Your Brains, Your Hands and Your Legs

By Elie - 3:57 PM

Okay so while the previous post came off such a happy note, I'm here for a rage post instead. You know how my stuff are always scheduled as per to come out once every 3 days and it's not so much on a back to back post unless it's extremely necessary. Well then, it's fairly necessary today. You see, I rushed over to The Curve during lunch today to grab an eyeliner before rushing back to the office because I was afraid that I'd go way past my allowed time. It was pretty well planned what with leaving my car in IKEA then running over to The Curve and back before taking the main road back to the office but obviously that required some foot work.

En route while I ran back to IKEA however, I came across this adorable sight of a grandfather figure holding onto the hands of a boy who looked nothing more than 6 years old. I couldn't help but to slow down on my pace just to listen to what the pair had to share because for that little moment, I missed my own grandfather too. What I heard however was definitely unexpected and I've got to say, I'm really ticked off with it. The conversation went almost like this:

Grandfather: Jobs like being architect, engineers and doctors all uses your brains. 
Child: Brains.
Grandfather: That's right. Jobs like being at constructions and stuff like that uses your hands.
Child: Hands.
Grandfather: And jobs like playing football and running uses your legs.
Child: Legs.
Grandfather: Now boy you must remember, jobs that uses your brains is much better than jobs that uses your hands and jobs that uses your hands are much better than jobs using your legs. Remember, okay? Brains first, then hands, then your legs. Boy can remember it now?
Child: Brains, hands, and legs.
Grandfather: So what is your ambition, boy? What do you want to be when you are bigger?
Child: I want to use my brains. I want to be doctor.

When I turned over in shock, I noticed how the grandfather looks happier than having struck lottery. Okay, grandfather. Way to psycho your own grandchild into picking a path like that. My questions however runs like this: How could you ever label other jobs as mediocre and low leveled? How could you tell a child who has barely made it to school that engineers, doctors, and architects are way above those who are in the trade of construction or even in the career of sports? Who are you to say that some jobs are better than the others?

If there's no one in the trade of constructions, we wouldn't have houses to live in. We wouldn't have malls to walk in and you there probably wouldn't be a hospital for your grandchild to be born in. If there were no mechanics, our cars would all be dead forever and we would never be commuting as easily as we are today. Think about how the world would be without sportsmen. The kind of influences they have on people who work out for health's sake is something undeniable so who are you to belittle what they have done? Are you saying that Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt are both useless? Or are you noting that Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan are just nobodies swinging a racquet around?

To be honest, I've never understood the mentalities of the older generation who find the need to psycho their children into career paths that in their minds are better. I've never come to see the fascination in a sea of doctors or an entire land of engineers. Of course, I am not saying they aren't good but do we really need a 100 doctors out of a 100 people from the younger generations? Who would then be chefs to make our meals? Who would be pilots to fly the planes? Where would we find plumbers or electricians to deal with our plumbing and wiring?

Dearest grandfather-figure that I've walked past today, I hope that in some way or another someone could just enlighten you that the world is now different. People have different thoughts and things are run in different manners. Every other industry creates a genius; not just those that you think highly of. We have Gordon Ramsay who uses his hands to cook up storms and people like David Beckham who makes an entire fortune kicking a ball around the field. It's probably different in your times but you should come to understand that it's also different now that it's our time.

Me? I'm using my brains for copies and hands for typing currently. But we all know my biggest dream, right? That would require my brains to be alert, hands to serve and legs to walk around. You see, grandfather-figure, every other industry brings along someone great. Maybe it's time you realized that there isn't just one line of career that's better than others and maybe if your grandchild has found fascination in being a good tennis player, an amazing pastry chef or a wine connoisseur in the future, he would be allowed to chase after his dreams. After all, the life is his. The future is his. The world is probably his too. Who are we all to psycho someone else?

Okay wordy post without pictures are a complete no-no so here's a picture of the fortune I got from the fortune cookie my colleague brought to the office after Chinese New Year.

 Surprisingly, it's pretty relevant to this blog post!

Okay, rant over. I need to crash. Yes, it is 11 PM on a Friday night and I am demanding for sleep time. I am probably the most lame young adult ever.

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