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By Elie - 7:20 AM

Okay before anyone assumes I have died, let me just set the record straight to say I have just gotten better from a ninja high fever that came out of nowhere and a whole lot of other viruses that somehow has had their share of fun over an entire week. Seriously, I have been sleeping and drinking more water than I could ever imagine just so I can get better. Right now I am decently recovering and praying for the glorious taste of tomyum because I absolutely miss tomyum.

But today's blog post isn't about tomyum; obviously. It's about this silly dream I had last night that I absolutely HAVE to talk about. Not because I am special but because I tend to remember only special dreams. So about this silly dream of mine, it starts like this. My mum and I were travelling on a bus to some unknown land and like our Singapore trip, I was sleeping pretty soundly and so was she. Quite interesting how comforting it could be to sleep on road trips.

Suddenly the bus just halts out of nowhere and tells everyone to get off; somehow with just me on board and still asleep. Quickly though, I jolt awake and notice that our bags are still on the bus with me but my mum was already off the bus. MUMMY, WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ME?! It's funny though because everyone looked like they were stranded in the middle of nowhere on the highways and my mum was running after the bus. I could clearly see all this unfolding and I don't think I have ever seen my mum run but never underestimate a woman when it comes to her child I suppose.

I did my part after that too because I began to shout at the bus driver to stop. It didn't matter where the bus driver were to throw us off, I just didn't want to be there with him. I wanted my mum, for God's sake! Luckily for me, the bus driver wasn't psychotic and he stop to let my mum catch up so we would be together. It turned out that he really didn't want to have to tell everyone to get off but the bus company suddenly had orders for him to abandon everyone so he did it...all except for me who didn't know and was still sleeping. 

All this never made sense because then we ended up in a scuffle with the bus driver, telling him that he couldn't do this to everyone. He couldn't just abandon us because it is wrong! He goes on about how it wasn't his fault but the fault of the bus company and I ended up quarelling about how they would have to compensate to bring us somewhere safer instead of the middle of an unknown highway but he insisted it was just orders he received and knew nothing else. I mean, talk about irresponsible as a bus driver! 

And then I woke up. There was no tie up to my dream, no ending to the argument and nothing at all. My morning alarm did up the rest and I had to prepare to go to work. I am kind of hoping for an end though but that's just about how much I would like to have in connection to being abandoned in the middle of a highway. At least mum was with me, I guess. What a consolation. And we didn't lose any of our belongings because I dragged them all with me when I got off the bus. As far as dreams go, this one has been pretty vivid but I didn't take the time to look up the dream dictionary for what it all means. Maybe this will be a weekend thing for me. To look up my silly dreams. 

So yes, today's blog post is not only absolutely pointless but is also fairly silly. I just really wanted to remember what I have to search up over the weekends. I'll have everyone updated, I swear. Until the weekends, keep dreaming everyone! 

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