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By Elie - 5:30 AM

The long weekend has arrived and you know what's the best thing to do with that? Indulge. To immerse yourself in fun, food and do nothing for the rest of your hours. Sound good to you? Sounds amazing to me! Can I put everyone to their imaginations now?

And just INDULGE.

Imagine just laying on a reclining chair with your feet propped up, a warm blanket shielding you from the cold and having food served in a little Bento box while catching the latest movie on the wide screens. Before you're thinking I have gone completely nuts, let me just say it is possible. Set in 1 Utama's TGV Cinemas, INDULGE is the latest unique cinema concept that stands apart from regular cinemas.

A private ticketing counter.

A hall that fits just between 32 to 40 people.

Comfortable reclining seats that seats 2.

And your personal call-waiter service!

That's right, INDULGE features its own ticketing counter; away from the ones where you have to line up with people who have no concept of personal space as well as an exclusive hall that accommodates only 32 to 40 people at a time so you hear less people coughing through a good movie. You can even recline your seats so you get to sit like a boss (literally) and call for "waiters" to give you food and drinks! Talk about having a grand movie time, right?

But seriously, what's a good movie without good food? Luckily for me, Tania was invited for sneak peek experience to INDULGE's food and cinematic experience and she decided it would be fun to take the lot of us over too. *Coughs* The lot of us being Senri and Isabel as well, just in case you think a huge bunch of us trampled over to TGV Cinemas.

The lounge area of INDULGE.

And a dining area, if you may.

While I arrived late for the experience, (Curse the after-work traffic, it took me an hour to get to 1 Utama from my office when it usually just takes 5 minutes!) I was still lushly invited by the friendly staffs of INDULGE into the warm and jazzy area for a food adventure that didn't feel like any other.

Grape soda for the night. Not overly sweet and fairly tangy to boot.

Smoked duck salad.

Pumpkin salad.

If you've known me enough, you would know I am a no-vege person. I despise vegetables down to the very core unless they're of certain picks such as brocolli or Hong Kong "kailan". That said, the smoked duck salad served with mesclun greens, capsicums and skewed with kiwi and balsamic dressing was pretty good. The smoked duck slices were really good at least. The pumpkin salad with honey roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and capsicums with balsamic dressing were also delicious, something that took me aback considering how thick I thought the pumpkin would have been. The balsamic vinegar did give it a light twist to the dish, making it less boring.

Stuffed potato skin.

Our entree included stuffed potato skins with turkey bacon and mozzarella, a change from usual potato dishes I've had. Here we see at least one and a half potatoes and I love potatoes so this is a great plus for me. It wasn't overly salty and you could just eat it without anything else. Perfect for movie time if you ask me. Unfortunately, I was so immersed with eating that I totally forgot to take pictures of the delicious lamb koftas; lamb patties served with green salad. I can however tell you that it was a tad bit salty but it didn't give out a gamey smell so it was pleasant enough to have.

Grilled lamb rack.

Here's our first main course, the grilled lamb rack with seasonal vegetables and rosemary sauce. I'm not a huge fan of lamb mainly because I don't like the gamey smell and unfortunately for me the lamb that night did have the gamey smell but apparently for Tania, Isabel and Senri it didn't. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to the scent but it didn't pique my interest as much.

Grilled salmon.

This came with seasonal vegetables and lemon butter sauce as well as mashed potatoes to die for. I loved the lemon butter sauce that was thick enough to take away the fishy smell of salmon (If there was any at that moment) and still had a sour twist towards the end of the bite. The salmon wasn't overcooked, a sign that the someone in the kitchen definitely knows what he or she is doing with this fish! And kudos also to the one who made the mashed potatoes because the only other person whose mashed potatoes I have ever complimented is Chef's and that's saying a lot! I have a spoiled palate, I'm sorry.

Cajun chicken.

If you're hungry and you're at INDULGE, get the cajun chicken dish. Served with potato wedges, the grilled boneless chicken thigh with cajun seasoning is a sure fire winner of the night. It was flavorful and the scent that it brought as it danced in your mouth is something that isn't something you'll find in regular eateries. I liked it a lot and this cajun chicken indeed put everyone to a higher level of cinematic foods.

Nutty tortilla banana.

Panna cotta.

Desserts! My favourite time of any meal. Seriously, I think that desserts should be served twice in every meal; once before meal and once after meal. If you'll put it in the middle of the meal, I'd have it too! The nutty tortilla banana was filled with peanut butter, cornflakes and freshly sliced banana and that's saying something about someone putting in everything good into one. Peanut butter and sliced banana? Hello, that already sounds delicious doesn't it? Now about that panna cotta, I would love another right here, right now. The Italian cooked cream topped with raspberries and the tangy sauce was equally thick and appetizing at a good scale. 

Good food for a good night with great company? That's indulgence at INDULGE at its finest.

What's coming soon? Good movies, that's what!

We were also invited to experience the INDULGE cinemas and were pleased with everything we were treated with. Call it passionate everyday thoughts but it isn't everyday when you get treated like queens and have personalized staffs of TGV come and tend to your every need with a tap of the button. Oh, and you know what made my night extra good?

A lucky draw with name cards!

And tickets for the

I am not exactly the luckiest person around but that very night, I snagged home 4 of these "Air Force One" tickets that entitles me free passes to any movie in any TGV cinema. I've promised to take Tania, Senri and Isabel because we did go for the sneak peek together and cause I personally enjoy their company especially after long days at work. Some friends are unexpectedly close with you, right? Imagine just 20 minutes before the lucky draw, I was telling them to pick out the ONLY purple name card in the bowl. *Grins*

Now if you're thinking of a good movie time, tickets are on sale at only RM 45 per seat (meals not included) and you can get them on or at via the TGV Cinemas' Movie Buddy app on the Apple store and Good Play Store. Or you could just go grab your tickets from the exclusive ticketing counter where you don't have to rub shoulders with people who don't know the meaning of personal space. Seriously, people. Stop coming so close. Personal space.

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