to actually roll off bed and DO something like walking down the stairs and getting food from the kitchen. And that’s just my daily life as a jobless college graduate. Last Sunday however, I was whisked off to an adventure more than that and skipped off to Sunway Pyramid’s Blue Entrance for the Nestle Drumstick Adventure!

It's peanut butter jelly adventure time!

The task sounded simple enough. Waltz into this amazing looking tent, retrieve a Nestle Drumstick from the fridge inside the pitch black darkness then sneak by out amidst the bazillions of jelly, flour and water that comes around to ambush you within 5 seconds! If you successfully do that, you’ll win a ticket to Sunway Lagoon’s ALL PARK, keep that Nestle Drumstick AND RM 50 in cold, hard cash!

Cik Lily from getting her ticket and Nestle Drumstick. Unfortunately, no RM 50 for her as she clocked in at 7 seconds instead of 5.

A whole lot of us simply waited patiently for our turn but not with empty hands. All we had to do to get our hands on a Nestle Drumstick before going into the adventurous tent was to flash our LINE app to the relevant staff members and BAM there’s a Nestle Drumstick in your hand!

 #ForeverAlone people do what they do best. Camwhore. Alone.

Okay so I’m not that sad. Here’s Sue Ann who has forgotten to lend me her Japanese books for the billionth time and Anne who needs to stop being so cute with her big googly eyes. Y U SO CUTE, ANNE?!

The day was unfortunately (Or fortunately, I don’t know) blazing hot and I must have gotten 1398724726516253169835 times more tan while waiting for my turn as I chickened out on registering before until I saw the other bloggers having so much fun.

Clocking in at only 3 seconds to walk home with RM 50 cash, a ticket to Sunway Lagoon and a Nestle Drumstick is this extremely ecstatic and adventurous blogger!

Huai Bin from geared up for the challenge.

The wait for my turn felt like an eternity under the sun but when I finally got called up, man was I nervous all over again! I didn’t know what I was more afraid of- the water that they would splash, the jelly they would pour or the endless obstacles for the klutz in me to trip over.

Gearing up with knee and elbow pads while seated on the hottest gravel step EVER. The ape looking person behind me is Joel from Sarcasm Puh-Leaze if you must know.

Anne took this picture and it makes me look so magical. I’m levitating from the ground! Folks, I’m magical! WHERE IS MY LETTER, HOGWARTS?

The feeling before you get to pounce into the tent of adventures is really just out of the world because you have no idea what to expect and worst still; there’s RM 50 on the line. Not that I super mind about that awesome green note but it just felt like a good pressure to push yourself and do better.

Still getting prepped. I needed goggles and a helmet before I could chargeeeeee!

And charge!!! As my ex-boyfriend used to say, fats don’t run. We wobble and wobble I did into the tent!

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it within 5 seconds, rolling out at 8 seconds after nearly tripping over the obstacles and getting sloshed with jelly that (according to the emcee) was sweet. It was still quite an adventure though and I could now proudly say I have been adventurous enough to do something as crazy as this on a blazing hot Sunday!
Flour, jelly, water and fun all in one silly, pitch black tent! Well, who knew my Sunday could be so adventurous?

For that, I owe it all to Nuffnang because if they didn’t invite me to this cool adventure, I would have probably just rolled off bed and walked down the stairs only at 1 PM today to get food then bum with watching some TVB series online. 

Picture from Nuffnang’s Instagram! Spot the overly enthusiastic, crazy person in the picture. All this, in the name of adventure and fun.

Man, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe this time that RM 50 would be mine. 

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