National Achievers Congress #1

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So it's been a week since my last update and it proves I am sort of trying? Also I can't help but realize this is the opening to every blog post nowadays; a mark that I am feeling quite guilty. But anyway, here's a wordy vomit about the National Achievers Congress 2014 of which I attended last Sunday...which really just puts this as a back dated post. The cool thing about the NAC is that Yen Wern, Kevin and I had already purchased our tickets on April Fool's Day, truly thinking that it was a prank by XING Events because they were priced at RM 14 per ticket. We've saved tons because apparently the originals had a price tag of RM 197. *Gets my Chinese mode on*

Granted, the only reason we were there was for one man and one man only: Nick Vujicic. If the name doesn't ring a bell, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? then you should probably check this video out. It's worth every single minute and it broke me to tears the first time I watched it. I mean, this man here has no arms and no legs but he's undoubtedly more positive than 80% of regular people on the streets. This man literally goes beyond limits of what we normal people would achieve.

Here's the best picture I got of Nick Vujicic thanks to Callie's elder sister!

Because this was my view throughout the talk.

Thanks to my genius memory however, I don't remember much of the things that he spoke about but this one stuck: HOPE. Hope to hang onto life, hope to hang onto all we do and hope to always rise above the storms of which we have to pass. Interesting isn't it, this thing we call hope? Personally, I've been quite a negative person; quite unlike the personality I have built for people to see. But that's normal isn't it? We're always seeking the bad things in us, never the good. We're always looking into the mirror thinking we're too fat, too short, too ugly or just not quite enough.

And here's what Nick Vujicic got us to do. At the top of your head, list out 3 things you could possibly say about yourself. Don't even THINK about it, just go ahead and let it pop. It could be physical, it could be something of mental strength. Mine turned out at the top of my head like a fish flopping out of the sea; struggling to be saved.

I'm too short. 

 An excuse to post up this picture again!

Fact is, I have never been happy with my height. Standing at only 158 CM tall is nothing to be proud of and to make things worse, my lifelong dream career is one that requires someone to be of a good height. Preferably 160 CM or higher. But here I am anyway, the shorty of any group at all. I'm the shortest amongst my best friends from school, the shortest amongst college friends and I suppose I am the shortest amongst my colleagues too. Sometimes words do hurt, especially when anyone asks me about my one and only dream job and it follows with a, "Are you sure? Are you tall enough? I thought stewardesses had to be tall and thin." Well people, I'm pretty sure if I've made it my dream, I will MAKE it a reality in a manner of time.

I'm too paranoid.

Another excuse for an entry of a selfie

Fear, if anything is always controlling my life. The fear of trying harder, the fear of failing and the fear of almost cockroaches.And then there's paranoia. It's one of the worst things to feel especially when you're trying really hard because somehow or rather, you will blame yourself when it goes wrong but you'll never feel good at success. You will only be thinking that you've done something right and now you'll have to keep doing the same thing so you don't do anything wrong anymore. In fact I can be so paranoid, I would prepare an entire week's worth of work from home because I'm too scared to be at a loss for time in the office. Not a good sign.

I'm too stupid.

Were you expecting another selfie? Well then, here's my Japanese homework in place of my face!

I guess I tell a lot of people this but I am not exactly the brightest bulb around town. I am horrific at math, I failed geography (For the longest time I had no idea if Thailand was above Malaysia or below, okay?) and needless to say, history is as its name suggests. I learn things a little slower than others and explaining things to me takes a lot of time because the gears in my head somehow gets stuck a lot easier than regular people. It's quite an issue for me because of how forgetful I am and without constant practice of something, I will tend to let it slip off my mind. It just doesn't stick. I would try hard though but a lot of things are much easier said than done. I would try to write things out or struggle in crafting words so much so there was a point in time that I questioned myself if I was autistic in some way or another. Which is why I am really glad my company still decided to hire me anyway. (Please dear God, don't let anyone from my office see this, please...)

And those were the 3 things that popped up. Physically and mentally; they come hand in hand.  Obviously though, there is a fix for everything and it probably just all starts with yourself. As long as you're working hard to get over them, I guess you're safe. But yes, this was just a part of what Nick Vujicic got us to do. I'm really not going to keep vomiting into this post but if you'll just give me a little bit of time then I'll come up with the next part. Probably in a week. Or so. Until then, how about YOU come up with your own top 3 things about yourself kind of list. 3 things that you can think about yourself and it doesn't matter if it's positive or negative. Just whatever that comes to mind without a lot of thought being put in. Good luck.

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