The Accident Numero Duo

By Elie - 3:42 AM

I should really cut this short but knowing most of my blog posts, they're long and wordy anyway so no promises. As the title suggests, yes I had gotten into another accident. It's nothing as bad as the first one about a month or so back and my bumper is falling off in a balanced state now so that's...sort of my consolation. Having to go through 2 accidents within such a short period of time makes me rethink about all the times everyone has to be on the road, keeping their eyes peeled for OTHERS who tend to endanger everyone else's lives with their dangerous driving and that's pretty scary to begin with. 

But here's the story of the accident numero duo. Given that it was raining heavily yesterday, I had totally expected slow traffic but never in my greatest mind would I have expected to get into a grid lock just about 5 minutes away from home. So I diverted to the smaller lane which would lead me to the main road just the same as the others did and behind me were obviously people who thought the same. And let me get this really straight: I am a scaredy cat. I am worried to death about people scratching the car or denting it or just having the slightest contact to it because I am too broke to fix anything. That said, it just means I put 1827487235 percent into making sure I don't get into accidents.

And then it happened. Now, because I was in the smaller lane trying to get to the main road, it would mean I had to pay attention not only to the traffic in front but to the ones that were coming from the right as well. At that point of time, I noticed a huge puddle of water in front of me (Mind that it was already raining for a pretty long time anyway and my area is prone to floods all the time) and a stalled car in the middle of that puddle. I guess the karma side totally bites because I snickered at that car thinking about how stupid the driver was, thinking he or she could go past that puddle. Then just as I was mentally prepared to release the brakes and step on the accelerator...a car hit me from the back.


Taking pictures of the car in the rain because who cares, right?

That's my really failed attempt at the sound it made. My first instinct? To honk as loud as the car possibly could go. I should really stress that the honk on my car isn't of any regular MyVi's. We stopped to the side and this decent looking young guy comes over from his Proton to apologize profusely. Impressive way to start, dude. I guess I was more calm this time as compared to the last because I didn't burst into tears immediately but I picked up the phone and called dad up. "AGAIN AH? MOTORCYCLE AH?" were my dad's first words. When I said, "No daddy it's a car..." he calmed down and just told me to check out the car, we'll send it to fix and have the guy compensate. It was also comforting to know that the guy wasn't one of those notorious Chinese "lala" types and he admitted to his fault of only looking to the right but completely ignored me in front. 


I tried pushing it back in but clearly something isn't right anymore and it doesn't fit.

The reverse sensor and "thing" next to it has also come off loose.

But now the car has official injuries on the left and right side from 2 accidents in a span of 2 months. Moral of the story? If it's raining out there, we should all call the day off and stay home to sleep. Or risk dying of a heart attack from all these drivers who think giving you scares is fun. *Cues the no meme*

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