Movie Review: Transformers: The Age of Extinction

By Elie - 7:51 PM

It's been a while since my last movie review, mainly because I got a full time job and I stopped going for screenings with Nuffnang and Churp Churp so by the time I watch something, people would have already seen it and there isn't quite a point for reviews anymore. On this post however, I just thought to heck with is, I should really speak up for what I've just been through. And here goes.

Cool robots, running people and the normal cliche poster stuff.

Thing is, I have never seen any of the movies from the entire Transformers franchise, rendering myself as a totally clueless person who merely stepped into the cinema to expect something that will blow my mind. I mean, it's a really huge franchise now with tons of fans and little kids hoping to someday ride a Transformer or something. When it did come out however, about 70% of the people I know began to complain about it.

Product placements, fake explosions and overdone graphics that were ridiculous...all in a day's work for director Michael Bay. And trust me when I say this because I hardly pick movies based on directors so I have no idea who this Michael Bay person is. Call me shallow, I don't mind. Another handful said it was decently acceptable and it really wasn't as bad as people said it was. At this point, I had my moments of doubts on who to believe because there were more complains than good words being put in for this movie. "That's 3 hours of my life that I won't be getting back, thanks Michael Bay. It sucked." was one of the best reviews I've read but I've forgotten who shared it on my Facebook timeline. 

Optimus Prime on what they call a Grimlock? 
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And my take on the movie? Avoid it at all costs. Hours before my movie, Wai Kin warned me that it was going to be full of product placements and nothing but and I thought he was kidding but kidding he was not. Honestly, every single pan of the camera showed a product placement so bad, you just KNOW it's happening. Hello, Bud Light and Victoria's Secret anyone? It's truly one thing to show it with subtlety but this was just plain right-in-your-face advertising. And they're not even sorry.

Graphics wise, I would say it was decent but it didn't make sense. As Yen Wern pointed out at the end of the movie, (SPOILER, I'M SORRY!) how did the bots made of Transformium initially get back together after being hit by the autobots yet break upon being attacked by Optimus Prime and the Grimlock? Seriously. Oh and another thing I noticed is that for everything they touch, that item is sure to burst into flames, blown away and ruined to oblivion. At the slightest touch even. It would seem as though making things explode is a Michael Bay thing. Don't get me talking about the green screen parts that were really obvious, please.

That's right, run. RUN.

If you haven't already heard, Mark Wahlberg takes the spot in the limelight this time around instead of Shia LaBeouf making it a little different from the other Transformers franchises I suppose. Acting wise, Wahlberg doesn't get off too far from his other characters really. The Ted actor breaks into his over protective yet failed father figure rather comfortably actually, just enough to inject humour and seriousness into his act properly. And his biceps are scary huge by the way, rendering him to actually look good. Good going, Mark Wahlberg.

I need to know the brand of her eyeliners. SO LASTING.

Prior to this movie, I have never known Nicola Peltz so having to comment on her act here is difficult since I have nothing to compare it to. I mean, she's decent as a rebellious teen who goes against her father and dates someone behind his back anyway but on the other hand also looks too old to actually be a teenager. She definitely nailed the part of which she had to cry but was otherwise simply mediocre if not to say the least in playing the part as a lead actress. Oh and I really want to know the brand of the eyeliner she was using in the movie since it didn't quite smudge even as she sweated, cried and bled. Gosh, new advertisement idea!

Eye candy!

Oh I have to admit that I also had no idea the movie would feature an eye candy like Jack Reynor! I guess that was the bonus of me sitting through a 3 hour horror after all because he was really cute in the movie. While I did think he was a decent in the movie, it still felt like he lacked the certain charisma you would need to pull off as someone in an action packed (Michael Bay styled explosive stunts) movie. He did perform well in the scenes of which he was alone with Mark Wahlberg however, providing decent laughs at appropriate times in this horror film. Totally labelled it as such right now.

Now, to watch or not to watch? My word is that if you're a huge fan of Transformers and you don't want to ruin the image of the franchise in your mind, don't do it. It really isn't worth the RM 14 you would have to fork out to the cinema and sitting through 3 hours of mindless explosions that absolutely makes no sense. If you're still tapping for tickets to the movie, I wish you all the best and please remember to bring water and potato chips. You will need it.

Hiding from the movie, I suppose.

To end, I suppose I should be giving the benefit of the doubt to the movie but for someone who has not seen the other franchises to find it so horrible, I truly cannot imagine the feelings of those who are die hard fans. It probably clocks a 3/10 on my personal scale for movies just because of Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor plus a little of the effects but it's something I won't recommend unless your life depends on whether or not you watch it. Maybe this time the autobots should truly roll out...and never return. But oh don't you worry, Transformers. You have still not beaten Prisoners in being the worst movie I've ever seen. Now another story all together.

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  1. I give it full marks for explosions and negative 5 for story/plot/sense. XD
    Although to be fair, the only parts of the movie I actually liked were the ones with Stanley Tucci in it.

    1. Hahahaha I agree la full marks on explosions!

  2. awesome movie just watched! :)

    1. Oh, you enjoyed the movie Nick? :( Urgh, it was horrible for me and a whole lot of friends!


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