Hong Kong Eats: Yung Kee Restaurant and Xin Dau Ji

By Elie - 4:00 AM

So here's something I've figured out. I will have 3 days of an adventure post then talk all about the food I've had through those days before continuing on the next days just so you guys could back track a little easier on the days I've spoken about the restaurant itself. It's nifty isn't it? Come on, clap for me! No shame. Anyway with the previous post touching on two restaurants, I didn't want to stop and here we are with another two fairly famous restaurants in Hong Kong that everyone seems to rave about.


Set up more than half a century ago (or so their website says), Yung Kee Restaurant is extremely well known for their roast goose that is supposed to come out succulent and golden whilst retaining a crisp to every bite. Daddy has been swearing by it being amazing since forever; always talking about how delicious it was when he visited first Hong Kong 18363752387183 about 20 odd years back. It was quite the wait for their roast goose as we finished up at Sang Kee Porridge around noon and we had to linger around Central till 2 PM for the geese to be ready.

 The doors to a promised heaven.

I do NOT know what this is but it looked so funny, I thought I'll have it here.

Not quite the crowd I was expecting to see.

 Still nope.

I suppose with daddy having pushed Yung Kee Restaurant up the highest pedestal of food heavens, I did have quite the expectation from the place. However, the crowd inside didn't seem as fantastic as described and I began to have my reservations on Yung Kee Restaurant's food quality. Uncle Eddie then noted to us that they haven't been as good as they used to be with the passing of the original "sifu" who roasted the geese.

Century egg! Did I mention I love century eggs? I did? Well okay, let me repeat myself by saying I really love century eggs! These even have watery yolks! *Hyperventilates*

The promised heaven lying in a pool of oil.

 In its most unappetizing flair ever.

Egg tarts, oh my God, egg tarts in Hong Kong!

My verdict? Worst roast goose I've ever had. I could hardly chew through the layers of disgusting fats it had clinging onto what was supposed to be the "meat" and the dish also came through in the most oily way ever. For a dish that is supposed to be their mother of all signature dishes, it really just falls through, hitting the ground so hard with the heaviest and loudest *thud* you could hear. I'm sorry if it's dramatically put but really, it is terrible. The century eggs with watery yolk however was a good delight, probably because there is no wrong way in preparing century eggs with pickled ginger.  The egg tarts were also decent without a thick buttery smell to the pastry and the egg filling was just right. 

With each roast goose wearing a price tag of HKD 488, I thought this was the most unsatisfying and expensive meal of all meals I've had in Hong Kong. Our total bill hit HKD 619 including the century eggs, egg tarts and a few dim sum dishes that were so mediocre, it's disappointing. I have no idea why people would still flock here, maybe it's just a name it has created for itself but it was terrible.

Yung Kee Restaurant
32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Open daily from 11 AM - 11.30 PM


XIN DAU JI (新斗記)

Xin Dau Ji is a restaurant that was privately recommended to daddy by his classmate, Uncle Patrick who claimed that they had fantastic eats. Located just along a little "lorong" by Jordan Street (With 2 other branches at Tai Wah and Causeway Bay), it could be quite an easy miss if you just walk by. Space is also scarce for them so they've got a 2 floored restaurant with the lower floor having less than 10 tables and a kitchen while the upper floor is reserved for tables only.

 I apologize for the picture quality, you can't get too far with a camera phone in low lights.

The crowd at 7.25 PM.

 It is decent for such an early timing.

I have to admit that I was personally excited because every time Uncle Patrick told us to go ahead and dine at a place, it was promising. The funny thing here is that not even Uncle Eddie would have thought to come to Xin Dau Ji and that was saying a lot for a local. We headed in at 6.30 PM only to be told that they are fully booked and unless we can assure that we will leave by 7.30 PM for the person who has reserved the table, we cannot have take the seat. Well then, we'll just eat quicker!

Salted baked chicken.

Roasted suckling pig!

Let me just begin by saying, the salted baked chicken was...truly salty. I guess it's a normal thing considering its name but maybe it's better off with white rice. The texture was not up to par as well, being a LITTLE on the rougher side but it is fine otherwise. The roasted suckling pig was a definite win for the night however with the crispy skin and minimal fat factor being around. The scent of it was also akin to the perfume of Gods (WTF DRAMA QUEEN) with it lingering in your mouth even when you've swallowed the meat. Truly good.

Stir fried Hong Kong kailan with Chinese sausages. (Lap cheong)

Fried rice because Uncle Eddie was worried we wouldn't be full enough.

Tofu with scallop sauce.

Point to note: I am extremely picky with my vegetables. The only greens I would put in my mouth voluntarily are Hong Kong kailan, brocolli and "siew pak choy" which is why the stir fried Hong Kong kailan with Chinese sausages was a complete win-me-over dish. The shoots of the vegetable was so well cooked, it had that crunchy yet soft point in it that I really love in Hong Kong kailan. Our fried rice was mediocre though, something even mum can make...or better while the tofu didn't quite taste so much like tofu. I trust it has been mixed with a little fish paste for that chewy bite but the thick sauce was really flavourful, good to the last drop.

Fried pork ribs.

 Fresh oysters with spring onion in a pot.

Unfortunately for me, the fried pork ribs were really fat. If there is anything I really dislike in my meat, it is FATS so the fried pork ribs was a true downer to my palate. I also don't quite enjoy the smell of oysters (It's got that fishy smell that I can't stand!) so I didn't take much of the fresh oyster dish. I did try it though and I personally didn't like it so much but Chef has both his hands and legs over the table saying that it tastes amazing. Hey, when a cook tells you that it is a good dish, it is a good dish!

We did finish up by 7.30 PM for the people who had originally reserved a table to take a seat and our bill came up to HKD 1027 but I think it is so much more well worthy as compared to our meal in the afternoon at Yung Kee Restaurant. Bear in mind, we did have more to eat here than what we had earlier and everything is so much tastier! A good tip if you do want to visit Xin Dau Ji is to always pre-book your table otherwise you'll have no time to sit around and sip on your tea. In fact, I've never seen any locals hog the tables after they eat. They simply devour what is in front of them, pay and leave; a culture shock that will never make sense to Malaysians who see it fit to still hog the table after eating so that they could chit chat all night long. Thank you so much for the recommendation, Uncle Patrick! We all left with happy bellies!

Xin Dau Ji
G/F & 1/F,18 Cheung Lok Street, Jordan 
Open daily from 6 PM - 3 AM 

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  1. We'll be revisiting in March. I'll have to check out your Hong Kong tips.

    1. Have fun in Hong Kong! More posts on food and travels to this place would be up eventually. I'm working really slowly, I'm sorry! T.T

  2. Yumm, every food in this post seems to be so authentic XD

    1. The roast goose at Yung Kee was a major let down! T.T


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