The Fault In Our Stars

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Okay, no food this time around I promise! I just really wanted to talk about the book and movie that has been a rave all over the that has taken almost the entire generation of youngsters like a cancerous spread (pun intended). If you haven't read the book or seen the movie however, you may want to steer clear from this post otherwise you'll end up like Isabel here. That post too, has spoilers.

Is that okay with you? Because it's okay with me.
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To be honest, I wasn't too big into the storyline because it sounded like another one of those cliche love stories with people dying but not really because somehow they miraculously live...or something close to that. But when everyone started raving about it, I decided to give it a shot and aimed for the stars with an e-book download to the iPad. For the record, I love books and the scent of it but I wasn't entirely sure about this one and having to buy it even when I have seconds thoughts over it made me uncomfortable.

No seriously. Is that okay?

My verdict of the book? Well I don't know about you but I cried buckets reading it. I've always had connections to books in such a way of putting myself so much into the story that I actually "live" the tale for a while as I run through the entire thing. Now considering I have already read the book, I made it a point to make The Fault In Our Stars a MUST WATCH on my personal list. Trust me, the wave of fandom was real.

Because the image of two people lying on the grass with their eyes closed in opposite directions is a totally new idea.
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While the book was all about feelings and tears, I had to remind myself not to put too much hopes on a movie adaptation as it always lacked that bit of something whenever a book is made into a movie. Cue "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult starring Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. I cannot stress how horrific that became; from the beginning till the end. However, I was also reminded over an entire bunch of reviews to bring tissues into the hall because apparently it still had that effect on everyone.

It is socially acceptable to be sitting on a couple seat with your best friend, okay? Okay.

To make things easier for you to understand, here's a rundown of the entire movie. What I liked about it? They followed 80% of the book. Which is quite rare in the case of movie adaptations. Even conversations and such. Like I've said, most movie adaptations suck (Harry Potter NOT included in this equation, it's awesome on print and on screen!) and that isn't a surprise because you can't somehow fit 900 pages of amazing storytelling into a 90 minute or more film without putting your patrons to sleep. Which is why you then cut off tons of the good parts and leave them with nothing.

The Fault In Our Stars did exactly the opposite however, retaining 80% of what was in the book to be included in the movie itself. This included cliche lines and lame jokes that were unexpectedly funnier on screen, making the movie a lot more enjoyable than I previously thought it would be. And the crying parts were real too so if you are considering going for the movie, I suggest tissues or water-absorbent clothes. My ex-boyfriend had tons of those from Brands Outlet if you're wondering where you could get some.

I thought this was the best scene in the movie.
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Of course, no movie is without fault, so what I didn't like about it? I found it a tad bit too draggy. But that's what you get when you want to follow as close to the book as possible. Being in the cinema for 2 hours watching cancerous teenagers isn't exactly the happiest thing to do especially in your free time so you may want to reconsider your choices if buying tickets for the next screening is on the top of your to-do list right now. However if burning time doesn't sound like a bad idea to you, please do get yourself good seats and be prepared for a trip to "feels-land".

I have one question and one question did she feel wearing the breathing tube all day long?
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Excuse my blonde moment but I truly wish to know, how disturbing can the breathing tube be on a long run? Watching Shailene Woodley throughout the movie made me feel fairly uncomfortable and distracted because of the breathing tube that ran across her face. The only thing good about the tube? It made her act believable. It made me feel horrible for her, as though she truly was Hazel Grace Lancaster and she truly had cancer. And that just ran for 2 hours straight. At some point I just couldn't take it as much anymore and tried to fixate myself to other the rude girl who sat at the seat beside me who put her leg UP on the empty chair in the row in front of us. You're in a cinema, not your own home. Watch it.

Onwards to the cancerous "smoker"
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Hottie watchers alert because after 2 hours of watching how Ansel Elgort strutted his way through as Augustus Waters, you'll be drooling not just over his puppy eyes or dark brown hair but also at his adorable...teeth. Yes, I had a thing for the smile he had and the grins he held so don't judge me when I say his teeth played a factor when it came to me watching as he went through the story. Plus he gave out good vibes of naughty stares and sneaky lines (Total praises for the scriptwriter!), making the character a little more lively than dead.

Overall I guess the book and the movie is still a little on the overrated side of the Internet but you know how things run on the World Wide Web, don't you? It was good, I would give it that; but not as good as to have its quotes plastered all over and its pictures just going crazily viral. Not okay. I would say it's a 10 over 20 on a personal scale of enjoyment for both the book and movie as a whole now that I've watched it. You don't HAVE to absolutely read the book to know about the movie but it's a plus. Have fun and always be okay. I mean, how else would you enjoy life and not give it the power to kill you even when it can? 

I shouldn't be allowed to live with all these references.

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