IACT's Graduating Class of 2014

By Elie - 1:40 PM

2 and a half years back, I signed myself up for the ride of my life. I kick started college life a year later on the basis that I had to wait for National Service and to be very honest, I've never quite put the thought of furthering studies after high school in mind. To me, I just wanted to be done with school and that's the end of study life. Clearly that changed and over time, I began to question why I put myself through such an ordeal. I could have begun to work, I could have been making moolah instead of staying up late to finish on meaningless assignments or stressing on video shoots. 

 Thank you, Penny, for lending me your mortar board!

Something borrowed is not always good.

2 and a half years later, here I am outside the Topaz Ballroom of One World Hotel dressed in a robe, a hood and a borrowed mortar board grinning to this occasion I have been waiting for. I didn't believe I could but now I've done it. I never believed in myself what with the fact I couldn't quite comprehend what else I'm good at besides sleeping and eating but a push to work things out somehow does help. Most times, it's the thought of the money being invested into this education of mine of which my family has paid while other times, it is the time and effort I have thrown in. Through each semester, things become tougher and I somehow work harder than before.

The people who matter most. Chef isn't in the picture, we'll just imagine him next to mummy.

With mummy because mummy is awesome!
And with daddy because daddy is awesome too!

To my parents and family, thank you guys for always being my rock; to stand behind me and to support me through everything. Thanks for believing that I could do it when I didn't quite have the faith in myself to pull through. Thank you, daddy, for all the traffic you have to brave every single time I have a 9 AM class because I now feel the stress of driving in the morning. Thank you, mummy, because you've always reminded me to not slack on studies. Thank you, Chef, because you've become my inspiration to know that if you're so successful, I can be too. I'm sorry I didn't call you to my convocation, I thought you were busy at work. I still love you! Oh and special thanks to my darling Aunt Sylvia because *coughs* she supported my fees; of whom without I can't quite have finished my diploma.

Working through thick and thin.

Threading through friendships alike.

We're from different courses but who's stopping our friendship?

 Thanks for the picture, Wai Kin.

To my classmates, thank you ALL for handling my ridiculous tantrums and slow learning curves, for forgiving my mistakes when they are made and for always being ready to help. The kind of friendships forged from these moments in college is something so precious, you can't quite find it elsewhere. The kind of memories we share and internal jokes we have, the frustrations we all understand about; I guess that's what makes days in college special. After all, we've got those all-nighter stories to share as time runs by right?

Meet Su; a lecturer by day, a singer by night.

Ms. Joanna and Ms. Soo Hui both of which has taught me how to write properly.

To my lecturers, thank you for your guidance and education; a key to what we've achieved today. Thank you for the times you have all had to go through my ugly handwriting or pointless rambles from assignments especially when they're done at the eleventh hour. I have no fear in telling you all this now, I have already gotten my diploma and you can't change my CGPA anymore! Probably saying thank you to Google, Wikipedia as well as the copy and paste buttons would be appropriate here, yes? But seriously, thank you for the kind of rubbish you all have to put up with when it comes to me. Phew, you must be seriously glad I'm gone now! I'm sorry to the lecturers whom I did not have an opportunity to take pictures with. Someday we'll just all go for lunch, okay?

 My crazy potato who took a cab all the way for this. Thank you, daughter!

My "parents";  a joke from my constant lightbulb-ing on their day outs.

 I don't have a picture with Senri but I do have a picture of the flower she got me! Thank you, Senri! Sorry I left so quickly after you got there!

Finally to my friends be it that you made it or that you've thought of coming, thanks for your thoughts and kind wishes pouring in from all over. I am more than blessed to have you guys in my life; taking time off to come over and seeing me grin through the moment I've waited for for 2 and a half years. You know who you are, thank you for being such amazing friends. I really don't know what else to say but that!

That's it, IACT. This is the end.

So yes, that's just how things are for the graduating class of 2014. These pictures have either been stolen off Szen, contributed from Sophira's phone, leeched off Callie's phones or through my S3. Just to end, I thought I'd go off with something I tweaked from IACT's original convocation quote: 

"Welcome to a new chapter of life where your beginning is now"

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