Hong Kong Adventures: Day 1

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Hello! I am clearly way behind on this and laziness has been eating me up from my butt especially on photo picking and editing out of my thousand over photos so I decided not to delay it anymore and start talking about it before I forget on the tiniest of details. Everyone obviously knows by now that I've been away to Hong Kong over a span of 10 days earlier this month which resulted in a 2 week blogging hiatus thus I have created a new tag that says Hong Kong Adventures (And later on Hong Kong Eats) just to document away everything I have come to experience in the Pearl of the Orient.

 Everybody needs one of these touristy photos, I swear!

And also one of these cliche passport slash boarding pass photos!

The first day is obviously just that little fair bit boring because half of the day is dedicated to my plane ride with Cathay Pacific but the plus point is that I got to go up to stroll around the aircraft in awe thanks to my aunt who happened to operate the flight from KUL - HKD.

The aerotrain! I cannot get anymore "jakun" with this okay?

One of those daddy-daughter pictures that I like though mum thinks I am ugly here. I think she's just jealous.

Watched Turbo in-flight. Fast snails are awesome.

In-flight meal. It was...just a meal.

Roaming the aircraft with Aunt Sylvia.

 Then acting like a boss at the business class seat when every other passenger has left.

This was all done probably in an attempt to ignite the fire in my stewardess dream but really, I am all eyes on the career of being a cabin crew already. We landed a little after our expected arrival time and my aunt decided the first place to take me was Cathay City.

The second aircraft of Cathay Pacific Airways. Presumably seats 15 only.

With chef; my boyfriend of the whole trip besides daddy. I had a choice!

Your ticket to enter. Cathay City is an exclusive area for staffs of Cathay Pacific but is open to visitors ONLY if your family member who works with them brings you in.

Crew report center, just as we've seen in Triumph In The Skies!

Cabin crew operations counter; I'm mad smitten! Someday, I shall be reporting in for flights here okay?

An empty briefing room...because what is shame?

Watching as the cabin crew leave for their flight. Someday...

I shall be a part of the world's best cabin crew fleet.

This is a familiar sight if you did catch the 2003 TVB production of Triumph In The Skies.

They have their own supermarket INSIDE of Cathay City.

And a food court too!

A shot with Aunt Sylvia who is also an ISM (That stands for Inflight Service Manager *ahem*) with Cathay Pacific!

We walked across the street from Cathay City to catch a bus from Chek Lap Kok (Where the airport is, mind you) to get back to Hung Hom where we stayed. It was a double-decker however and it got pretty exciting how I got to get a good view of Hong Kong from the top. Mind you if you think double-decker buses in Malaysia is scary, wait till you get to Hong Kong. These drivers are fast, they are swift and they leave literally no distance between themselves to the bus in front. Bit of a culture shock for me really.

The roads around Hung Hom of where we stayed (I definitely cannot tell you where, we did not reside in a hotel but instead at my aunt's home) are sneaky and you could get from point A to point B just by streaking through different streets. Hong Kong truly comes alive at night however because the lights all around is super pretty. One thing to note however is that I was there in November which means we're in the Autumn / Winter point of weather and the skies get dark around 5 PM. It actually looks like 9 PM if you walk out at 6 PM if you need some imagination.

We got to eat at a place called Supreme Restaurant that serves you an all-you-can-eat steamboat fare at only HKD 138 per pax. The best part of it is that they would even serve you Blue Ice beer in a whole bucket if that's what floats your boat. It definitely floated daddy's boat because he got to drink at least 10 cans of Blue Ice beer that night. No worries, we didn't drive. Everything in Hong Kong is so extremely convenient, you could walk around and still reach your destination in a matter of minutes.

Balls. Whatever balls you think of. Just. Balls.

I was not kidding okay. BALLS.

The soup is made of boiled pork bones. Like literally just pork bones boiled down to madness. That's why you get this milky, white colour to it. It's really good and flavourful!

Creme brulee ala Hong Kong style. Seriously for HKD 138 and you're getting a full course meal. What.

Had a little stroll around our "home" area considering we would be there for 10 days anyway. It was a good chance to get used to it and I came across the most interesting thing ever. Now, don't smack my face when I say this but I have never seen this sort of a vending machine in Malaysia. Heck, half the vending machines in Malaysia doesn't even work!

Japanese snacks in a vending machine!

We got home after our decent stroll all ready for the next day. I figured as a first day, this was already very intriguing as I've never quite done so much in a single day. There were lots for me to see and much more to expect when my parents seemed to have everything laid out. In fact, even Chef had a course of things pointed out that he wanted done but let's just leave that for other days.

So yes. I'm hoping that things will get informative later on and at the same time, I'm hoping you guys won't mind with my constant bombardments of Hong Kong posts over the month okay? It's like a personal remembrance of the amazing days I've had over the best 21st birthday gift from my Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Eddie. Till my Day 2 of Hong Kong Adventures...here's a self-loving picture for you.

Be prepared to see a lot of these poses!

I've realized how I cannot seem to end blog posts properly nowadays. I shall just leave with my usual antic...kthxbai.

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