The Way To Anyone's Heart Is Curry Fishballs

By Elie - 5:28 AM

Welcome back, dead space. While it isn't really that dead a space today, I still find myself guilty of the fact that this is beginning to be an abandoned blog. I mean, first I bombard you with throngs of Hong Kong posts and then I leave you with nothing. Well, today is still nothing but I've promised Steph and Weng Sum to leave them a post as a HUGE thank you note over the best kind of food anyone could be making.

Curry fishballs.

Okay so the picture above seriously does not do it justice but I've completely forgotten to take a photograph before being a glutton when Weng Sum sent it to my office. The amount of love my friends pour to me, I can't even begin to be thankful. But yes, this is the bomb. It's so good, I find that it has put Hong Kong's curry fishballs to shame. Apparently, it's fairly easy to make but it isn't exactly something that I would do at home simply because I am a bum.

Food of Gods being cooked.

Still being cooked.

And the food of Gods being ready for devouring.

While the lot of them (Steven, Mel, Jian, Wei Kin...just to name a few) didn't quite enjoy how thick and seemingly salty it was to their palate, I thought it was just right. It's probable that this comes with the fact that I like my food really thick in taste so Weng Sum nails it just right! I've also got to say that it is a little on the shameful side how a guy can cook while all I can do is fry an egg and make Maggi. That gives you something to think about, doesn't it?

So yes. I have fulfilled my promise of putting up a blog post to thank my amazing friends; one of whom I've known for 12 years now and another for about 3 years although she stays just 2 streets away from me. But seriously if there's ever anyone who needs to know my weak spot: curry fishballs. Make it for me, let me gauge it and I might just fall in love with you. Because the way to a man ANYONE's heart is curry fishballs. Trust me. Or not.

I know this isn't my regular entry of things and I definitely have something sort of philosophical in my head but I don't quite want to write it out these few days yet. I mean, it's just been at the back on my mind for the past week yet I haven't found the time or rather...the energy to talk about it. Maybe after Monday when daddy's birthday has passed. Oh did I mention that my ugly brother has turned 28 yesterday?

  Because siblings somehow stick together in weird ways like this.

I would probably brag about the egg-quinox thing that I finally managed to achieve about...2 weeks back. Soon. When I find the energy to start going on a blogging roll so I could line everything up and forget about having to keep this space alive. Maybe never. Just kidding. I'll be back but I have to go count my red packets and be rich thankful for all the blessings over the year. Until then, be nice to me and keep coming up for updates...even when there's none! I'll surprise you.

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