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Have you ever wondered what's the biggest problem with a smartphone that makes it less smart than it claims? It isn't the camera that enhances your eyebags or it's automated voice-recognition system that helps you make phone calls yet doesn't understand you when you have an accent. It also isn't the fact that it lags when you have too many things loaded or dies after 2 years odd of usage. No, we can all withstand that. We'll just edit our photos, dial our own phone calls, delete some files and replace a newer model if that's really the problem.

Figured it out yet? Yes. Every smartphone has the one huge flaw of...a stupid battery. Seriously, if you're already making a phone that has the capability to work so many things out at once, why aren't you spending a little more time on a lengthy battery life. It scares the living out of me every time I want to fiddle around with my phone during boring wedding dinners only to see that my battery percentile is showing me a 25% numeral. (Trust me, when your father insists on arriving early for the cocktail session at 6 PM and the dinner doesn't ACTUALLY start till 9 PM, you will need your phone a lot. Mostly happens during Chinese weddings, really.)

And then you find a saviour.

No, the powerbank doesn't really shine but you get what I mean.

This UTOO S2 Powerbank would be familiar to you if you were at the Nuffnang Food Fest 2 weeks ago and you're running like a mad person looking for juice for your phone because it's the exact same unit that was given out to lucky (Or unlucky hehehe) Nuffnangers! And I could see why everyone had such a faze over it. Regularly, powerbanks are bulky, heavy and really ugly so it's quite annoying to have to take it out and use.

Bulky? Heavy? Ugly? Not the right words to be used on the UTOO S2 Powerbank!

 Just to show you how much it weighs, I put it my kitchen scale. My mum laughed at me.

Clearly this one is nothing of the above. Measuring at only 8mm thick and weighing just 78g, the UTOO S2 Powerbank is dashingly thin, amazingly light and freaking pretty to hold. You will however notice that there is no on and off button on it which makes it extra pretty because there isn't an odd button protruding through its sleek body. That's because it has this auto on and off technology built into it and the LED blinks to let you know that it is working...or charging for that matter.

Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink.

Each LED light indicates 25% of total power while the blinking of only one LED light indicates that there is only 5% of battery left in the bank and it needs a recharge. While it isn't recommended on other powerbanks, the UTOO S2 Powerbank could also be charged while charging your smartphone. Geddit? It will first charge the powerbank only to convert the power into charging your phone afterwards. Powerbank, why are you so intelligent? You shall now be called the smartpowerbank while my smartphone will be downgraded to phone. Hmph.

The great thing about the UTOO S2 Powerbank is that you could plug in your own cable which means it will power up any model of a phone so long you have the right cable to it. There's no prejudice to any brands, this powerbank will help it all. You will however need a micro USB in order to juice up the powerbank itself. It does remind me of blood types where people with O type bloods could help people of all blood types but only take in O type bloods during transfusions. (This is to prove that I am not a dumb bimbo, I did pay attention during Science classes in high school.)

Mum's Samsung Note 2? Check.

Aunt's Apple iPhone 5? Check.

Of course, if you're a tech junkie these little technical details will matter to you but it's really just a whole bunch of words to me.

Input: DC 5V/1A
Output: DC 5V/1A
Input port: Micro USB
Output port: USB 
Lithium Polymer Battery: 3.7V/3000mAh

Obviously you will now say, all talk and no play? I mean, I could always just flower away my words so you'll be sold since this is after all a review unit right? Wrong. I don't lie in my reviews. (I have a good liking for my pants, I don't want them to catch fire. *Cue the liar liar song*) I did put the powerbank to test last Friday after a whole lot of Pokopang-ing as well as playing Clash of Clans on my phone because that's what drains my battery the most. Setting my phone down for 10 minutes flat juiced me up from 47% to 55% and that's really good considering it came from such a tiny little device.

So yes, say hello to my new companion to my phone that's pretty and convenient to bring around. Heck, I could just stuff this into my jeans pocket to walk out since it's got almost no thickness to it anyway. I've heard that there's even stickers for the UTOO S2 Powerbank if you think this sleek outcome isn't enough on your pretty scale. You really should grab yours before everyone else does and you're just left with a phone without juice at boring Chinese wedding dinners. It's a horror and I would know. I've been there.

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  1. Ha, ha.. yes, sometimes I think the "smart" phone is not so smart. ;-)

    1. Yesss I have someone who agrees with me! Hahahaha!


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