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I know I'm really slow on putting this up but I have a valid reason to my delay, okay? I've been waiting for pictures from Nuffnang's official photographer because I didn't quite have any that were decent since lighting from extremely poor at the venue. So unless you've got a professional DSLR camera lugged by your neck, pictures that come out are most probably blur and dark while flashes just doesn't do pictures justice. I remember the birthday bash last year at LUST Bar, KL when I was still an intern and now I'm a part of the blogger community celebrating the company's birthday? Time sure flies right by when you least realize it.

This year's birthday bash was held at Barbeque Garden at Life Centre, KL and it's actually on the rooftop where it's open air and you get to see the night lights of Kuala Lumpur. In fact if you're looking at the right angle, you can even look at the KL Tower in all its glory in its lit up joy! Oh and in case you're wondering, Life Centre is right in front of the Wisma KFC and it's accessible via Monorail. Once you're there, just take the lift up to the 3rd floor and you'll see Barbeque Garden!

 Got to the party around 6.30 PM with my plus one of the night, Krystle! Thanks for coming at the very last minute, kindie bestie! Hugs and kisses to go around!

 Strip's mascot was left to welcome us at the entrance!

Beer on taps!

Unfortunately, it was fairly humid on the night of the birthday bash and when topped off with the immense crowd that turned up, the temperature was definitely not right to party. I was also worried that my seat would be taken away soonest as I left the table so my friends and I remained seated about 50% of the time we were at the party. We would however take turns to go around the venue to unlock stamps on our card that came in an envelope as part of the task of the night.

Tons of seating space on regular days.

Great for big parties, I believe.

There were darts set up at the venue.

And everyone got 3 tries each!

As part of the party activity, 2 dart machines were placed at Barbeque Garden and everyone got 3 tries each to hit a minimum of 70 points in order to get a stamp from the Nuffies! Fact: I am terrible at darts and the best I got was...70 points. I guess it's just enough to get a stamp from Nuffie Ban but that's about it and it took me 3 attempts to get it right. If you're doing the math, I threw 9 dart pieces that night with two hitting the machine then falling to the floor miserably. What is shame?


Heineken was the sponsor of the night so they were going free flow!

Chicken skewers were freshly grilled and served by staffs of Barbeque Garden.

Food from Barbeque Garden is inevitably good except I found the lamb chops to be a little on the fat side. I'm glad they served it with mint sauce though because it showed that they definitely knew what they were doing. The night lasted with great hype thanks to emcee Kevin Chong; who also hosts the Evening Buzz show on TraxxFM (100.1 in Klang Valley, if you need to know!) and a whole load of prizes were given away to randomly lucky people. One of those lucky ones was Steph who gone home with a bag of Mamee Chef products after answering a short Q&A.

Whilst being at a party was definitely great fun, the highlight of my night was mostly to have met up with the Nuffies again. I won't deny this but I miss all these crazy people whom I've briefly worked with and in Shah's famous words, everyone are just crazy kunts. Excuse the language but it's true.

With Darren, Shah and Guy the pink unicorn.

With Darren and this time we had some branding going on.

With Sue Ann who's going to Japan (AGAIN) soon.

With Min who told me after the picture that he made a serious face because life is serious.

 With kawan Nickeybean. I see him more often than I see the person who introduced us to each other. Grace Lee, are you reading? And yes, those fat arms. Something shall be done.

With boss Tim and Audrey. Because if there's no Audrey, there's no cheerful boss Tim and if there's no cheerful boss Tim, there's no happy Nuffnang! You seeing the connection?

And Kevin Chong! He's freaking hilarious, I now know why Krystle likes listening to him on the Evening Buzz!

No party would be complete without the famous Nuffnang cake cutting ceremony and I really wanted to see what they have managed this year. True enough, there is compromise to the attention in details and what not. Seeing as that the theme of the year is #NuffnangIs007, the cake in a tux and pistol was fitting.

And then there's always Stickman just...sticking around!

Little cupcakes were served with such attention to details.

A Nuffie group shot as always.
Pic credits to TianChad @ Sky Arts Productions

I left the party close to 11 PM as they wrapped up and realized that I am totally not party material. Getting home after dropping Krystle off, I didn't even dig into my goodie bag; completely forgetting it till the next day. All I wanted was to remove my make up, have a warm shower and pass out in bed. I did however have a peek into the bag the next day only to realize that the amazing Nuffies and sponsors had managed to pack in so many things for us to bring home.

It's almost like Nuffnang knows I need some work on my weight and threw in a 1 month gym membership for me.

Wowbooth prints.

I nearly left this out but Wowbooth was also at the party for us to get instant prints not just from the photobooth but also through Instagram connect. All we had to do was to leave in #NuffnangIs007 in our Instagram captions and their system would detect it so we could print them out instantly. I thought it was pretty cute seeing as that picture prints have seemingly gone obsolete but has been brought back to life. 

So yes, that's a wrap up to this year's Nuffnang Birthday Bash. I probably didn't look like the most happening person around the venue but being there to witness the excitement everyone had was still a great getaway from the daily schedule I have at current. I'm hoping to come back to the entire blogging mojo scene but sometimes sleep just gets the better of me. Someday though, I'm sure I'll be actively writing again. Happy belated birthday again, Nuffnang. I look forward to your 8th birthday already.

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