Whittakers Chocolates Has Landed!

By Elie - 8:27 AM

You're probably staring at my title thinking, "What is this Shneep even talking about? What's this Whittakers that has gotten her all excited?" and in return I'd just like to ask, "Which planet do you come from?"

Hailing from New Zealand, home of the good moo moos, Whittakers Chocolates has been voted as the "Most Trusted Brand" in their home country for the past two years. So what happens when a country with good moo moos expands their wings and brings their range of chocolates to Malaysia? You rejoice of course! With flavours such as peanut butter chocolate, macadamia nut chocolate and dark peppermint fondant-filled chocolates (my personal favourite!) all coming in, what's not to love?

Chocolates, chocolates everywhere!

It's also really good to know that all their chocolates are certified Halal by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand so all my Muslim friends can devour without worries especially given the recent scare in the industry.

So a little background on these amazingly tasty chocolates: Whittakers Chocolates was established in the year 1984 when James Henry Whittaker delivered them from door-to-door with his horse and a van. This family-run 120 year old company has never failed in quality chocolates and is now well handled by James' grandchildren, Andrew and Brian at the helm while the fourth generation of the Whittakers household sees siblings Holly and Matt Whittaker in the company too! You definitely won't go wrong with family run companies because they're all about good taste, okay?

From left: Matt Whittaker, fourth generation of the Whittaker household and Head of International Markets, Aida Pine, His Excellency David Pine; New Zealand High Commisioner and Rizvo, Managing Partner of Emerge Partners Ltd.

Speaking at the launch in Malaysia on the 17th of June, Matt Whittaker assures that all of their chocolates are made from top quality ingredients and are proud to be the latest New Zealand exporter to enter the Malaysian market. My word to Mr.Whittaker? If you're proud then we're happy!

The Whittakers Chocolates that comes in slabs, bars, blocks and assortments will be available in major retail outlets such as AEON Big, Tesco and the Dairy Farm group so we Malaysians can all get fat enjoy the 27 unique products that Whittakers Chocolates offer. Talk about easy access to tasty treats!

My bundle of joys!

In fact, their best sellers include the 72% Dark Ghana and Creamy Milk Chocolates! Hmmm yes, you must excuse me now because I'm off to enjoy my Whittakers chocolates. Until I finish licking them off my fingers, ciao!

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