Japanese Street Food Promotion with Sushi King

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Hello peeps! As you can see, I'm trying hard to practice my Japanese as much as I can and the above says HELLO EVERYONE, WOULD YOU LIKE TO EAT? Back to back food posts, hooray! 

 Sushi King, Sunway Pyramid. Thanks for the picture, Isabel!

 Street Food is THE thing now in Japan!

You know how we have our "pasar malam" all year round with street food galores just waiting for us to devour? It's the time of the year for the Japanese right now because it's summer and they have street foods being sold openly everywhere! To celebrate the spirit of Summer in Malaysia too, Sushi King has introduced the Japanese Street Food Promotion from the 1st of July till the 31st of August 2014. Luckily for me, Tania decided it would be nice to have us (Senri, Isabel and I) join her for a "makan" session at Sushi King, Sunway Pyramid just to try the menu out! Hello, nobody rejects Japanese street food!

Pumpkin tempura @ RM 5 a plate

 Spicy edamame @ RM 4 a plate

While it first made its appearance in May, the pumpkin tempura has become something that everyone enjoys so it's going to stay for a little bit more. Imagine, slices of battered pumpkin that's deep fried before they're put to your table top. We all loved how it tasted actually; slightly sweet with that crispy bite that wasn't overly oily. In fact it was so good, we shamelessly asked for seconds! The spicy edamame with chilli flakes and bits of dried shrimp was a different twist from regularly plain edamame because of the spicy kick it brought. I think this would suit the Malaysian palate well actually because it gave me that bit of local feel as I scurried through the skin for the peas inside.

Spicy Salmon Nigiri @ RM 5 a plate

 Unagi Nigiri @ RM 5 a plate

Much like the spicy edamame, the spicy salmon nigiri featured a dollop of chilli flakes on top of fresh salmon slices. I would take this over regular salmon actually because I liked how the chilli flakes masked away the fishy smell that salmons sometimes brings. Yes, I am really picky when it comes to these smells and the spicy salmon nigiri really hit the spot of a balance between being spicy and tastefully fresh. And great news if you're a fan of unagi nigiri because it's now on offer for RM 5 instead of RM 6! The delicious sliced eel nigiri is really delicious with wasabi and shoyu so don't miss out okay?

Kushiage Moriawase @ RM 11.90 a serving

Served with okonomi sauce for dipping

Takoyaki Tempura @ RM 6.90

I am generally someone who loves tempura foods be it seafood, meat or vegetables so the kushiage moriawase that features 5 types of Japanese skewers truly hit a good note. The mix included skewered prawn, scallop, chicken nugget, mushrooms and long beans and the okonomi sauce that's traditionally used on okononomiyaki (Japanese pancake) was really good rather than just normal tasting tempura dips. As for the takoyaki tempura, it's definitely different from grilled takoyoki that you get from the stall in front of AEON usually but instead this one gave a delicate crunch from the tempura batter that was used to coat the octopus ball. Two thumbs up for good changes, Sushi King!

Chicken Tonpei Yaki @ RM 9.90

I must, must, MUST rave about this! Rather famous for its features of shredded cabbage and crunchy fritters wrapped with a thin piece of egg roll topped with okonomi sauce and Japanese mayo, the Chicken Tonpei Yaki is seriously just THE item to order while its on the menu! I loved how excellently grilled the chicken was and the entire mix was just amazing! For those who prefers beef, they also do a beef tonpei yaki at the same price! Can I please eat this everyday? Pretty please?

Kushiage Bento @ RM 16.90 a serving

Chicken yaki udon @ 13.90 a serving

If you're someone who looks for something a little extra every time you walk into an eatery, you should really consider the kushiage bento that consists of salmon steak, skewered prawns, scallops, chicken nuggets, mushrooms and long beans with an okonomi dip! If you're a small eater like myself, consider sharing for a good value, it's not too bad! If you're not too big on rice however, don't fret. There's always the chicken yaki udon for you to have! The chicken yaki udon with deep fried chicken nuggets on Japanese wheat noodles fried with okonomi sauce and mixed vegetables is a good pick if you're looking for a good bite for the day (or night!).

Ramune @ RM 6.90 a serving

How to pop open your Ramune 101 by Tania

Thirsty after all that food? There's always Ramune to save the day! It tastes of a lemony concoction but this popular carbonated drink is only available during this period so be sure you're there to get all the Ramune you can while it lasts! In fact, opening up the Ramune is half the fun already! 

Chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream @ RM 5.90 a serving

Featuring chopsticks from Senri as well as fingers from Tania and Isabel, the chocolate brownies were a side order that I thought would end my meal perfectly. I thought it lacked a little bit of a crispy bite to brownies but was otherwise really yummy because of how warm it was with a dollop of cold ice cream. 

Sushi King even has set meals or better known as #SharingMoments for groups of 2 or 4 that comes with food and drinks that will definitely make you enter hungry and leave happy! Plus if you spend more than RM 80 in a single receipt, you'll get a Matsure mini hand fan for free!

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