If It Zips, You Keep - The Malaysia Clothes Buffet

By Elie - 7:00 AM

Let's admit it, what's the one thing that girls are in love with besides make up? I'll give you 3 seconds to make a guess.





If your guess was clothes, then DING DING DING! Brownie points for the smart cell inside you! But would you ever figure what's better than just clothes? An array of clothes that ranges from jackets to skirts, clinchers and such all in a spot where you can pick and choose from to fit into a ziplock bag. The best part of this entire fiasco? If you can zip it, you can keep it! And all this is happening at the Malaysia Clothes Buffet where you can challenge yourself to fitting all kinds of clothes and keeping them all if you could zip it up!

Here's all the details you'll need!

Okay in case you needed it completely laid out for you, the dates to block out spans from the 25th to 27th April 2014! To be a part of Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet, just make your way to Syopz Mall at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus anytime between 10 AM to 6 PM and get your ziplock bag from the entrance for only RM 60 each session! Every session goes on for 15 minutes and whatever you can stuff into the ziplock bag measuring 9 x 14 inches is yours to keep with no catch at all!

Here's how you could get to Syopz at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus!

But if you can't fit it in the bag, don't fret. There's even a Blowout Sale happening between 4 PM - 6 PM everyday where you can get the piece you love for only RM 10 each (If it's still there!) and you just have to pay for it! So imagine you can't fit the VARSITY JACKET into your ziplock bag, you can just grab it for RM 10 during the Blowout sale! I. Cannot. Wait.

Blowout Sales - Because 15 minutes probably isn't enough to go around!

It's pretty exciting because someone actually managed to fit in 16 pieces in a ziplock bag during the past sale and that's the record to beat! I'm looking at 20 pieces of dresses, tops, skirts and jackets but who knows if you could do better? More information can be found at Malaysia Clothes Buffet's Facebook page here and their website! Oh, I heard you could even pre-book and buy your ziplock bag online instead of wondering if you'll be able to get one at the door. In fact, I'd recommend you do just that because the turn out from the years before was HUGE!

Here's a sneak peeks of stuff you can be grabbing at the sale. All pictures are courtesy of Malaysia Clothes Buffet's Facebook page.

Varsity jackets. Excuse me? MINE MINE MINE.

This Walt Disney hoodie! Imagine how warm it would be to wear it in the office!

Boy London top. It pairs off great with regular skirts like this for lazy work days!

Skater dresses. I cannot get enough of them because they're AMAZEBALLS for lazy work days. You don't look too sloppy and the effort level is zero to none!

I'll start practicing my clothes folding and stuffing skills into the tiniest bag I can find at home so I would be totally ready for the Malaysia Clothes Buffet. If I see you there, be forewarned that I will be fighting you for these clothes and I have no holds barred! Nobody takes Elie Lam's clothes unless I've put it down! Roar!

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