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By Elie - 3:00 AM

Hello, peeps! The weekends have come again! *Flails arms excitedly* Days seem to fly by nowadays and it felt like just last Saturday when I woke up at 7 AM to meet Tania, Senri and Isabel at 8 AM for a breakfast session at the Three Little Birds Coffee in the eco-like building called D7 in Sentul. But WAS last week that we did that. It does sound like we went a little crazy but sometimes crazily intelligent plans eventually turns out fine okay?

Three Little Birds Coffee, another project from the folks of Artisan Roast and Awesome Canteen.

The drive from Senri's home to Sentul took us little over 20 minutes but that was because we got a little lost trying to hunt down D7 and its parking so my suggestion is that you look up for Three Little Birds Coffee on Waze but keep your eyes peeled for D7 when you arrive Sentul. The parking in the area is also a little on the unsafe side with little lights and absolutely no guards so be sure you're either prepared with pepper spray or friends as your bodyguards.

Widely spacious on the inside.

It wasn't so much a task to spot Three Little Birds Coffee however because they seemed to be the only shop at D7 to be open at 8:30 AM. Inside, the cafe is spacious and well lit with a long table set in the center, possibly for big crowds or kind souls who care to share.
 Bars and stools if that's your forte.
Each table seats 4...or more if you don't mind cramming.

People who opt for a little more private space for secret gossips and personal chats could also take up these seats set by the wall of Three Little Birds Coffee right as they enter the cafe itself. Bear in mind though that there are only so many of these scandalous spots. If you're with a tiny group of girlfriends who needs good sunlight for selfies, there's also those window spots for good natural lighting.

Where the magic all begins.

Stools are also set for those who prefer to stare as the staff prepares coffee, cakes and everything charming right in front of their eyes so if you're one of those people, go ahead and grab a seat. But seriously, the barista isn't going to spit in your coffee so don't just stare as though they've done something wrong. Orders are also taken at this bar with a blackboard drink menu and little stands on their food fare.

Cakes on display. 

The selection of cakes on a Saturday morning appears to be a little empty but I trust there should be more on other days or it's just that we were overly early.

The wet cement floor.

Buttons for access.

A huge rave about Three Little Birds Coffee was the apparent "wet cement floor" look that the ground had but the lot of us felt like it was nothing to really look at. I mean, you see floors like these at any old style houses and the only thing special about this one is probably the fact that it's shinier than the ones from old homes. The glass doors don't open and close by themselves with sensors and instead activates only with the press of the button, possibly to avoid having the door open and the air-conditioning run out whenever someone simply passes by.

Outdoor seating in its own flair.

An inside joke but this was taken with my phone on the table and through the gap of the wooden tables so I thought I'd just have it here anyway.

For those who don't quite mind some heat in exchange for an amazing environment could snag seats outside and because we were really early, we actually got them with nobody else to fight with. I cannot stress anymore how early we were. But really, the environment of D7 is undeniably pretty albeit its dodgy parking and sneaky entrance.

Dark chocolate mocha and dulcey mocha.

Breakfast at 8.30 AM on a Saturday? I'm game.

With reviews stating that the mocha at Three Little Birds Coffee being "divine", it seemed like a must-order. Was I disappointed? Yes. To be honest, it wasn't that bad but it wasn't on the level of being "divine" and I felt like I had just been conned into ordering it. The dark chocolate in the mocha gave it that hint of a bitter taste while the dulcey mocha (Of which I presume is normal chocolate) that Isabel ordered was just sweet and a little flat. I could taste neither chocolate nor coffee in it so if you absolutely have to have mocha, I would suggest you pick the dark chocolate variant.

The egg mayo croissant wasn't that shabby in the end but I felt like they were a little skimpy on how much of egg mayo was in it. Again, it felt like advertising had gone wrong because the egg mayo croissant in their Instagram photos made it seem like eggs and mayonnaise were free and they would just slap on everything into the fluffy croissant for you. At RM 13 a piece, it's a hefty price to pay.

Red latte or otherwise known as overpriced Teh Tarik.

Smoked salmon croissant.

Tania picked out the red latte; a mix of red tea and milk instead of coffee and milk like regular lattes and the taste was purely odd. We dubbed it the overpriced "teh tarik" that lacked almost everything it needed to taste good. I couldn't put my mind into what to make of it as I tasted it and it's probably the last time I would ever try anything that's called a red latte even if I am to visit other cafes. It just isn't my cup of pun intended.

Isabel also picked out the smoked salmon croissant although she said she absolutely would not settle for croissants during breakfast but it seemed like the only thing Three Little Birds Coffee was offering at that time. It was only when we left that we found out they had pastas but her order really wasn't that bad. The smoked salmon had a good twist to it and the mayonnaise for some odd reason tasted even better than it did when mixed with my egg mayo croissant.

Cheesy cheesecake.

Affogato and...pao.

You cannot look anymore ugly when having affogato!

Senri had the weird order of affogato and "pao" that appeared to have a weird kind of filling inside. Some thinks it's Nutella while others are rumouring for it to be coffee sauce with a chocolate mix so we're just calling it the pao with chocolate. The affogato tasted of coconut with coffee and I didn't quite like it, maybe because coconuts and I aren't exactly the best of friends. I like the water from it but not the "santan" or whatever else. We also interpreted that holding up the affogato to enjoy makes it look like you're having "tau foo fah" by the roadside and I obliged in modelling for it. Results as above.

The cheesy cheesecake is as its name suggests actually, it's very cheesy but the blend of dark chocolate and digestives crust is really good; with a contrast of bitterness from the dark chocolate and sweetness from the cheese and digestives. Something to consider if you're looking to satisfy some cheesecake cravings.

Chocolate bites feature grasshopper on the left and kaffa on the right.

Seen here with ladybug and caramel respectively.

They truly tried hard in playing with the names of these chocolate bites with the likes of "grasshopper" and "ladybug" in what I believe is an attempt to blend in with the environment of D7's serene and green look. But here's what they really are. The grasshopper piece is actually mint with chocolate that is a must-have if you're visiting Three Little Birds Coffee while the kaffa piece is a mix of orange with chocolate, a common pairing in taste. Ladybug features raspberry flavours that is a little on the sweet side while the stiffer and stickier caramel had a touch of coconut in the blend, making it my least favourite of the four.

A cliche picture of friendly feet.

A common scene of eating with bloggers.

In the end, the breakfast was fairly enjoyable and while it had its hits and misses, the company I picked eventually took the cake in being worth it. Including waking up at 7 AM on a Saturday when I could have well been in bed until 11 AM.

Plus, bloggers take good modelling shots.

Even if the "behind-the-scenes" shot is less glamourous.

With the jokes and memories we've made, it's not that hard to name the ones I know will have my back as I fall or burn out. That's what friends are for right? Even if they're a little on the crazy side.

And the OOTD for that crazy morning.

Excuse my moment of vanity, I particularly liked how I could make my brother's preloved plaid shirt into mine that day; even putting it to style in 2 ways. You could go crazy with your "boyfriend shirt" fashion now. You're most welcome.

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  1. Replies
    1. Make sure you get the little chocolate bites okay? The grasshopper and ladybug is quite good! :)

  2. Hi,

    I'm a regular there, and I can see you put your time to write this up based on your experience -- it's authentic.

    > They truly tried hard in playing with the names of these chocolate bites with
    > the likes of "grasshopper" and "ladybug" in what I believe is an attempt to
    > blend in with the environment of D7's serene and green look."

    Just so you know, grasshopper existed long time ago back in the ArtisanRoast's days. Tried hard to blend? Nope. :)

    > The dark chocolate in the mocha gave it that hint of a bitter taste while the dulcey mocha (Of which I presume is normal chocolate)

    It is important to #AskTheBarista:

    Three Little Birds uses Valrhona chocolates:; And dulcey mocha is sweeter.

    One last thing about them, if you feel that cup is flat or the taste isn't suiting your need, #AskTheBarista too. They will explain or pull a better shot for you.

    1. *: Btw, it's not a bad review. :)

    2. Hi there Yuen-Chi!

      Oh, I had no idea the likes of these chocolate bites were around even from the Artisan Roast days! Maybe it's time I did a few more cafe hops to find out!

      Thanks for the tips on the #AskTheBarista hashtag. I never knew something like this existed and I think it's quite a smart move in getting more insights to their customers' questions or opinions. Appreciate your kind share! :)

      I do try to put things into multiple perspectives when it comes to food but rest assured, taste comes in an individualistic palate and I understand when everyone has a different thought to what comes in touch with their tongues. I hope people do give Three Little Birds a try even by the end of this review...maybe they will find a little something I've missed out.

  3. You gotta bring me to these kind of coffee/cakes places someday! Your life is all about food! :D I like.


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