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I am back! To kick start, I am extremely apologetic for having gone missing over the past 2 weeks but as you would have read in my previous post, I've been in Philippines for 4 days only to come back and prepare everything I could in order to go off to the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014. Indeed, the fatty in me ran 21kms and I have the medal to prove it.

That aside, I did promise everyone to speak about my Philippines trip, did I not? Well then let's start with how to get to Bohol from Kuala Lumpur. The route when spelled out actually runs as...


Of course then if you want to come back to Malaysia, it's the other way round. With 2 flights daily that operates between Kuala Lumpur and Manila, each AirAsia Zest flight takes about 3 and a half hours in order to arrive in either destinations and the airports involved are KLIA2 and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

A chart for easier understanding than me just talking typing.

The thing however is that you will have to put up the night in Manila before catching the next AirAsia Zest flight to Tagbilaran as they operate just 3 flights in and out from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to the Tagbilaran Airport.

Charting for Tagbilaran flights.

The journey will take you approximately an hour and 10 minutes but that's really just a child's play when you fill it up with interesting things to sleeping for a good adventure ahead. If you aren't one for sleeping in flights however, I would suggest the next best thing to do: Eat. It's true that we Malaysians love our food so getting inflight food is something that we should all gear up to, especially if you're getting food from the AirAsia Cafe.

Maan's Pasta Arrabiata.

Penne goodness.

On the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila, we had Maan's Pasta Arrabiata that had a lacking in saltiness but did not skimp when it comes to ingredients. This is said with the fragrant smell of herbs it has and the extremely noticeable olives that hides within the strands of penne drenched with tomato sauce. 

Also snacked on chocolate Pocky sticks and had a good gulp of Minute Maid Pulpy orange juice while reading Ai Yori Aoshi!

I figure that when you're on a 3 and a half hour flight, you do tend to eat a little more than you expect, right? For those who don't already know, AirAsia Cafe also serves up light snacks such as chocolate and strawberry Pocky sticks and juices to your choice. I totally should have also had the strawberry Pocky sticks!

Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak.

Absolutely as it looks in pictures.
To all who have given praise to Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak that is available on board all AirAsia flights, praise your tastebuds because this is truly one of the best nasi lemaks I have ever had. The chicken pieces are also all boneless pieces for people who are just as lazy as I am enjoys a good bite of their meat but can be a little cloying towards the end for its sweet taste. One thing also to note is that the egg may taste a little rubbery but it is otherwise absolutely delicious and served piping hot!

It is also a good idea to have cookies from the AirAsia Cafe! They're in chocolate chip variants and have a real chewy bite to them.

Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice.

Includes chilli sauce in a separate pack.

Our return flight from Tagbilaran packed us Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice with rice that was really aromatic and chicken slices that were tender to bite while the chilli sauce was not overbearingly spicy. It had a good tang too, winning a lot of points as an inflight serviced cafe. 

Bless you AirAsia for stocking up Earl Grey onboard.

Truth be told, the one thing I had craved for while in Philippines was the heavenly scent of Earl Grey so when the cabin crew told me they had it infused with green tea, I told her in an extremely excited tone to just give it to me anyway. I needed an Earl Grey fix and STAT!

For those who need an extra leg room or have more freedom to board, I would also recommend you to get yourself the Hot Seats that AirAsia offers because you're not only allowed to board first, it also means your seats (somehow) feels like it has more leg room than regular seats.

And if you are lucky, even your soft toy gets a seat!

Hot Seats are available as an add on when you book online or you can even get them when you're at the service counter before you board. They're easily recognizable from the red cover that's placed on the top of the seat so it distinguishes you from the...others.

There is no flight like a flight with my selfie taken on it!
Roped in a new friend to join my vanity flight.

I'm also going to commend on the pilots that operate our flights because on all 4 flights I had taken, (KUL - MNL then MNL - TAG and back) they all had a great land and weren't as bumpy as the ones I once experienced with flight M. Indeed if you're looking for a good way to fly into Manila and Bohol, AirAsia Zest is going to be your absolute pick because they also somehow have amazingly pretty cabin crews onboard and I am not even kidding! Happy booking at!

Disclaimer: This has been a trip graciously sponsored by AirAsia and the supporting parties on hotels, tour services and visitation fees in the Philippines. Much thanks shall be given to AirAsia MY and AirAsia PH as well as the F1 Hotel Manila, South Palms Resort Panglao, Angels' Wings Tours and Tourism Bohol for the gracious 4 days 3 night AirAsia Media Familiarization Trip. 

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