Jobless But Hopeful @ UiTM Shah Alam

By Elie - 4:00 AM

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Hello! So I’m writing this down while dressed in the most baggy of shirts and the shorts I sleep in because it’s been my staple fashion for the past 4 months. Yes, I’ve been jobless and I’ve graduated from college over all these months if you didn’t already know. It isn’t that I’m not putting an effort into my future, it’s just that I don’t know which is the one direction (Hehehe I made a funny!) to head to. Seriously, everyone tells you after high school that your next step is to enter college but nobody tells you that the aftermath is to get a job. Or worse, getting the RIGHT job.

Because everyone needs the RIGHT job!

This is where UiTM and TalentCorp’s Sector Focused Career Fair series waltzes in on these issues. Heck, they must have seen a lot of right people in the wrong sectors of the wrong job which is why they put up this career fair on the 12th and 13th of November at the Dewan Seri Budiman of UiTM, Shah Alam. 

 Booths that offer you money a better future!

There were tons of booths there with throngs of available jobs suited to people of different sectors that day and I was quite shocked because…who knew there were so many careers out there for the jobless? They also planned out a dialogue session with YB Dato’ Sri Wahid, minister in the Prime Minister’s department and BOD of TalentCorp in order to get people more intrigued in getting on the right career path.

Happy talks are always good talks.

Much like myself, a lot of people appear to be lost and have no idea where to head to after graduation. Some say they would continue while others just waddle between finding the means of feeding themselves or to continue slaving off as a student. 

Most of us have decided that being a working adult is a better way to go, I think.
While I obviously hope and pray freaking hard to get the right job for the right person inside of me with what seems like the right diploma in hand, I also wonder if I would really be fitting into the real world. Only time would really tell but I can say this: UiTM and TalentCorp seriously just cut down a whole lot of unemployed statistics 2 weeks back. Not bad, you guys! Not bad at all!

There’s a whole lot more information on their Facebook page at actually so if you need to know anything, that’s the link you should be clicking on. Here’s to hoping my next blog post isn’t written with me in a baggy shirt anymore. Then again if I’ve already found a job from this career fair, maybe I wouldn’t be blogging at all, eh?

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  1. Getting the right job... sometimes you have a take a lot of bad ones to know when you've got a good one.

    1. Hmm I've got to agree. You really need to go through the bad to know which is good sometimes! :)


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