Jump And Dodge To Free 100Plus

By Elie - 3:00 AM

I will now give you 3 seconds to think of a leading brand in isotonic drinks that you've had all your life.


I'm putting my bet that somewhere along the line, the brand 100Plus has popped up and gotten you a little more hyped into wondering why I'm asking you to think about it. Well then, how about I tell you right now that you could get a free can of 100Plus just by jumping around, dodging obstacles and punching your fist in air because you've done it? 

 Because it's completely fine to do all that in front of a vending machine.

And age does not matter when it comes to getting free 100Plus!

That's right, 100Plus recently came up with the idea of having an interactive vending machine so you can release the can in their "Win The Day" campaign at selected areas!

 So whether you're young or old...

Just go on and outdo yourself!

If you're needing help on finding these dandy machines, here's a quick help for you:

16 & 17 Nov
Sungei Wang (Coach Parking)
23 & 24 Nov
E-Curve & KL Sentral
27 Nov
Taylor’s Lakeside  
28 Nov
Sunway University
30 Nov & 1 Dec
Dataran Pahlawan (Melaka)
4 Dec
Inti Subang
5 Dec
KDU Damansara Jaya
7 & 8 Dec
KSL Mall (Johor Bahru)
12 & 13 Dec
20 Dec
Wisma Cosway
21 & 22 Dec
Sungei Wang (Main Entrance) & Sunway Pyramid
27 & 28 Dec
Mydin KT (Terengganu)

This project has been brought to everyone by Rantau PR in collaboration with 100Plus. Of course if you need extra information, you can always stalk them on their respective Facebook pages here:


P/S: I also heard they're adding a new spot to the list above but I have no idea where so make sure you're actually stalking their Facebook to know more!

PP/S: I've found out the new spot to the list! IT'S GOING TO BE AT TOC COLLEGE, PETALING JAYA ON THE 9TH OF DECEMBER! Better be heading there if you want your free 100Plus!

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