The Accident

By Elie - 5:08 PM

Okay, so I'm finally home and calm enough to talk about this after spending an entire morning at the hospital, an afternoon at the police station and an evening in traffic. It's probably no secret by now that I absolutely despise motorbikes; be it the kapcai ones or superbikes not because I can't look up to them but because of their riding attitude. I mean, I understand how much "bigger" you feel on the road because somehow or rather it's always the fault in car drivers whenever an accident happens but does that give you authority to be above us in every other way?

My disliking for these two-wheeled nuisances began when I was much younger anyway when my father came by a T-junction, had a brake to look left and right before heading over to the opposite road. A motorcycle however decided that he was much above everyone else and sped from the right over to the center when my father collided with him and that was the first time ever when I had a fear for them.

*Coughs* Thus begins my story of today. As usual, I left home to get to work early and to put myself through the horrific traffic else would I get to the office? What I didn't expect however was the jam today brought along a surprise. A motorcyclist who would slam into the right side of my car. You see, the car ahead of me had went forward and so I followed suite and when they stopped, I stopped too. The next thing I knew, I heard a loud bang towards the right side of my car and I knew for sure something has gone wrong. As I turned my head to the right, there it was. A motorcyclist who had fallen off his motorcycle and had rolled from the back to the driver's door of my car.

I. Was. Traumatized.

I freaked out not only for the reason that he had slammed my car but because his finger was bleeding from the looks of it AND it's the very first time in my 4 years of driving that I've been in an accident. He just broke my clean record streak. While my first instinct was to check my car, a part of me also remembered all these tricks of motorcyclists hitting the back of your car then robbing you when you get down so I stayed inside and grabbed my phone...without knowing who to call. My initial thought was obviously daddy but it was pretty early and I didn't want to give him such a rude awakening. A notification then came from Kevin who messaged the office group WhatsApp and I had found my victim.

In tears and inaudible sounds, I called him up and probably gave HIM a shock too. Several motors started forming around me (!!!) and the guy who had slammed me simply walked to the side of the road clutching his left pinky that began to bleed a little more than before. These random motorists started to tell me to send the stranger (From now on I shall just call him Abang N) to a nearby clinic in my car and demanded that I stop being on the phone. "You hantar je, jangan call sudah, you hantar!!!" they went. It just means, "Send him, quit calling, just send him!!!" in case you didn't know Bahasa Malaysia that well.

I was alone and it's early in the morning.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that early considering the sun was already up but nevertheless I was still alone and there he was. A random Abang N whom I have no idea if he is a robber or not. There they were too, a whole bunch of strangers demanding that I do something about Abang N without allowing me to think twice or seek help. I guess now when I think about it, my fear led me to do something ridiculously stupid: I let Abang N into the car. Luckily for me, he was just a regular motorcyclist who was on his way to pay his Astro bills before heading to work and he wasn't any psychotic dude wanting to rape me and stuff me in a sports bag. *Touches all the wood possible in my room*

Kevin got to the hospital just a little after I did and I got a few frantic missed calls from my colleagues whom I quickly informed of the accident. I mean, someone had to know where I'm headed just in case Abang N really was a psychotic rapist, right? It was pretty safe to say that I had a complete break down moment because I actually felt like help had arrived and I wasn't going to have to face Abang N alone. Point taken from Kevin while I was sobbing: Abang N was alive, it's okay. IT'S OKAY. I'm also eternally grateful because Kevin helped me find out that Abang N did realize I had already stopped but he was the one who couldn't brake in time. Aha, he admits his fault.

I had to deal with every other rubbish after.

The main issue here was that I hadn't called my parents to tell them about this and when they arrived, Kevin left. Note: Still very grateful that he spent his entire morning calming me down and cheering me up. The main things my parents wanted to know was if we should make a police report or not AND the condition of the car. We did decide in the end to make a report in the case that something else happens and we get blamed over nothing. The wait for Abang N's condition at the hospital was pretty long and the wait at the police station to make a report was just as bad; causing my entire day to just be subjected to nothing but the word "wait" instead of being at the office to complete my pending workload.

Nigel's tail light broke and water builds up below...

 There are scratches over the sides.

And the insides of my bumper ripped off.

An unseen damage here is the fact that my tire got busted from the impact of Abang N's motorcycle crashing into my car and that immediately set me back RM 175...even when my salary isn't out. Pretty glad as well that my parents weren't out of town and I wasn't all alone to settle with all these rubbish because if I was...I can't imagine the amount of crap I would have messed up. And yes, that was my entire Monday in which I woke up to positively only to be a chaos in a manner of hours. Thanking my parents and Kevin for being on call at the hospital while I was scared shitless as well as Steven, Yen Wern, Kynn and Orson who were all pretty frantic when I stopped picking up my phone and replying WhatsApp messages. I feel so damn loved.

I learned a valuable lesson today.

I suppose there is a first for everything including accidents and it being my very first hit ever, I guess I was really messed up in the head. I couldn't do anything but break down. Fear is a horrible feeling but not so much as that you would expect yourself to do the most dangerous thing anyone would do. I would probably look back on this day and slap myself for having put Abang N into the car while I was alone. Seriously, what was I thinking? Oh right, I wasn't. Ladies out there, please don't do this. Get help from someone. Anyone. Or at least let someone know where you're headed. Police reports and hospital issues aside...this entire day has been horribly messed up. I shall attempt to head to bed without replaying the scene of the accident in my head.

On a lighter note: Maybelline's Hyper Sharp Liner range of eyeliners has been proven to be ridiculously waterproof. I had half expected that my waterworks would turn me into a panda by the time I had stopped crying in front of Kevin but by the end of this horrific day, it was still decently in tact with no smudges whatsoever. Ladies, go get it.

My bed beckons and I need to feel safe in life again. This blog post serves no purpose except to remind myself of the kind of crap I have been through. Wordy rubbish, I know. I'll make it up to you soon.

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