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By Elie - 5:09 PM

Hello people! Okay, 9 days since my last update and that too was a food post. Admittedly, I've come by to see if there's anything in my mind that I should talk about but I've realized how boring my life is right now. I mean, it's just the same old routine for the everyday that I lead.

  • Wake up
  • Cuss at morning traffic
  • Work hard so I don't get fired cause I really need money
  • Cause at after work traffic
  • Come home for mummy's dinner
  • Be lazy in front of the TV with daddy
  • Play games or watch 愛。回家 on the iPad Mini
  • Sleep
You have no idea how fluently the list above came out. I guess that pretty much tells you how mundane my life has been. Heck, I'm even home on Friday nights while my dad goes out with his friends for some beers. Someone please tell me who's the 22 year old in this house; me or him? But I'm not complaining, really. I love being at home because no one judges you for the lack of make up or the fact that you're dressed in a hand-me-down oversized t-shirt with shorts.

Oh, but in case you think I have zero social life or that I lack the ability to converse with people normally; occasionally my weekday nights are made for dinner with friends and weekends for coffee but that's just about it. And I have weekly breakfasts with Callie because we absolutely cannot live without each other.

I suppose the most interesting thing of late is that my Chef has finally come back from Korea after having been there for a holiday with his friends for about 10 days and he brought home goodies for me! (And my mother, fine fine...) His return also marked one of the most important things that has happened in his life...

 Flowers for the bride.

Yes, my brother got me a sister-in-law. It's probably not that official on Chinese terms because there hasn't been the entire Chinese marriage ritual but he's legally married now! Inside joke in case Pui Yi does read my blog: He's now off the charts, Pui Yi! Sorry!

My favourite sibling photo next to the one we've taken in Cheung Chau.

Nothing else has been interesting; possibly because I am a boring person to begin with. I love my sleep more than anything else so don't judge me. And that's just about it with my life update. Then again, I shan't just end the post here. I have a little rant that needs to be let off so bear with me a little.

You see, I never understood the concept of anyone placing their parents in nursing homes; possibly because I am privileged enough to be in a family where no one has to be in there or it's just that I don't have the heart to see all these old people stare out the window knowing that their fate is just as that. The reason for this rant is that today is Wesak Day so my parents and I took the opportunity to visit a family friend at the nursing home and I was utterly heartbroken by an old lady who kept coming up to us asking if we could give her son a phone call.

Yes, she probably had dementia and had no idea what she was blurting out but to have to reject her time and time again just put an arrow through my heart and I watched her slowly walk back into the home, hoping that someone else could make that call. She would however walk out 5 minutes later and ask for the same thing and this entire routine lasted for as long as we were there. Probably about half an hour or so, if I'm not mistaken. Each time made me a little sadder than I was before but sometimes it's just not in my position to rage at these ridiculous people.

This has, however made me realize what kind of a child I will never be to my old people regardless if they will (TOUCHWOOD!!!) become senile or have a terrible old people temper OR God forbid, have to get help in cleaning themselves up. If they have to ask me a billion times if I've had my lunch or not then so be it. This isn't anyone a responsibility of anyone's but yours as a child. They've brought you up, cared for you, nurtured you and sacrificed their entire life for you. What's a little love for them as compared to what they have for you?

Currently also my favourite picture with the old folks although I look freaking fat.

End of my rant. This hasn't been the best of my blog posts, admittedly but I figured if I wanted to remember good times when I'm older then coming back to read about these days will always be the best. And I shall be off now, it's a work day tomorrow and there's nothing more I want to do than to sleep. After using a mask that Chef got from Korea that is. Till the next update, (That hopefully comes without a 9 day gap in between) stay happy, everyone!

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  1. Awwwwww, that's so sweet, hope that time your blog post is still intact ;)

    1. Helloo Kendrick! Omg first of all seriously thank you so much for being so supportive. I would have just put off blog post after blog post if you didn't respond to the tweet hahaha.

      I'm praying hard these blog posts will remain intact lots of years down the road. I have a post to read when I'm 30 years old!



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