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By Elie - 5:52 AM

Hello, people! What with the finishing of everything Hong Kong, I have this sudden pang of guilt toward the fact that nothing interesting will be worth jotting down anymore. I mean, life is all about work, Japanese studies and sleep recently that I am finally feeling what it's like to be a half working adult. I won't say a full working adult because I'm still not paying for things like housing installments or car insurances and what not. Just a whole other bunch of things to fork out money for, duh.

But I thought, I should still try and come along to make this space as lively as possible; going around to coffee places or heading out to watch new movies and do fun stuff like that because I really don't want to be one of those boring 20+ adults who does nothing but moan about the lack of chocolates in their sordid life. Neither do I want to be one of those who complains about being fat 24/7 although I am being constantly reminded from my daily selfies of the project 365 I have committed to and the fact that I have a senior at work who tells me everyday that I am...a little meaty. The best definitely came from daddy who decided to blurt out, "Wow, you're really fat." when I walked up to him one day. I swear I laid off the pineapple tarts this Chinese New Year okay?

Okay, putting away sad issues like those that I will tackle as life moves on...let's have me some good reminders of how things has been. I mean, it's likely that I would come back 10 years later onto this blog and laugh at the kind of rubbish I've done in the past. I do have a letter to my future for a reason after all...

January marked the start of my first official job.

As if I haven't rambled about this enough, I began working for this company around Damansara Perdana on the 2nd of January. Shamelessly enough, I left the office on the dot at 6 PM on my first day of work simply because it was mummy's birthday. A probational staff leaving right when it is time without a little hint of being ashamed. I shouldn't be allowed to live. Basically life at work is just as it is; you get work, you do the job. When you're out of work, you find work. If it's lunch time, you get lunch. The plus point however are the friends you make along the way and the laughs you share over the weirdest of things that somehow doesn't even make sense. Either that or I am just really sick in the head to laugh at everything.

This has also become a daily part of life.

Right, I now feel what it is like to be stuck in traffic and telling yourself that it is fine because you will get through this...eventually. Admittedly, I've never driven in traffic like this in the past because it's always just daddy driving me or Wai Kin or even friends like Weng Sum and Steven going through this. The start of a working life also means I have to commute to work myself so that daddy doesn't have to get up early in the morning to go through this traffic hell. And it's a through and fro thing! Unless of course I decide to hang around the office area until it's closer to 9 PM where traffic is relatively smoother but I really want to make it a point to be home for dinner with the old folks. Traffic jams. It shall be the death of everybody.


I totally did that on purpose because I can. Yes, I am still attending Japanese classes on a weekly basis because it has become such a fun part to my Saturdays bar the fact that I can't seem to do anything in the first half of the day properly. This however gives me this entirely new look into how relative time could be when you're hunting for a balance between work, studies and life as a whole. I figured that if I leave home early and get to work early, I would have time to study in the office too. Other times, I would scale on what's more important; to study or to read a book when I'm back home and the former obviously has to win because I can't risk my 73 year old せんせい collapsing on this terrible student.

Watching cars go by is a new hobby.

Like I said, I tend to leave home early nowadays to get to office a little earlier so I have extra time to chill and relax instead of being stuck in traffic like the poor drivers you see in the background of the picture above. And yes, I haven't quite mentioned that these Converses are now my staple pair of kicks, have I? Basically they go with anything that I wear to the office so it's really just one the best things I've bought from Hong Kong. Anyway, the sadist in me stares down to all those suckers in their cars braving the traffic while I sip on my water with a slice of lemon in the office almost every morning. It's a new found hobby I am quite fond of, I must say.

And a piece of camwhore to end this post.

I suppose for the start of the year, life has been fairly hectic from the transitioning of being spoiled, pampered and laid back to the fact that everything is a learning curve. Driving to work and understanding of ridiculously priced petrol is can be quite a thing to know about. Forking out on bills and finally seeing how money goes quicker than it comes in is another thing I have come to learn over the days. The one thing that has definitely changed however is how I try to live everyday just a little bit different from the days before; a sort of a mantra I picked up from the movie "About Time". To live everyday as if you've come back to just make that very day a special one. Hey, it's a good change even if 2014 has only passed for a month right? Just 11 more to go...I'll be okay.

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