Fat Diaries: Acme Bar & Coffee, The Troika

By Elie - 3:26 PM

Calling all hungry people, it's time to get fat! This time around, it's a visit to Acme Bar & Coffee at The Troika, Jalan Binjai in KL. Granted that I have a deep hatred in driving to the city centre, I did it anyway today just because Sue Yin's came back for a holiday. Plus it's the first day of Ramadhan and traffic is usually less congested every year as the first and second days come along.

Acme Bar & Coffee or also known as ABC.

Sue Yin raved about their sizzling brownies with Oreo ice cream and chocolate sauce months back before she even got back, tagging me and her mother on cafe posts she had come across on random sites. Being the good sister from another mother that I am, (Coughs) I thought it would be fun to venture into the city centre with her today. 

A flowery greet by the waiting area.

With a lot of praying and the help of Waze, we finally got to ABC around 1 PM only to be greeted by a string of people lining up by the entrance and we thought about how we were in trouble. Luckily though, we got our seat in about 10 minutes even without a reservation but I believe it is much more recommended if you do get one. 

The bar area. I'm sorry it isn't brighter, my seat wasn't too well lit.

A different seating section where it is brighter.

Oh and also outdoor seating!

While we knew for sure that we wanted the brownies, we didn't know what else to go for and threw on random orders that sounded decent. It's funny because we were just set to eat brownies and nothing else but realized that we haven't even had our breakfast, much less to shoot for desserts.

Acme Bar & Coffee's Farmers Breakfast Hash @ RM 23

This was my call, a decent fair of potatoes, turkey ham, eggs and pepper with sweet onions. I had initially really expected hash browns as stated on the menu but when it came out, I was shocked to see it rosti-style. For someone who doesn't quite like peppers and onion, I thought the Farmers Breakfast Hash was really good. It didn't have the smell of peppers and onions that I hate although it was clearly there and the eggs were done decently with a mix of a runny yolk that weren't overly cooked. Oh and if you're wondering where's the promised turkey ham? Check out that dollop of fried crispy goodness because that's what it is! Deliciously deep fried in thin slices, Sue Yin literally cleaned it off my plate. Seriously it might as well had been the star of this dish instead of the potatoes!

Sue Yin's order: Rigatoni Puttanesca @ RM 29

Balancing between her liking for smoked duck and turkey breast, Sue Yin finally picked the Rigatoni Puttanesca, a pasta dish of tossed tomato coulis, olives, anchovies, capers, fresh oregano and smoked turkey breast. Our verdict is that it's a little disappointing because the rigatoni (It's the pasta type!) felt a little undercooked and chewy while the smoked turkey breast came in minuscule portions. It was literally a treasure hunt for Sue Yin to find the smoked turkey breast meat, okay? While it was pretty good to taste, I felt that the RM 29 price tag was a little steep for what we had to take in.

Star of the day: Sizzling Brownie with Oreo Ice-cream and Chocolate Sauce @ RM 19

We were hit with the scent of amazing brownies from the moment we sat down and we saw sizzles coming out from other tables, making us extra excited for dessert time. When it finally arrived at our table, I made sure the waitress gave me time to prepare and I took an InstaVideo. True to its name, the brownie was served on a hot plate and the chocolate sauce made its sizzles through as it was poured over the Oreo ice-cream and slice of strawberry to drench the brownie in chocolaty goodness. The brownie had just the right amount of nuts all over it and the slight burnt scent it had by the bottom of the plate was heavenly to eat. Take note however that you may want to shy away from this if you're not one for sweet things as it is SLIGHTLY on the sweet side of the food scale. Definitely a must order if you have a sweet tooth when you're at Acme Bar & Coffee. It's no wonder everyone is raving about it.

Light As Air Pavlova @ RM 15

Bearing comparisons to Alexis and the most disappointing pavlova at Delicious ever, this one definitely takes the...cream. It has a tinge of sourness with the passionfruit sauce over the slices of sweet strawberries and the light cream over the pavlova piece is really good. Trust me on this because I am one for everything desserts, okay? It does live up to its name on being light-as-air and isn't on the diabetic scale, making it a perfect balance if you order it with the sizzling brownies because then you get a lighter, more bland and cool balance to the hot brownies in all its sweet glory. 

I told her I was putting this on the blog. She thought I was joking. I wasn't.

I think that aside to having good food, having good company did account for everything. From trusting me (And Waze hahahaha!) to take her all the way to the city centre to listening to my rants of every day lives and telling me stories from UK, I truly enjoyed my Sunday with this donkey. Now to balance off with nicer looking photos...

Oh hello, people!

Thanks for being the sister I never had, Low Sue Yin.

Today's lunch set me off pretty far on the budget list but it was definitely worth it. I suppose food isn't fantastic at Acme Bar & Coffee but the brownies are a must have but to drive all the way through the traffic for brownies? I...might just do it again anyway. 

Acme Bar & Coffee
The Troika, Jalan Binjai
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Open Mondays to Thursdays from 11 AM - 12 AM
Open Fridays from 11 AM - 1 AM
Open Saturdays from 9.30 AM - 1 AM
Open Sundays from 9.30 AM - 12 AM
03 - 2162 2288

And one last ugly photo for the road...

Sue Yin is going to kill me.

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