Happy Birthday, Shneep's Corner

By Elie - 3:13 PM

Good morning, Shneep-sters! For some odd reason, I couldn't recall when I've started out with the term "blog" so I revisited a lot of my past and I realize that my first post in my now-private blog was on the 4th of July, 2008. Which would mean that I've been penning down ridiculous thoughts for about 6 years now. Worst yet, the first post notes that I in fact have ANOTHER blog that I now don't even remember about so I have no idea how long I've really been writing but we'll just settle for what we have.

And then I tried to recall on the day I took up the URL of www.cantuslupus.blogspot.com only to realize that this blog is now 3 years old! Having said that, I've scrolled right back to the 27th of January, 2011 just to check out what has really been going on in life and I came to remember once again that the beginning of this space came from the unfortunate passing of Mr. Swithin Monteiro who will always just have an impact in the things I pen. The thing is, I did once think of giving up on jotting down my thoughts because I felt like nobody would care, much less drop by to read up on the rubbish I have to say.

But when I heard of Uncle Swithin's passing, I couldn't help but to do a piece to commemorate on the sadness I felt inside. It was during the final journey of Uncle Swithin's walk in life when his brother, Sandy, came to me and said that he had read my tribute. "Don't ever stop writing, don't ever let your passion in writing die," he said. Somehow or rather, that sparked another fire inside an already dying spirit and here I am today; still dropping by with tons to type. At the point of this piece, I'm also learning how to be a copywriter so I suppose I have been keeping to my end of the promise with Uncle Sandy.

Parts of this blog has taught me to be stronger while others has been a space for me to rant on the most ridiculous of things or remember better days by. Sometimes when I'm bored or I feel a little vain, I'd go on a backlog read and see how I've come to grow. While it's probably not a lot in terms of growth, it's still an interesting journey to run on. Putting my thoughts down here has also brought me experiences of doing new things and meeting new people; all of which are invaluable lessons that I know I am extremely thankful of.

Either way, it's been a continuous journey for the past 3 years and hopefully for an entire number more to come. So here's to lots more days and ridiculous rants on Shneep's Corner with hopes that someday I could hire someone to revamp my blog and I could afford my own domain.Until then, I can only pray every single day that nobody takes away the name "Cantus Lupus" from my hands as this blog began with that name anyway. Well then...

Happy Birthday, Shneep's Corner.

Excuse the ugly hair and senseless fashion. I've just gotten home from work then dinner and a little grocery shopping so please understand that I look like crap. The impromptu cupcake idea popped up in my mind yesterday and I thought it would just be nice to have something more substantial to show that the blog indeed is 3 years old. Maybe I should do this every year. If I could just remember. This is the Fatal Attraction from Cupcake Chic that's seriously just chocolate cake with chocolate icing. And it is so sweet, I think I'll refrain from sugar for the next few days.

I could just imagine if you were human, you'd be a toddler who would wreck everything in sight while successfully avoiding all punishments with nothing but a grin. Unfortunately, you're merely my piece of wonderful hopes and dreams all consolidated into one. You're a path of where I have come to record the good days and the bad and a space to run away to whenever I feel the need to be in my own world. So thank you for being here for me and thank you EVERYONE who has been coming around to Shneep's Corner to read on my rubbish.

Without you guys, I might just have given up midway. Or I probably would have been writing in an extremely half-hearted manner, so much so it would be nothing but a waste in the end anyway. So really, I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and I shall leave you with a virtual bow.

It's been a year since this picture was taken!

P/S: It's also Nuffnang's 7th Birthday today! I never knew that Shneep's Corner shared the same birthday as Nuffnang until today! Okay, blur level up but Happy Birthday to you too, Stickman! You guys keep doing what you guys do best; making us all joyous and connected as a community of crazy people behind the screens of computers, vigorously typing away. Two cheers to birthdays and happiness!

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