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By Elie - 2:36 PM

How's it going, people? I know I've really been slacking on updates but the only thing I seem to want to do nowadays is to grab a shower then go to sleep after work. I am weak, I shall admit. But you know, it's a special day today.

If you've ever tapped into the tab that says "The Original Cantus Lupus", you'd see a picture of a handsome man clad in a Beatles shirt with the most gentle smile someone of his size could give. That's Uncle Swithin; just the way I know and remember him by. I've probably told this story quite a number of times but today marks the 3rd anniversary of his passing, 3 days before he turned 59. His death; much like the news of his stroke; was unexpected.

Uncle Swithin as I recall was tall, feisty and most of all, funny. My best days of being with him is when daddy picks him up for lunch then gets me en route from school to simply surprise me and it was odd because I liked this big man's company. I liked how he spoke of things in the most fascinating ways and how he made everything seem more fantastically flourished than they apparently were. I guess most of all, I liked being a Disney princess in his eyes; I was Pocahontas.

Unfortunately, I had never gotten to tell him of the things I have done in college or have him tell me what the PR and journalism scene is like because he never knew. That's a regret and life seems to be full of it nowadays.With Uncle Swithin, it is that I have never told him I picked up a diploma in mass communications and I've decided to dwell in the writing scene for a little bit at current. More often than not, the one thing I think about is how I won't be getting the advices that I'm pretty sure were up his sleeves and other times, it would simply cross my mind on the kind of music he would introduce to daddy again.

But as life runs by and time flows ahead, you somehow come to accept the things that has gone and the reality of which pierces through and this is the kind of reality we have to come to terms with. As I ran through pieces of write ups on his passing 3 years back, I came to also see that he wasn't just a gentle, tall man. Uncle Swithin was a kind of legacy in the PR industry, a great friend in the hearts of many and ultimately to the lives of the Monteiro family, he was the most irreplaceable Swithin Armand Monteiro.

Always missing you back here while you jam with your Beatles recordings from above. Mr. Monteiro. In loving memory of the one who's simply away,

Swithin Armand Monteiro

25.02.1952 - 22.02.2011
We will meet again...and maybe then you could tell ME the right kind of music to listen to with a mix tape in hand.

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