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By Elie - 2:15 AM

It would appear as though I broke my record again; going at 11 days without an update. Don't hate me though cause I've got something awesome for you this time around. RM 50 to shop. For free. With no strings attached. FOR FREE. But first, I am not taking a selfie let me tell you where from!

Here's a clue!

I'm guessing if you're tech savvy enough to be reading blogs, you would already be familiar enough with the term of online shopping. In fact, you could be just like I am; an impulse buyer of everything and anything that just pops in mind. Heck I think I spend more while clicking on the "CHECK OUT" button than actually putting money in the hands of a salesperson nowadays. And what with Chef getting hitched lately, I've been thinking of being the goodie-two-shoes kind of sister to buy him a gift for their new home.

Image courtesy of the Corpick Facebook page

Which is where Corpick comes in. It started in the year 2011 when Malaysia's first modern home and gift online store, Corpick, came to play; offering a variety of imported and high-quality homeware as well as personal goods. Their belief is that there isn't anything more important than your home and the people around you so most of the goods have been designed and crafted with two of the most important (And extremely Chinese thought cause we're just Asian like that...) thoughts in mind.

Thinking of getting this for Chef and Shin Yi. Currently drooling over the pretty pink and pastel blue colour combination so excuse me for a bit.
Image courtesy of Corpick

Come on, don't lie. We've all had our parents rant at one point that phones aren't made like they used to be where it could last 19472365673 years and never break yet our smartphones seem to die after 2 or 3 years. Admit it...and give me a high 5 while you're at it. I suppose even the team at Corpick has experienced this so the two core principles in picking out their items are clear: something that's affordable yet comes in top notch quality. It sounds easy but it's really not that simple. Plus, everything has to look really good when it comes into play. Imagine all that work to pick the best out of all that's being offered! Phew!

Now here's the best part of this entire blog post. To give everyone to a head start in getting their personal goods and homeware from Corpick, they're giving everyone a gift card worth RM 50 with no minimum purchased required; just as I've promised in the beginning. Plus it's really easy to get it. Just leave them an e-mail at and that's it, you'll get that RM 50 gift card to start splurging on their website!

I don't know why you'd still be here reading this when you're really supposed to flail your arms and start e-mailing Corpick by now. Seriously though, you best hurry cause it's limited to the FIRST 250 people who e-mail them! Happy shopping, people! And I'll try better than to leave the blog dry for 11 days. Maybe just 10. Heh heh...

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