Fresh Starts

By Elie - 5:00 AM

If you're not one for looking at my face repetitively, I suggest you skip on this post because there's nothing but me in it. It's a post plastered with vanity, shamelessness and everything is just about me. Talk about being self-centered.


So if you're wondering why I called this post "Fresh Starts", it's because I took a haircut and something big in life happened about a week into this new 12-year old look kind of do. But a little more on that...soon. I've got something up my sleeves for that. Now if you didn't already know, I have a knack for yearly haircuts and I never fail to only go to one person. In fact I've talked about him before but just in case you didn't catch last year's vanity affair, here's a little reminder.

A collection from the past. Sort of.

Back in 2010, I decided to give my tomboy self a huge opportunity and went off with short, boy-like hair to get into National Service. Possibly the best 3 months I've had with my hair because it used minimal shampoo, needed almost no combing and dried off in less than 5 minutes of vigorous towel rubbing. I thought it was heaven. When I came out, my parents decided they much preferred a son and a daughter as opposed to 2 sons so I grew my hair out come year 2011 and 2012 only to find myself with a bob-like cut in 2013. 

Several friends asked if it was because of the break up with my ex-boyfriend but let me just say it is a ridiculous decision if you are to cut your hair because of a break up. No, I just cut my hair every year and it does not mean I switch boyfriends every year, thank you very much. Our relationship lasted through good and bad hair days and what not so please ladies, do not ever take a break up as an excuse for a haircut. It's stupid.

Pre-hair snip.

The time came again last week as my aunt decided she wanted to cut her hair (Yes, we make aunt-niece-mother-daughter dates for haircuts together) and guess who jumped in to get a snip too?


No surprises there because a year was nearly up with the previous cut being in September 2013 so this is just a month ahead. I probably didn't need it as much but if I am going to keep up on looking acceptable without being too much of a hobo, this was probably a good idea. As usual, Thomas worked his fantastic magic in turning me younger; in this case probably 10 years off my actual age.

Current favourite picture of myself.

Cue the self love because my mum took this picture when we went for coffee after the haircut and the surrounding seemed nice enough for a haircut. Fair enough a reason for a picture?

I promise I'll stop here.

Seriously, however Thomas does it is just freaking magical. It actually feels like he takes my horrific looking hair and sprinkles magic dust over it to make it look good. And then I have the honor of wrecking it for a year, giving him a headache when I return again. So, fresh starts anyone?

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