Hong Kong Eats: Mak's Noodle House, Australia Dairy Company and Lei Yue Mun

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I am finally on the eats of my 3rd day which means the next thing about Hong Kong is about my 4th day! I'm glad to be making progress on documenting my trip however slow and draggy it seems albeit the shoot in views of my 1st day. Whatever it is, this has been such an amazing trip, I can't seem to stop myself from writing it down. If you're bored of reading about all this, I'm sorry...not. Keep reading them!


A fact to know: To be in Hong Kong and to not eat wanton noodles is like being in Malaysia and not eat nasi lemak with sambal. Famous for their springy noodles in piping hot broth, Mak's Noodle House currently stands with over 50 years in history and has 4 branches to date. We decided to give it a try because daddy and I are both really huge fans of wanton noodles and there are fairly decent reviews of this place all over the internet.

We were in this really tiny shop!

We picked out the Parkes Street branch as we were simply around the corner after our trip to Wong Tai Sin temple and this was the inside of the shop. I am seriously shocked how the locals could operate with such minimal space but there you have it! We had to split up to 2 tables because there were 6 of us and the staff was fairly rude to us so it really ticked Shin Yi off.

Hong Kong Kailan at HKD 22 a plate.

Pork dumplings at HKD 33 for a bowl of 5s.

I guess when you're in Hong Kong, it's only normal that you get their kailan right? The fact that it comes with this extremely sweet and natural after taste when dipped in oyster sauce is so tantalizing, you can never go wrong! Getting it closer to winter (That's right now!) and spring actually makes it nicer to eat than usual too! The pork dumplings were just so so in my opinion BUT they have mushrooms inside which is a big plus point for me.

Prawn dumplings thrown over a bowl of springy noodles in hot broth and scallions by the side.

An unimpressed Chef who wanted nothing but to just eat. I apologize that your sister is a blogger who takes every opportunity to record down everything of your everyday life, Chef.

I'm sorry but Chef's face is so retarded above, I felt the extreme need to have it there. I was thoroughly impressed with the noodles at Mak's Noodle House even when they have this crazy price tag of HKD 31 per bowl because they were truly springy, a texture you will never find in Malaysia regardless how they claim they are from Hong Kong. The broth was also extremely flavourful and the prawn dumplings were really fresh. I can now see why they're so renowned even with the rude staff and crazy price. We had Mak's Noodle House along Wellington Street the next day because daddy was really in love and wanton noodles has never been the same since!

Mak's Noodle House
G/F, 55 Parkes Street, Jordan
Open daily from 10 AM - 11 PM

Just about 2 doors away from Mak's Noodle House stands the Australia Dairy Company, a place where heavenly local desserts are served. The crowd is fairly extreme too and you actually have to make your way through by...


Just in case you needed to know how their signage looks like.

It's pretty funny because I've known locals to really love their food but I never thought I would see them queuing up to get into a shop. We were lucky to be in a group of 6 because we got a table almost immediately even when Chef and Shin Yi were technically at the very back of the line by the time I took these shots.

 Steamed egg pudding with milk.

Steamed fresh milk.

Soft and melty good in your mouth.

Steamed egg with milk or "燉蛋" (Dun dan in Cantonese) is amazingly famous in Hong Kong and is actually EXTRA famous in Australia Dairy Company. We were served with our orders in less than 5 minutes with daddy being the only one who didn't try them out. My verdict: So good, I would die for more right now. I am not kidding, it was just so warm and deliciously tasty, I wish we have the same in Malaysia. While it could have worked with a little less sugar, I still enjoyed it a whole lot. The steamed fresh milk was so soft to touch and fragrant, I fell completely head over heels for it. This is a definite MUST GO place if you're in Hong Kong, okay?

Australia Dairy Company
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan
Open Monday - Wednesday, Friday - Sunday from 7.30 AM - 11 PM
Closed on Thursdays


Our final stop for the day was at Hing Lung Seafood Restaurant inside of Lei Yue Mun. In case you didn't catch my entry on my Day 3 adventure, Lei Yue Mun is actually a little seafood village that separates Kowloon from the Hong Kong Island. It's a place I would never have gone if it wasn't that Uncle Eddie had a few friends over for dinner because it was all fishy and smelly but after dinner had ended, I'm quite glad I did go.

Clearly still not very convinced that it's good here...

Our seafood catches came from a seller called Hoi Lung Seafood and all our picks would then be sent over to the restaurant of our choice before it is cooked, dished and served to our rumbling tummies. Uncle Eddie was seemingly friendly to the seller at Hoi Lung Seafood and we knew much later that back when he had his business running, he would bring guests to Lei Yue Mun for appreciation dinners as well so this was definitely a point to note for us.


The never ending argument if this is pronounced as GEO-duck or GWAY-duck. It is however spelled GEODUCK so...yeah. 

I seriously have to talk about this before I continue. So daddy, Chef and Aunt Sylvia were arguing against each other on how to pronounce this weird looking seafood that had a shell and something long sticking out of it. It is also extremely rude okay, it literally sprayed water at me while I took this shot! It looks so vulgar too so...yeah it's the weirdest of seafood I've ever seen, really.

A clam on top of scallops!

 Scotland clams. In Chinese we call it "Chuk Soon" or is it "Chuk Tan"?

I...have no idea what this peculiar thing is...

[EDIT: Chef commented that this is a cuttlefish. WHAT SORCERY?!]

As you can see, whatever we would be eating is still well and alive moments before. Okay, that suddenly sounds terribly sad. I APOLOGIZE, SEAFOOD! 

Geoduck on the table.

Hot broth ala steamboat for the geoduck to cook.

I really feel like saying karma for "peeing" at me but then again, let's not be cruel. A geoduck died for the sake of our hungry tummies. As a first timer, I had no idea how to eat this sliced delicacy and apparently, neither has my parents, Chef and Shin Yi! I didn't feel so out of touch with life anymore. It turns out that you could have it two different ways as you prefer; sashimi style and dipped into soy sauce with wasabi or lightly blanched in the hot broth that came with it. They were both tasty in the mouth with a texture being close to that of abalones but brings out a much sweeter after taste especially after it is blanched in the broth. Quite an experience, I must say.

Mantis prawns with dried shrimps.

Scallops with glass noodles, garlic, spring onions and chilli.

I am personally an extremely lazy person when it comes to shelling prawns and what not but peeling meat off these mantis prawns was so rewarding as it does come with chomps of sweet and chewy goodness. The dried shrimps were definitely a good compliment as you get that simple savoury touch in midst of the fresh prawn bite so that's all good. Unfortunately for me, the scallops were a tad bit overcooked and it lost that wholesome sweetness that you would normally get from a fresh catch. The glass noodles were quite refreshing to be honest while all the garlic, spring onions and chilli were put aside because I hate them all. Picky eater level up!

Steamed fish...because there is no better way to taste the freshness besides steaming!

Fried Hong Kong kailan.

If you're in a seafood restaurant and you have not ordered fish, there is surely something wrong with you. Being well pampered as the youngest child, I've never known how to pick away bones properly unless they come in huge sticks that I can simply pluck away in one quick pull. Blessed as I am, daddy picked the "back bone" of the fish so I could simply plop the fish meat into my mouth to be rewarded with the wholesome freshness it had. Seriously good. The Hong Kong kailan was a little too stiff for my liking as I always preferred it cooked until it is soft but really that's just my own preference.


I'm sorry, I needed to parade this a little.

Lobsters; halved and well cooked.

Here's something I will admit: I super love abalone. Yes, I know how much a brat that makes me sound and how ridiculously expensive it is to have abalone but I absolutely love the texture of it. Uncle Eddie had picked out an abalone for EACH person that night and I was blessed with an extra half when his friends insisted on sharing between two people. The other half of the extra went to my Aunt Sylvia so I don't suppose I am that much a glutton, right? *Coughs* The lobsters were really yummy to taste although I have no idea how it was peculiarly cooked to achieve that golden colour in the sauce. Chef mentioned that it was a little overcooked but I have no idea how to differentiate it so...in my mouth it went anyway!

Crabs with their shells already broken! Looks like someone has already done the dirty job for me, muahahaha!

BUT they weren't normal looking!

A complimentary dish from Hing Lung Seafood Restaurant. Seafood soup is absolute yummers!

With HUGE clams like these! 

I have no idea what sort of crabby species that is but it's definitely not the usual feat that we have. They aren't meaty at all and instead are simply filled with all that yellow roe, giving it a sticky and gooey texture. It is apparently very famous in Hong Kong to have this crab but I didn't enjoy it as much as the regulars because of the lingering after taste. The soup was really clear and sweet with the humongous clams as a main ingredient whilst the tofu and vegetable blended in. Chef literally cleared the bowl away because it was extremely good.

They even gave us papayas with lemons (!!!) and mangoes along with red bean soup as dessert by the end of the meal and I was thoroughly shocked with the culture of locals having their papayas with lemon juice squeezed above it. The taste is surprisingly good with a sourish compliment to the sweet fruit. Our bill came up to HKD 6,000 and I was just blown away by the price this whole meal bore. I mean, everything was extremely good and it was truly an experience but I feel so guilty for having eaten such an expensive meal. I am so madly thankful to Uncle Eddie for spending so much just for us to dine at Lie Yue Mun although he kept saying it was because he wanted to treat his friends too. I feel so blessed even as I write this... *Cries happy tears*

Hing Lung Restaurant, Lie Yue Mun
No.1A Hoi Pong Road Central,Lei Yue Mun,Kowloon

 By day 5, this is how my bruises looked like. By the time I left Hong Kong on Day 10, it looked terrible! Ignore the cuts on my feet, those were from Langkawi with Elwyn.

And just to remind myself of my stupidity, I shall record this down too. Before we left the restaurant, mummy had insisted that we go to the washroom as it was quite a distance from Lie Yue Mun back to where we stayed. So as I stood up and walked towards the stairs (The washrooms were upstairs!), I completely slipped and fell smack on my knees with the loudest thud ever and the only thing that broke my fall was...my phone. Thankfully for me, my casing was though enough (Thank you so much, Shahzeeq for buying me the casing with your Paypal account!) so no harm done to my phone. My knees however were thoroughly bruised and I figured later on that it was because the floor was extremely oily and I had stepped right into it. *Sighs out loud* Lesson learned, watch out for oily floors!

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  1. HOLY NEPTUNE ALL THAT SEAFOOD!! I have no idea how to pronounce geoduck either, but since it's spelled that way, I'm calling it GEO-DUCK in my head HAHAHA

    1. Hahahaha it's supposed to be "GWAY-duck" apparently. Mehhh. YEAH CHECK OUT ALL THAT SEAFOOD!

  2. It's funny that the Australian Dairy Company serves local sweets. I've heard great things about that place.

    1. Yeah, they do serve up local sweets. I believe they serve other kinds of proper food too but they're mostly famous on steamed milk and egg. It's fantastic!


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