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By Elie - 5:00 AM

There's a whole bunch of collagen drinks that promises great skin with consumptions and what not but I've always been very contemplative on whether or not it would work. I finally decided to take the plunge last month and hopped aboard one of the bandwagon of yummy collagen drinks. So about a month ago, I kick started a journey of drinking this little thing called Mirieca Nutri-Peau all the way from Switzerland. The package came so oddly, I thought it was someone who hated me that much, they sent me a dead rat or something along that line.

Was I going to die? Is this a bomb?

Oh yes, this is THE bomb.

It comes in sachets of 30s in a box.

And every sachet is just about this big!

I guess I was lucky enough to remember that I should have been expecting my box of Mirieca Nutri-Peau otherwise I would have just thrown it away. Every box comes in sachets of 30s and every sachet weighs only 5 grams; making it something mad convenient to bring it along if you go on a holiday.

Taking Mirieca Nutri-Peau is fairly simple. You simply have to empty a sachet into a cup of cold water (Or juice, whichever is preferable), stir it well and then you gulp down all the goodness it packs. It is also best taken in the morning before you consume anything so your body really absorbs all the nutrients that comes but if you can't handle having a big gulp of water in the morning like myself, having it after a meal is fine.

I'm a little different.

How I take it however is that I pour it into my really festive Starbuck bottle with water I've filled from last night and left in my air-conditioned room then shake the contents before drinking the Mirieca Nutri-Peau. It has the tinge of fishy scent with a touch of fizziness before it is topped with a slightly sour yet sweet after taste to it. A little odd from the start but it's okay much later on.

Every sachet is filled with acelora, blackcurrent, astaxanthin, ceramides, marine collagen, plant stem cells and a lot more goodness that we can't quite wrap our heads around. The best part of it all however is that it contains no fructose; much unlike other collagen drinks in the market. Fun fact: Fructose makes your drink sweeter but it actually makes you age quicker and reduces skin elasticity. Not something really huge of my concern at my current age but it's always better to be safe while you're young than sorry when you're older.

 A picture you would have seen all the way from September...

And a recent picture from October!

I haven't quite felt much effects from such continuous consumption to date except for that little bit of a fairer skin but as the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day" so maybe great skin doesn't just come in a month! I'm still giving Mirieca Nutri-Peau a good run for my money from hereon in hopes that it will improvise my conditions over time and you would probably see a lot more self-loving pictures everywhere.

There's more on the Mirieca website where you could really find out on the goodness of this product so hop on along to some good skin from within! This isn't a paid advertorial, it's just a little word from the silly in me!

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