Hong Kong Adventures: Day 10

By Elie - 3:30 AM

Okay, so this is really the last of things on my Hong Kong Adventures. I realized how I've managed to drag it through 2 long months with spreads all around and intermissions here and there so I'm really sorry about it. You're probably bored to death with these updates; praying really hard that it would end soon and I would shut up about Hong Kong already but as a first timer away from Malaysia and on such an adventure, I suppose it's expected.

In day 10, we got up a little later than the previous days because we simply knew nothing much could be done especially how everything was already packed and ready to go. That didn't deter Shin Yi and I though because we still did our fair share of walking on that day. Our brunch was at Cafe De Coral and we finished up close to noon because we took our own sweet time thinking there was nothing to do. Boy were we wrong. Shin Yi and I took our final stroll around the area of which we stayed and entered the Wonderland Superstore of which we always walked into but never quite stopped to look at their stuff!

A Pokemon collection of Nanoblocks!

Also spotted are Santa on his sleigh, Rilakuma, a snowman and the whole lot of Hello Kitty characters.

My confessional moment? We bought 2 packs of these Nanoblocks. That's right, my sister-in-law to-be and I went a little haywire thinking that we really should just go on and splurge since it's the final hours of us being in Hong Kong anyway! I came home to Malaysia to fix up my Squirtle nanoblock model while Shin Yi and Chef made their Charmander a lot earlier. Here's a stop motion Instavideo I took while bringing my Squirtle to life! Oh and if anyone would like to get me gifts, I am missing the Bulbasaur and Pikachu nanoblocks to have a complete set...

Am I cool or what?

I also went crazy twisting for capsule toys!

I would officially just call myself stupid to save you from the bother but hey, it's capsule toys! Throughout the 10 days that we've been in Hong Kong, we would walk into Wonderland Superstore and head out from the other end (It's got 2 entrances and it's our shortcut from one end to another) and I would simply eye these capsule machines hoping to finally grab one...or two...or 5 out of them. I'm just going to thank Shin Yi for being crazy with me throughout. I ended up with lots of keychains for keepsake!

Home bound.

The check-in counter of Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong.

And the reality of returning home to Malaysia.

The most iconic scene in most TVB series. Where is my knight in shining armour who would chase after me and call out my name to stop me from boarding the plane so I could marry him and stay?!

Clearly the fantasy int he caption above didn't happen so here's my flight waiting.

And then my trip ended. The return trip was actually a little longer than the first, presumably from the wind conditions and what not. I didn't get to muck around the business class cabin either and my screen was a little off beat because it was an older aircraft so I ended up listening to music from my iPod and fooling around with my iPad for the 5 hour flight. Getting home to Malaysia is a complete face palm for me because we were immediately greeted with the horrors of homeland attitude.

Because we booked cabs to the airport when we were going to Hong Kong, we decided to simply pick up different cabs when we were in Malaysia. But I'll talk about the entire ordeal of being home that we had to suffer in merely 3 hours in a different post. In order to simply put my holiday in perspective, I'm just going to say it was amazing. It's simply the best 21st birthday present ever and I can't imagine any other way of enjoying time with the entire family. Opportunities are difficult to come by and what more when things don't seem to go easy with issues we have to run along with.

A great big thank you to my Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Eddie who paid for our air tickets, let us trash their pretty white house then took us all over Hong Kong to sight see, shop and get fat with tons of food without allowing us to pay. It's been such a memorable trip, I would probably still be talking about it when I am 80 years old...if I live up to that age. Also thanks to Aunty Jane for spending us to one of our breakfasts and letting us eat hairy crabs over at her house. The hospitality that everyone holds in Hong Kong is so fantastic, it's going to be etched in my mind all my life now.

A collage of my Instagram collages. Collage-ception!

My next aim is to be able to save up enough for a trip to Singapore or if I could ever dream bigger, I would go to Taiwan. Either way, the travel bug has definitely come to take a bite off me and I am foreseeing that I would love the adventures of packing and unpacking a whole lot more than I already do. Which is why the stewardess dream is still running strong, really. So there we have it. My entire 10 days in Hong Kong immortalized in a number of posts in this beloved blog. If you've been bored, I'm sorry. I tried to keep it short and simple but my travel log definitely exceeds my expectations. Everything appears to be a brand new experience for me and I'll always be reliving them every now and then.

Until then, it's goodbye to my Hong Kong Adventures and Hong Kong Eats tags. It's been 2 of the most amazing months with you.

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