I'm Not Dead, Just Away

By Elie - 4:10 PM

Yes, I've realized that I haven't been posting up anything since the Mirieca story of mine a week ago and there is nothing worst than the feeling of having to come by to write a note but I haven't quite done it. Here I am right now however, letting you know that I am not dead but I'm just away. November has been nothing but good travels and memories made, really. It's almost better than October which is shocking because I always make my Octobers worth while considering it's my birthday month.

I'm in the midst of picking out good pictures out of the 1,000+ pictures we've (As in my family and I) taken throughout our 9 days all over Hong Kong, which is partially why I'm missing. Perhaps you would wonder what's with the numbers but really it's just a lot of me acting like a wild child who has never seen the city as it is the first time I've been there; despite my parents claiming that I was there at the age of 2.

So as a sorry point for having gone missing over so many days, here's a camwhore picture. It's pretty stupid but I needed a reason to go around putting this picture here. I just had to and I'm sorry!

Taken in the business class section of the CX 790 flight

I promise I'll come back with good posts pretty soon and I'm really hoping that I could stop slacking away life like this. That's a good hint that I'm out and about looking for jobs. Unfortunately many things do come into play in factors of a job hunt. But yeah, I'll get to that soon. Till then, it's epic photo picking and watermarking time!

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