Fat Stories: Twelve Cupcakes, Sunway Pyramid

By Elie - 4:30 AM

Hello, people! I'm really sorry if you came by thinking I would have Hong Kong Adventures Day 3 posted up but I decided not to bombard you with my holiday stories all at once. Instead, I thought it would be nicer to drop by with a tinge of sweetness in a little bite to eat. In the form of cupcakes, no less.

Or better yet, in the motions of Twelve Cupcakes; handmade with love.

You see, I am a sucker for all things sweet. Tell me Snowflakes and I will drool over it. Mention Ochado and I will love you forever. Take me for mille crepe cakes and I will bow down to you then call you king. That is how crazy I am over sweet things.So when Isabel told me that she could bring me to try out Twelve Cupcakes in Sunway Pyramid...I may or may not have kissed her to death.

And then when I got there...

I may or may not...

Have hyperventilated from all these cupcakes!

So a few people also asked me, "Why is it called Twelve Cupcakes? Isn't that really sad; you know, to only have 12 cupcakes to sell?" The answer is, no, they have about 50 different variants in cupcakes but only sell 12 types in a day so you get a good rotation of flavours and what not. Priced at RM 6 (RM 7 for specials that changes on a daily basis) a cupcake, it does seem like they have a steep price tag but it's really because they use premium French butter in the creation of their cupcakes and everything is baked fresh daily. Leftover cupcakes from the day of sale isn't thrown away; they are instead donated to charity organizations such as Kechara and what not so there's no wastage!

Nutella and Chocolate Salted Caramel flavours

The Nutella has fillings inside the cupcake but it didn't have that much a thick Nutella taste on the cream on top, which made me wonder why it was really called Nutella in the first place. While the cream on the Chocolate Salted Caramel was not overly sweet, it also lacked on the salted caramel part whereby I really couldn't get the tinge of saltiness I was expecting from it. Even Tania thought so which means my tongue isn't going bad. The crunchy chocolate "thingy" on top was a nice bite however, a good contrast to the fluffy cupcake and soft cream above it.


So sweet, I cringed. Okay, that's not a good sign especially when I am someone who madly adores sweet things but the Mudslide was seriously an overkill to my taste buds. I cringed at the sweetness although the fluffy marshmallow on top was nice to chew on. The funniest thing however is that Isabel actually liked it despite claiming that she didn't take too much of sweet things. Can someone please check on her to see if she's normal?

Red Velvet with a Heart Fondant

While I'm not that big a sucker for red velvet cupcakes, my mum apparently is because when I brought this home, she had it sliced up for "sharing" but finished it anyway. Posing to be the one different cupcake from the rest with the berry tasty cupcake base, the red velvet was quite decent to palate so it's no wonder that it's one of Twelve Cupcakes' best selling cupcake variant.

Cookies and Cream

I've just noticed how out of focus this shot is and I apologize. The cream above this is oddly really good as compared to others which is a shocker because I didn't think it would have been. The cream has this little texture that's different, of which I am assuming is crushed cookies. It was just yummy. Full stop.

 Because nobody goes for cupcakes with friends and does not camwhore.
FML with my eyebags, my neighbours are back and somehow thinks that knocking on the wall all night long is entertaining. I only slept a little more than 4 hours that night.

While we left satisfied, the people from Twelve Cupcakes were also extra generous in letting us take home 6 cupcakes each to bring to our family; out of which the 4 of us thought we could have for our "yumcha" session and that's exactly what we did. Or at least we had some of it. Talk about a good Sunday morning spent with sweet delectable, huh? Right, I'm going away now to start doing a little more work that's been stacked up but before that...I thought I'd let you have some guessing fun.

There were 4 of us that day and 6 phones here. Guess who owns what. Good luck.

Oh and I forgot to have you know that Twelve Cupcakes is currently having an Xmas special until the 29th of December so hurry on over if you need some cupcake fixes!

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    1. Hehehehe it's a place for all sweet tooth lovers, really...

  2. Sometimes I just want to eat the icing and leave the cake - they look so pretty.

    1. Hahaha but I think if you do that, it might be overly sweet right? ><


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