Fat Diaries: Signature Cafearo by Yves @ 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall

By Elie - 7:30 AM

Greetings, people! I hope you've already had your lunch because I'm going to post up pictures that will make you hungry and when that happens, I'm not taking the blame to it. You see, my usual Saturday fares lately has been to wake up around noon and scurry for instant noodles before lazing around looking extremely aunty all day long because there's nothing better to life than that. Yesterday however, I switched that up for the better to join Tania and Isabel to a food review at 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall. That's in Cheras, by the way.

Welcome to Signature Cafearo @ 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall.

Truth be told, I have been a little scared to drive around after the accident so I was lucky enough that Tania was willing to carpool. (Actually, I have no idea if she minded or not. Carpooled anyway!) Isabel had given us directions in getting to Signature Cafearo before we even got to 1 Shamelin but we lost our way...outside the mall. In fact it was just one wrong turn and Waze guided us to some unknown land so we got there about 10 minutes later than we were supposed to. The fault is in Waze.

I regret right now as I'm writing this post because I realize that I didn't take pictures of how Signature Cafearo looks like from the inside but it could also be a surprise element for you when you enter because it's really pretty. The place is well lit with warm yellow lights and the full length windows that allows natural sunlight to enter is a great plus in case you want to take pictures inside. Seating appears to be ample with a bar by the side where you'll see your food come out as your mouth salivates to the scent.

My call: Oreo Mint Ice Cream Milkshake.

It's no secret that I am constantly sold on whatever that says "mint" in it so it's also no surprise that this would be my pick. Delectably decorated on top, the drink itself isn't too sweet and has a good hint of mint to the cookies and cream consistency it dawns. The portion is also really well balanced so you don't feel like a 9-months pregnant woman by the end of the day. I really enjoyed it and I think someone else ordered it too after looking at how pretty my drink came to be. I AM A WONDERFUL INFLUENCE. Footnote: Tania took a spoonful to try and she liked it too so I'm not alone in this.

Tania got herself a Honey Cafe Latte.

I didn't try this out because Tania was having a flu and a bad cough but this picture is here because of how pretty the colours look. That thick wad of honey sunken at the bottom with the coffee in between before the look of frothy cream on top is really pleasing to the eye. According to Tania, the taste of coffee isn't too strong so it's good for those who needs just a tinge of caffeine without losing their sleep at night. Comes in hot or cold variations but the sick cat opted for the hot one of course.

Drinks from other bloggers.

And a fizzy strawberry drink. I like the bubbles surrounding the strawberry on top.

I obviously couldn't just go around asking people if I could sip their drinks away but they're all in a variety of colours, I couldn't help myself from taking pictures. You could see from here that there isn't any skimping in ingredients at Signature Cafearo especially if they're going to dip an entire strawberry into the drink. Portions are also great to the price tags they hold and I think that's something really important for most cafes.

Summer angel salad.

A refreshing blend of fruits and vegetables, this entree is probably good for people who needs a light appetizer before moving onto the big boys. The sauce itself is a great blend to the salad, making it less bland and a lot more tasty than what you would expect for herbivorous foods.

Vast ocean salmon salad.

Check out those salmon slices! The vinaigrette is definitely a good compliment to vast oceon salmon salad; if not just the heart to it. While I didn't like it as much as the summer angel salad because of the throngs of onions rings it has, people who enjoys a crispy bite to their entrees would definitely kill for this. And those salmon slices. Don't ever forget those salmon slices.

Roasted mushroom soup.

If you didn't already know, I am also a sucker for all things mushroom. I had initially expected this to be a blend of creaminess because that's how mushroom soups usually are but this is surprisingly nothing like that at all. I thoroughly loved how I had a good chomp of mushrooms to every spoonful I put into my mouth and the soup was clear to swallow. Great thinking on the chef's end because then customers wouldn't be stuffed with just soup when they're done. 

 Smoked salmon & spinach quiche.

I'm usually no huge fan of salmon but when tastefully placed with spinach before being made into quiche, you'd know there's no way it would go wrong. The verdict is pretty simple here: TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT.

Soft shelled crab with mustard mayo wrap.

Carefully placed with vegetables and wrapped in tortilla, this dish is a good go if you're a fan of soft shelled crabs...which indirectly translates to almost everyone's favourite. The mustard mayo is a tasty zing to the wrap; something really different from regular fares you would get outside while the sides of potato wedges plays as a good top off to the entire dish.

Smoked duck pesto fettuccine.

In the words of Isabel, this dish is God sent. The smoked duck is made in such perfection, the scent of it wafts through your nose even before it hits your mouth and that's saying a lot. The pesto fettuccine is also well cooked with a decently chew in midst of the dried herbs, olive oil and other amazing ingredients making it the star of everything else we had the entire day. If you're headed to Signature Cafearo, make sure this dish is on your table and I'm not even kidding. Make very sure you have it on your table.

Oceanic secret night.

While this fares a little lesser than the smoked duck pesto fettuccine, it is still a good kicker to your tastebuds while the tinge of spiciness lingers through every bite. There's also salmon in this dish so the scent of the fresh fish puts it in the right place for good eats. If you'd just notice how generous they are with the dried chilli, cherry tomatoes and capsicums with olives alongside black pepper then you'll know this is a great call.

Soft shelled crab and ham, cheese and eggs baked with rice.

3 words: Soft shelled crab. We all know how amazing cheese and eggs blends with rice then gets baked but topping it off with soft shelled crab just takes it to a different level of dishes. This dish is surprisingly not cloying to the tastebuds at all but in fact is my favourite next to the smoked duck pesto fettuccine. Signature Cafearo is also extremely generous in the portions of soft shelled crabs, so much so you can expect one in your bowl for every order and not just few slices that you can't quite find even with a magnifying glass.

Pavlova with purple grapes, green grapes, strawberries and...POMEGRANATES! 

They don't just stop at amazing food because these pavlovas are quite the bomb. You'd expect it to be so sweet, you will next stab insulin to your bloodstream so you don't get diabetes but it's the complete opposite in the case of Signature Cafearo. Do order if you're mad for pavlova. Oh but keep in mind that the crust is a little on the stiff side but they've already noted on this for a change. Maybe in the my next visit, I'll get to eat extremely good pavlova!

Bread and butter pudding.

Nothing spells good meals without good desserts so the bread and butter pudding that Signature Cafearo puts out is the perfect stopper to satisfy all your cravings. The thing about food in here is that none of it is overly sweet and this is no different either. The sauce that you drizzle on top of the bread and butter pudding is surprisingly good and the dense bite to the pudding itself makes for such a good addition to the entire meal. Super yums.

Carrot cake.

I think this is a staple favourite for most non-dessert lovers (HOW CAN?!) but are still looking for closure to their meals. They definitely don't skimp on ingredients because you can clearly see the striking orange colours to the cake even from this picture that doesn't pose a very good quality. It was also decently moist so putting this down your throat is a good pick if none of the buttery and sugary things piques your interest. 

Coffee cheese cake.

Who would have known that putting coffee in the mix of cheese cake would make for such perfection? While people have it separately for tea time (Coffee then cheese cake by the side), Signature Cafearo decided to put it through a fuse for something that gives you a satisfyingly good cheese fix with a tinge of caffeine melting over. It's really good!

The Chef of Signature Cafearo making his mark on the brand new board.

Isabel putting her signature down.

Tania and I signing it too. We almost look like celebrities here with the flash.

Yeah and that's us.

Sidetracking moment: Isabel is wearing the pastel yellow dress I never found during the Malaysia Clothes Buffet's blowout sale for only RM 10! I love the colour of the dress for how soft it looks and everything like that. Tania is also wearing something from the Malaysia Clothes Buffet; the jacket she stuffed during the buffet session which totally means it is free while my OOTD is the RM 10 dress from the Malaysia Clothes Buffet blowout sale topped with my acid washed denim shirt from Carousell for RM 15. Fedora for my bad hair day moment.

Playing to the name Signature Cafearo, a board has been put up for guests to leave their mark at anytime they visit the cafe. I found it to be a cute concept of belonging because now everyone can prove that they've been there to try out all the good food this place serves. Spot my signature the next time you visit. The hint of where it is in the picture above!

A polaroid for the sake of remembrance.

Isabel, Tania and I. Missing our Senri who had to take her car to service instead.

I guess by the end of the day, leaving the bed before noon on a Saturday isn't that bad after all. Now I've discovered a brand new place for good eats and a longing for smoked duck pesto fettuccine that I've never had before. I think I shall go scurry for food now. Cheerios!

Signature Cafearo by Yves
C-G-03A, 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
56100 Kuala Lumpur

Open daily: 10 AM - 10 PM
03 - 9286 6811

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