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By Elie - 5:00 AM

"If you have a dream, go get it!"

I'm not too sure if anyone remembers me talking about my little dream a few weeks back about flying but if you didn't catch it, here's a rewind for your mind. In fact, this isn't the first time I've talked about chasing my cabin crew dream but this little dream grew into something just a tad bit bigger last Friday. You see, friend-turned Nuffie friend Nicholas messaged me on the morning of my birthday not to wish me but to tell me that he had a spot to join a few other bloggers to visit and experience EduFly, the aviation academy at Wisma Naza, KL on the 4th of October which was the Friday of the same week.

For those who wonder what EduFly is, let me have you know that it is the only independent non airline-owned aviation training center in Malaysis that provides interested candidates a full-fledged cabin crew training. The training spans over 2 months for full-timers and 4 months for weekend students whereby they would learn the simple basics of cabin crew grooming, flight theories, in-flight service procedures and even first aid and safety emergency procedures. It is in a nutshell everything you will need before you head on to an interview with an airline for that extra edge to stand out amongst the thousands that are applying.

I was ecstatic. Sure, this isn't an interview to an airline or anything that would have put me into a company itself but it was quite a pathway for me to learn the basics of being a cabin crew. I've heard of these aviation academies before and did at one point think of enrolling into one but decided later on not to as I figured I should put the money to better use and to pick up a language. Like I am doing now! As proof that I am indeed learning...*clears throat* こんにちわ!That was not Google translated and copied!

So I got up really early in the morning on Friday to get into KL in order to hitch a ride with Nicholas to EduFly and arrived smack in time as I was told to. Plus if I was late, blame the Nuffie! The building on the outside gave me such a negative thought but when I got to the floor of which EduFly was located, it became such a remarkable twist of surprise.

This welcomes you! If you notice hard enough, the tagline as above is the tagline of EduFly!

Not only was the place spacious and brightly lit, there were model planes stacked up high and comfortable couches at the lounging area for guests to get comfortable when needed. A turn of body leads you to an amazing mock-up of a flight complete with an overhead cabin so you could have a taste of being a stewardess without even getting off ground. This was all extremely overwhelming for the dreamer in me that I could even try such things out.

Rows of original seats from a 737 airplane.

The insides of me were screaming!

Emergency equipments for the students' education.

Of course as a blogger, I didn't quite expect that we would dive into the emergency procedures or anything as deep set as that but what we did get was to have a little bite into the grooming of a cabin crew.

Grooming area in a little room. 

After a quick introduction from their principal, we got busy with our grooming. A brief explanation was given how different companies had different demands on personal grooming be it from make up styles to hairstyles. I have to say this: I truly salute all cabin crews for their efforts to look good every single time they are on duty 30,000 feet off the ground. All that trouble just so their guests would feel happy in air, oh boy!

I had my hands on a very basic make up until the make up artist decided to experiment a little more on me. Blue eyeshadow is really just not my kind of thing.

After a whole lot of touch up by the make-up artist and my hair blown, sprayed and styled by them with Chuckei.

After a good round of grooming, we were also treated to lunch; a meal of which also "transported" us to "London". Yes, I do realize there are quotation marks around my words. This comes with a reason however and it is valid. You see, lunch was served where the mock seats were and the students of EduFly who were around on that day had their hands-on experience to serve us like any cabin crew would when they are on duty. That included the take off announcement, mid-flight food service and landing announcement. I thought it was really creative to have their students serve us at the mock up seating because it not only showed us bloggers how their students would learn in the academy but it also became a great opportunity for the students to learn.
 Hello, Jessica and Fish!

Lunch in imaginary air while we were "cruising" through to "London".

It was the shortest ride to London ever! During the announcement, we were told that it would take 12 hours but 5 minutes in and we were already approaching London with clear skies and a good view of the city itself. Maybe they should have picked somewhere more believable like Penang which takes 45 minutes. Lunch was mediocre but that really didn't matter because it wasn't the highlight of the day. They did feed us a LOT though because after the main meal, we were also served with ice cream and cake. What was really funny however was that one of their students kept coming up to ME and asked if I was done with my food when I clearly still had a quarter portion of rice left. And she kept doing that although I sat the furthest from the "aisle". Like, why wouldn't she ask Jessica and Fish? Why me?

Post-lunch was still loaded with fun as the students of EduFly brought out their pushcart of which is presumed to be their practice item and all the bloggers did was to take photos around it. We also got a go with a pilot cap from MAS; each of us reliving the moments of watching too much Triumph In The Skies II by the Hong Kong TVB station.

Here I am, happily service Chuckei and Daphne Charice
Cliche, must-have line: coffee, tea or me?

Tell me, how well do I fit the cabin crew look with this push cart?

You may call me Captain Lam; possibly married to Captain Isaac Tong. Jayden Koo is a little too old for me.

Of course, no session would be complete without group photos so group photos we did! It felt pretty out of place for me to be under the spotlight and what not because I've always been taking selfies and never stood where the model-standard spots are. I guess you've got to get used to things sometimes.

Spot the shortest and fattest one there fml.
Ash-Oh-Tonic, Chuckei, Daphne Charice, Jessica, Fish and yours truly. 
Blessed to stand next to all these famous bloggers wtf.

Awkward legs are awkward. A shot with our make-up artists.

And of course, a shot with the staff of EduFly along with Nuffie Nicholas in the middle!

It was an amazing experience as a whole and I enjoyed so much by the end of the day, I completely forgot to return EduFly the scarf they had lent us. Thankfully I learned that we were allowed to keep it later on so I didn't feel like I stole something from them on my first visit. I'm definitely hoping I would be back for more visits, possibly as a student if I do make up my mind to enrol and pick up the pieces on how to be a future cabin crew. Anyone want to wish me luck?

And if you've ever got just the same amount of passion as the cabin crew-crazy in me does, it's probably a good idea to visit EduFly on their Facebook page or pick up the phone to call them at 03 - 9226 3303 or 03 - 9226 3331. If you're also a little fazed on whether or not you're suited, here's a quick and basic checklist that EduFly has given me as I told them about how much I want to be a cabin crew.
  • Minimum aged 18 & above
  • Minimum 157cm barefoot for ladies and 165cm barefoot for men
  • Minimum education qualification: SPM
  • Well conversed in English and extra languages are an added advantage
  • Good eyesight (Myopia correctable with contact lenses are acceptable)
  • Pleasant disposition and great personality
  • Good health
  • Customer service oriented (Which means no slapping your guests even if they're annoying!)
I've ticked all the boxes so now it's your turn. Tell me if you do, maybe we could fly together someday.  EduFly is located at Level 5, Wisma Naza, No.12, Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.

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