Gone Away

By Elie - 6:53 AM

Hello people! Here's a filler post because I absolutely cannot deal with having to look at the word that says "Last updated 3 Nov" but at the same time, I haven't quite got the hours in my hands to work on the posts I have scheduled. For those of you who has avidly been stalking me on my Instagram, you would have known that I have just returned from a trip to Bohol, Philippines courtesy of AirAsia!

So yes, you may be expecting posts of Philippines coming around to conquer my blog for a little bit but that wouldn't come until I return from Penang for the Penang Bridge Run 2014. I'll be back soonest with better updates, I SWEAR UPON MY LIFE but until then...

Peace be upon those who wait!

I swear I'll be back soon enough.

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