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By Elie - 3:00 AM

What's up on this blue Monday, peeps? I've ran through some of my blog posts recently and noticed how I've stopped talking about important stuff and instead it's been all about me, myself and I. Talk about having vanity the size of Mississippi! So I decided that's it's probably time to slot in a food review in between everything I have to say. This time around, the spotlight is on Seoulscape Bistro, The Strand.

Located on the higher level, a good lookout for Seoulscape Bistro is the Bulgogi BBQ House located on the same block...except you'd have to look up and you'll spot their extremely colourful signboard. I unfortunately couldn't get a good shot of that as it was raining when I arrived so you'd have to keep your eyes peeled open for it! My apologies!

Wall decals along the way as you walk up!

And more...

Picture taken for an obvious reason: It said BigBang <3

Yours truly; because how else would you know I was really there?

The entrance. Oddly enough, there is no doorknob so you can just waltz right in!

I was secretly glad that I didn't have to remove my shoes unlike most of the places I've been in around The Strand because then I would be worried sick that someone would steal my Converses away. *Cue the paranoid parrot meme* The stairs to Seoulscape Bistro were clearly adorned with wall decals that has been personalized for that K-Pop feel along the way so you'll know you're in for a Korean feast even before you've reached the top.

Clearly, everything here has been hand-decorated. Talk about effort!

Customized wall decals covers up Seoulscape Bistro.

Name a K-Pop group and you'll find them here for sure. I spotted BigBang. Again. <3

They even have all these merchandises for sale if that's your forte.

An adorable corner for scribbles and nibbles.

Decoration in Seoulscape has obviously been steered towards the course of having everything K-Pop related with CDs, t-shirts and other means of merchandises so you definitely know you're in a shop where K-Pop rules. Funny enough though, I don't think I was listening to K-Pop music throughout dinner. Either that or they have it at a really low volume. Either way, I'm glad because it meant I could have a less disruptive dinner. Unfortunately, the ventilation at Seoulscape still lacks a little so if they could just boost up on the air-conditioning by a little, it would really help.

Because my visit has been a drive from the fact that I bought a voucher off Groupon for RM 28, a reservation was necessary and it had already been made last Thursday so it was fairly exciting for mum and I to be there. When we arrive however, it was already 6 PM and our reservation was for 5.30 PM so I apologetically sent the girl a text that we were stuck in traffic. She was really nice over the text; reminding me to drive safely and slowly and that's seriously just top notch customer service right there!

Korean tea, I believe? I was told we were only going to be given plain water but who am I to complain? This is good!

Our steamboat deal included topokki, ramen, seafood and a few other things I can't seem to make out.

And kimchi paste, yes.

When I bought the voucher, I was really attracted to how value for money it all seemed because there was so much being offered for just RM 28! And then I had a double take in my mind that the portion would probably be really tiny since they've got to cut on costs but when this arrived, I was really amazed. I mean, it's an entire meal for 2 right there for just RM 28; no corners cut! I take my imaginary hat off to Seoulscape for keeping to that belief in giving us a good experience even when we're not paying the full price.

Unfortunately, the taste could have been better. What mum and I didn't like too much was the fact that the kimchi paste was overly sweet, making it a little difficult to take in as we went along with the meal. Mum ended up asking for soy sauce to balance off the sweetness and it tasted just a tad bit better. I spotted exactly what was promised; chicken sausages, topokki, fish cakes, seafood, vegetables and a some other steamboat fares. It probably doesn't fill a man but for mum and I, it was sufficient.

Fried mixed vegetables.

Potatoes in chilli and soy sauce...I think?

*Coughs* Obviously this is Kimchi.

I seriously did not expect side dishes to come along with the meal because it wasn't written in the Groupon voucher but there it was! While the mixed vegetables with anchovies is forgettable, the potatoes were really delicious. The chilli and soy sauce did have quite the punch to it that wasn't overly thick and we enjoyed it to the last bit. The kimchi could have used with a little more "oomph" factor but it's still more decent than some I've come to taste so no complaints there.

Fried rice with the soup left back from our steamboat!

And the nice girl made it into a heart shape for us. So much effort, I feel so bad for digging in!

While I did remember the voucher mentioning rice, I didn't think it would come this way! The girl who had served us all along came by midway to remind mum and I not to finish up on the soup so that she could prepare us our fried rice and we were both just a little confused. But we got to see why in the end; rice is popped into the same pot used to make our steamboat and it soaks up the leftover soup making it extra good. The peppery rice with all our leftover condiments and soup was really good and I enjoyed it tons even though I was really bloated by the time this was ready.

Chapssalddeok (Korean-style Mochi)

I couldn't for the life of me think that we would be served with desserts as well but when I double checked the voucher on my phone, there it was; clear as ever that we'll be served with chapssalddeok as well. Mum and I had intended to leave and pick up my glasses from The Curve and the girl quickly ran over with this dainty plate of Korean-style Mochi, telling us in the cutest way to have this before we leave. The sad thing however is that the skin was a little thick to my liking but the red bean paste was not overly sweet so that's a good point to that.

Just to finish, the experience at Seoulscape Bistro has undoubtedly been a good one. I mean, for RM 28 and I'm getting this much? You have to agree it's a lot. There are points in which they could improvise here and there so I'm hoping that if I re-visit, those are well balanced off.

They do offer dinner sets if that floats your boat.

I have to give tons of praise to the service they offer however because the girl had this really nice and warm smile throughout and took the time to explain what's going into our pot. It's clear that the shop is simply run by her and a man I believe is her boyfriend (Or husband, I don't know. She looked too young to be married!) so having that kind of personalized one-to-one service is a great attraction. I hate places where service is terrible, just so you know. 

In the end, I guess buying this voucher hasn't been that bad a decision because mum and I did leave happily with a full stomach. And now, I shall go forth to seek another voucher to splurge on so I could possibly bring daddy too. Because it's wrong to only pamper ONE parent, okay? You've got to love them both. Maybe something with free flow beer...

18-1, Jalan PJU 5/20B, The Strand Kota Damansara.
Tel: +603 - 6148 0320
Closed on Mondays

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