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An update after 2 days! This could be a sign of coming back to good thoughts but no promises, okay? Considering how you've all had to endure a verbal vomit 2 days back, I'll make it up with some awesome information for those of you who has a complete knack for lifestyle changing products. Somethings we all need, somethings we all somehow can't live without anymore. Something that goes click click and whirr at times.

Something as tiny as this.

If you've been throwing out calls that it's a mouse, then you're definitely on the right track. Logitech recently launched the Logitech Colour Collection M235, a wireless mouse that suits just about every single computer out there with a USB port. System wise, it runs on computers with Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X10.5 or later and even connects to Linux kernel 2.6 and higher. That's...probably just 99% of computers out there anyway. Here are some cool things to know about the mouse:


Sized at only 95 (L) x 55 (w) x 38.7 (H) mm, the M235 can easily be slipped into your laptop bag without a fuss. There are also no wires to bother about so it cannot at any rate ninja its way into tangles the way your earphones can so whenever you take it out of your bag, it's ready for use! Its USB receiver is so tiny, you literally will forget about it by the end of the day. And it's perfectly fine to just leave it stuck to your computer because there's an on and off switch on the M235 mouse so you don't waste your batteries. There's even a light indicator so you'll know when it's time for a battery switch with no surprise deaths. Trust me, the last thing you need is to realize your wireless mouse has gone out of battery while on a road trip. I have tried it and it is not fun.


Spotting the Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking system, the M235 runs on any surface at all be it cloth, parquet or (God forbid, the nightmare of all mouse surfaces!) tiles. Long gone are the days when you're hunting high and low for a mouse pad and end up with a random book as a substitute because of the precision clicking that the mouse features. This would have helped me so much if I had used this mouse back when my mum still ran the shop in Amcorp Mall. Imagine the days I suffered using a piece of paper as my mouse pad on the carpet!


The strong 2.4 GHz wireless connection on the M235 mouse definitely places this to the top of the range because then you could be using the mouse pretty far off, making it fairly useful if you're doing a presentation or anything of that sort which requires your computer to be far away from you. It's almost like using a wired mouse except without the fuss of messy wires going all around. No more slamming the mouse praying that it will go the distance, okay? Just keep calm and mouse away.


The ergonomic design with soft rubber grips and a smooth scroll wheel fits just about any hands; big or small. The last thing we ever want is to hold onto a mouse that's absurdly huge and you have a tough time going through websites because you can't scroll the wheel comfortably. The ergonomic design also lets your thumb comfortably sit by the side of the mouse without having you feel like your hand is hanging out of nowhere, which are great plus points for prolonged computer usage.

Three-years warranty

If there's anything more important than the shape of a mouse, it's the period of warranty it features. Logitech throws on a three year limited hardware warranty to every unit of M235 because they are that sure these little clicking devices will outlast any other out there. I remember falling in love with my first no-brand mouse because of the retractable wire but it obviously didn't last very long. My next was the Logitech M215 of which I am still using today so you should now know this warranty is probably just an added extra that isn't too necessary.

Beautiful models do not come with the mouse, sorry. M235 retails at RM 59 at most IT stores.

Oh and just in case you're not on a hunt for a mouse, Logitech has also rolled out a series of computer accessories such as the Logitech Multimedia Speaker System Z443 that brings nothing but crisp, clear sounds to your ears and the Wireless Combo MK240 that brings together a wireless keyboard and mouse for those who needs a little distance from their monitor. 

The Logitech Multimedia Speaker System Z443; music right to your ears.

The Logitech Wireless Combo MK240; a pop of colours, a dash of elegance and a whole lot of convenience.

And if those don't tickle your fancy, they've even put up the most amazing looking series of mouse collection too! I mean, how cool can you get with a mouse for your computer as is? Apparently to Logitech, you can get very cool with them. Scroll till the end, gaming enthusiasts. There's something right there for you!

Logitech Wireless Mouse M165; wireless simplicity for those who needs nothing but.

Logitech Wireless Mouse 545; build for Windows 8, made for perfect use.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse; fully customizable for the clicking kill to victory.

Phew, I literally died looking at all these mouse collections because I would have totally fainted picking out the right one for myself. Good luck making your choice!

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  1. So canggih one their mouse. Mine so basic maybe I need to get a new one :)

  2. You should show William this blog post then tell him, "Darling I think the mouse need to upgrade..." ;)


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