Hong Kong Adventures: Day 4

By Elie - 3:30 AM

Have you been getting hungry with my Hong Kong Eats posts? Well okay, back to travels then! We kicked off Day 4 by...oversleeping till 10 AM. No kidding, we were actually that exhausted from the previous that most of us overslept and our day only started close to 11 AM. We took the usual fare of hopping on the mini bus from the stop right across home to the Jordan MTR before riding over to Tsim Sha Tsui for brunch.

The itinerary of the day was simply to run with some shopping in town and Uncle Eddie suggested we visit the K11 building right across Tsui Wah Restaurant where we ate. Opened in 2009, K11 is holds the reputation of being "The World's First Art Mall" and has 6 storeys in it. Every floor is decorated with numerous art pieces which makes really just gives the mall a run for their reputation.

Yay to the crafty floor covered with album cover art!

Unfortunately for K11, we simply found it to be another regular mall and decided to leave almost as immediately as we entered. What I did notice however is that they had a flagship corner that sells Converses with designs we could NEVER find in Malaysia! In fact if you notice, I'm already wearing my new kicks in the picture above and I've tried looking for it whenever I go out in KL nowadays to no avail. I feel so proud of my buy from Day 2.

We strolled down Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui just a little before realizing that none of the shops quite caught our eyes and decided that we should head straight to Times Square in Hong Kong. The MTR ride from Tsim Sha Tsui to Causeway Bay costed HKD 10.70 and the exit comes out directly under Times Square; something almost similar to the LRT we have in KLCC back here.
I was fascinated with this curvy escalator in Times Square! People must have thought I just came out from some village.

The iconic Times Square in the heart of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

They already had their Christmas decorations up! My. Fat. Arms. FUUUUUU!!!

Loads of people on a Saturday!

 I am not kidding. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!
Shin Yi seemed to know her way when we got there and we shot straight to Sogo at Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay to look for what she had really needed. It was simply a 10 minute walk away, almost akin to walking from Sungei Wang to Pavillion here in KL. Along the way, we passed by countless malls and throngs of people who were just everywhere, making me extra excited because this was what the true spirit of Hong Kong felt like. It's just fast paced and filled with people all the time!

En route and vain.

We made an en route entry into this huge Apple retail store that had 3 floors in total just for the fun of it and I figured I might as well had looked at casings for my abused beloved iPod Nano 7th generation. Unfortunately, they were still very pricey and I decided against splurging in the Apple store just so I'll have a little extra elsewhere. I'm sorry, iPod. I still love you, I swear.

Before actually getting to SOGO, we passed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and seeing as that it was my first time in Hong Kong, there was no way I wouldn't get myself a lottery ticket! The experience in HKJC was very much like what we would see in TVB series where there are uncles crowding all over to look at the screen broadcasting on horse races then everyone would be rooting and shouting for the horse of their choice! What an eye opener!

To pick your numbers, simply shade in your picks. You can buy 4 different tickets with just one sheet of paper! How environmental friendly...in a way.

Uncles waiting for their chance to be richer.

More uncles just hoping for an opportunity. RUN, HORSE, RUN!

We did check the results before leaving and it's pretty sad that I am no overnight millionaire so here I am still working away for more money. It was hilarious in HKJC when one of the races ended because some of the uncles were cussing continuously while others kept saying that they were very close. Imagine a room filled with rowdy uncles going 上啊, 上啊,他媽的!(Go, go...f***!) and that's exactly how it was.

When we got to SOGO, we did a split between the guys and the ladies so we could shop better. Shin Yi, mum and I strolled around the ladies department until the Crabtree & Evelyn booth caught our eyes with the Christmas gift sets they had. Imagine, it was only the 9th of November and they were already into the Christmas spirit! Shin Yi ended up splurging on hand therapy creams and what not so much so that I even got a tube from her! I am so loved by this sister-in-law to-be! We took another split after meeting up a little later and this time, I took off with mum and dad, hopping from one mall to another instead of just staying put. It was horribly tiring!

I ended up in this huge Forever 21 store that had 6 floors in it (Yes, girls please be screaming now) and fell head over heels for a studded cap at HKD 79. Again, I felt like I shouldn't be crazily spending because it was "just a cap" in my mind but I regretted it much later on when I got back home and I couldn't find it anywhere else. I did however get a jacket from Uniqlo for only HKD 99 and it was something I had never seen in Malaysia. I guess that's compensation enough.

Our regroup time was initially 3.30 PM but Chef and Shin Yi only turned up at 3.50 PM. We thought they had gone mad shopping only to realize that there was actually a protest along Hennessy Street earlier where everything was at a standstill and they had to detour from the MTR exit at SOGO, walk along the underground passageway then come back out at Times Square to see us. I really love how everywhere is so connected to everywhere in Hong Kong and there's just about no trouble moving around so long you know your directions well. This will never happen in Malaysia, excuse me. You can't even get from the LRT to Monorail in KL Sentral without having to get in the rain or sweat under the sun! I trust protests are also fairly normal in Hong Kong because while waiting, my parents and I watched this guy shout rubbish to the street and even the policemen had no avail in asking him to leave.


And a fatty eating the pork burger alongside the disruptive Chef.

Yes, we made for McDonald's after we left Times Square to go to Central because we were all a little hungry yet not too stuffed. Don't judge us okay, you don't get pork burgers in the McDonald's here in Malaysia so having it is pure bliss. It still couldn't beat the taste of the patties in Phuket however but I shall just take what I could get. Beggars can't be choosers, right? Daddy was still hungry after our short trip to McDonald's and we decided to head over to Mak's Noodle House AGAIN. This time around, we tried the one at 77, Wellington Street, Central but it tastes exactly the same so we all know that nothing's different now!

Daddy and I...because there's never enough pictures with my driver / bodyguard / everything else I always call him.

We found the most fascinating...thing ever. For that instant boobie or six-pack that you'd need.

 I like how daddy is all smiley in this.

We toured Central a little like typical tourists; walking from street to street and looked at a whole lot of things we can't quite find in Malaysia. One of which was this famous Hong Kong-style milk tea (港式奶茶) that apparently has even been visited by Chow Yun Fat. It doesn't even operate in a shop, it's simply a push cart that has been lit up with some lights and tons of newspaper clippings on which famous artist had been there are pasted all over it.

Ah and it is called Lan Fong Yuen!

Famous Hong Kong-style milk tea that tastes...ordinary to me. 

I figure I would get smacked for that comment but really, it tastes really normal to me; almost like what you could get from regular places that sells Hong Kong-style milk tea. It's just a hype! Our next spot was also the place I had longed to visit since forever and it was none other than the extremely famous Lan Kwai Fong!

My favourite photo with mummy and daddy in front of the infamous Lan Kwai Fong signage.

Chef and Shin Yi were with us, of course!

And then I took a picture in front of Hard Rock Cafe...rocking hard. Ahahaha I'm so punny!

I had always associated Lan Kwai Fong to that of the environment around Bukit Bintang or Changkat in KL due to the fact that it is well known over pubs and nothing else but. Perhaps we were a little too early, walking in at only 6 PM (Yes, it does look like 9 PM in the pictures but it really was just 6 PM!) and so Lan Kwai Fong was exceptionally empty. I had quite expected rowdy people already drinking and having the time of their lives because it was a Saturday after all!

The two men in my life who matter more than any other men who will come by. EVER.

Mummy wanted to prove that she really was at Lan Kwai Fong.

Then drink.

We scurried around Lan Kwai Fong looking for the right pub until we decided to enter one called China Bar. It wasn't very "China" per say unless you'll consider red wallpapers to be associated to China then so be it. Our bill came up at HKD 476 for a glass of Margarita for mum, a glass of Mojito on Chef, one Sex on the Beach for yours truly (I cannot order this while keeping a straight face, seriously!), 3 pints of Stella Artois for daddy and a non-alcoholic mango splash for Shin Yi. 
 The weird things you see in LKF.

Before we left, there was this carriage with people wearing such odd clothing just walking around Lan Kwai Fong and it definitely got our attention. It turned out to be a bunch of people creating hype for a party happening the following Friday so we walked away soon after. Oh, I also saw a man walking around in a Batman suit but I whipped out my phone too slowly to take a good picture. Contrary to my thoughts, Lan Kwai Fong isn't just a long street of pubs but instead is of a circular shape! We also didn't bump into any TVB artists (What a bummer!) even though I was secretly praying we would simply because it would have been cool. I mean, I am a super fan after all.

We made our way to the Central MTR station from Lan Kwai Fong then left to get back to the Tsim Sha Tsui station immediately. It must have been funny to the locals who saw 4 red faced tourists on the MTR that night. Our taxi ride from the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station costed HKD30 and our taxi driver was surprisingly fast. Seriously if you think driving in Malaysia is bad, wait till you experience these wannabe Initial D taxi drivers. Daddy also complained that he was hungry albeit it being close to 10 PM so we headed to a nearby noodle store for some warm supper.

While we really wanted to just get home and crash, daddy decided to stop by ParkNShop (百佳) for more beers and that's when I realized that they sell Vitasoy in bulk! I'm sorry but I just have to stress on how much love I have for Vitasoy, seriously! It's not like the regular kind of soy milk, there's just something about Vitasoy that makes it...VITASOY. If you have any idea where I could get it in Malaysia, please holler at me! Elwyn says they have it at Shihlin but I highly doubt it because I would have known if they did.

This is how Vitasoy (維他奶) looks like, in case you're wondering. I am so in love with this drink, urgh!

That's just about half of my trip written down but don't count your stars on me finishing up because there's a lot more of my adventures where they came from! I've made so many memories throughout the 9 days I've been in Hong Kong, I would be crazy not to blog about it. I am however getting a little lazy and plus there are some pretty exciting things lined up in life so everything might just get delayed. That said, just be excited for Day 5 when I take you to North Point, Hong Kong in the post next YEAR! Till then, stay around. There's other things I've got to talk about on my blog!

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