Airport Woes

By Elie - 4:30 AM

So what follows after the many beautiful Hong Kong posts is one to complain about a place we call home. Don't misunderstand me however, because I love Malaysia. I love how diverse we are to speak tons of languages and we get to eat lots of different food that suits our different cravings at the most odd of times. I enjoy the culture we share and the things we know of each other enough to respect what we have come to believe. But let me tell you how things have gone wrong in just a mere 3 hours of being home. We landed around 9 PM on the 15th of November from Hong Kong, by the way.

  1. The first issue of which we had to face was a long wait for our luggage even when we had priority tags all over them. I don't know how they could overlook the fact that we had priority baggage in the first place. Did they not know how to read? 
  2. In order to ease the travel of my grandmother, we asked for a wheelchair so she didn't have to walk from the aircraft to customs then to luggage claim and out to the waiting cabs but the issue came when no one brought the wheelchair over until 15 minutes AFTER we were left waiting at the aircraft.
  3. The boy who handled the wheelchair had no idea where he was or where he was going in the airport at all. Seriously, he brought us over to where the ERL station was when we told him we needed to take cabs home and that resulted in a whole half hour delay because lifts in KLIA is just...I don't even want to talk about it.
  4. We booked 2 cabs from the counter and when we loaded one of the cabs, an Indian lady from another cab ordered that we load our other luggage into her cab. Thinking they were from the same company, dad, Chef, and I decided that it was fine anyway. The verdict? No. It turns out she was simply cutting queue and she wasn't even supposed to be fetching anyone from the airport because she wasn't a registered taxi with the counter in KLIA. Our luggage were already in her cab however and she kept telling us to "get up, let's go." and we followed because we were worried she would drive off without allowing us to take our luggage out!
  5. The Indian lady was rude and had no idea how to get us back home. She was lost and when my dad told her to cut in front of a lorry that was wobbly, she claimed that my dad wanted her to speed and she didn't do that. But she was really already going 120 KM/H by herself. She also told my dad never to tell her which way to go because it was very "rude" of my him to do it. Hello? We need to get home in one piece!
  6. The agreed price at the counter in KLIA was RM 70 to send us home but when we got back, the Indian lady wanted us to pay her a hefty RM 90! We asked why was it so and she said it's stated on her meter...which was true. But when my mum and aunts got back (They took a separate cab), their meter only showed RM 72! What happened to the other RM 18? It's concluded that her meter has been tampered with because I was staring at it throughout our trip back and it jumped quicker than a fox could when being hunted.
  7. The Indian lady rudely said that we were giving her crap and merely didn't want to pay, calling us crooks and everything. She angrily spat at the other cab driver, saying things like, "We'll settle this OUTSIDE. I dare you to come see me." but that really wasn't of our problem anymore. We ended up paying her RM 75 and the other cab the same amount. Whether or not she did go out to have a hissy fit with the other cab driver, we don't know.
Imagine. All this in just 3 hours of being back in Malaysia; our birth place. What would tourists ever think of the country if they were treated the same? What with all the delays from the airport wheelchair coming to the aircraft, our luggage wait, being lost in the airport thanks to the airport staff and taxi problems, we ended up at home when the clock struck midnight. It was really tiring for us because we had expected to be home within just an hour from our landing but clearly that wasn't the issue. I mean, we could do that in Hong Kong but we can't have that when we're back here in Malaysia? What ridiculousness!

I know what you're thinking. It could either be a) Please just leave the country if you're so unsatisfied or b) Oh yes, come feel the wrath of airport and taxi woes, you spoiled little brat but I just want to stress that this blog post doesn't mean I love Malaysia any less o the fact that I don't already take the public transport any more than I do. I am just hoping that in some miraculous way, someone big from some airport authority personnel or something can be reading this and understand that this is a problem; not just to the locals but to the image of our beloved country to the visitors who lands with a hope for a beautiful holiday.

It's already bad enough that we are tainted with news of robberies, murders and other negative pieces of news that floats around like a never ending horror story, okay? Why can't we simply buck up on the very first thing that tourists come to see of Malaysia? KLIA doesn't simply hold the name of being one of the World's Best Airports for nothing, right? How is it such an issue to improvise on the flow of such simple matters? Train your staff to understand the airport on which lift goes where. Tell them that the priority baggage tag means these bags need to go up first. Make sure the taxis that are picking guests up are well mannered and don't allow touts to stick around. It's easier said than done but when you put your heart to it, nothing's too difficult to achieve and I'm sure of it.

So yes, there goes a lengthy and wordy post all about the rubbish we had to endure within 3 hours of returning home. As an apologetic gesture, here's a picture of the sky that I took on board the flight to Hong Kong. Because everyone needs to see a clear blue sky after so much anger.

No edits and no watermark because I am a little on the lazy side.

Come on, Malaysia. I'm sure we can do better.

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