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By Elie - 3:30 AM

There's no vacation without a hotel and there are no hotels like the one I've stayed in Manila. Now as I've mentioned, you will have to stay the night as you fly in to Manila from Kuala Lumpur if you're making your way to Tagbilaran and the hotel we bunked in is called F1 Hotel Manila.

Oh hello, lion. Didn't see you there!

Located just a little out of the heart of Manila, the F1 Hotel Manila spots 243 guest rooms and is separated into 3 categories - Deluxe Rooms, City Suite and the Fort Suite to cater to different guests who finds different needs in their stays.

The exterior of F1 Hotel Manila. If you go further, you can see the words "F1" in its red glory.

There was an unmistakable buzz for the group on this amazing trip as we were visibly drained from the flight and traffic that we were unfortunately stuck in but nothing stopped us short from being excited at the fantastic sight of the lobby in F1 Hotel Manila.

Lobby space to lift areas.

Graciously lit and open wide space.

And the unmistakable sight of the pools in F1 Hotel Manila.

It would definitely be a lie if I were to mention how I didn't give the hotel a quick look through online but I had no idea where I would be placed for the night. However, the lobby itself was as promising as it seemed and I had an immediate sigh of relief on how it didn't matter even if they put me into their worst of rooms; it really wouldn't be that bad.

I was absolutely NOT disappointed.

And neither was Max, my beloved stuffed dog who came along on the trip.

A flat screen TV for entertainment seekers.
Fun fact that my roommate Kittie found out: They air Korean series dubbed in Tagalog.

Complimentary coffee and tea, anyone?

Just about enough fridge space.

Bath robes, room slippers, safe, weighing scale (LOL!), clothes hangers, ironing board and a fire extinguisher. What more can you ask for? Stuffed dog not included.

It was such a shock to step into our City Suite and there was nothing but a, "Wow" that escaped the mouth of Kittie and I for the evening. That and an absolute plop of our items on the 2 double beds definitely set us down and we were graciously just waiting for dinner time to arrive.

Work stations for the less-holiday people who find the need to work on the go.

One of the best double beds. Period. And that pillow, good God...that pillow!

Shower space.

A mirror greets you as you enter the washroom too.

And there's nothing that says you've arrived like settling your toiletries at the sink, right?

Having said that, I was just mildly disappointed to know that the water pressure for the shower wasn't as strong as I expected for it to be and hot water does take a little while to arrive. The room was otherwise fantastically big and WiFi is available throughout the entire room, including the toilet. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. *Coughs* 

Facilities such as hair dryers are also available for those who have the need (Like myself) and there is an iPod dock for the ones who needs music and charging of iPhones. Unfortunately it only comes with the bigger ports so if you're holding the new generation of iPhone, you're out of luck. Do remember to also bring a travel adapter if you're used to travelling with a three-pin plug as the power points in Philippines are are dual ported and smaller than our regular two-pin plugs.

The room, available from PHP 10,200 comfortably houses 2 houses and 2 children while 24 hour security gives you that extreme knowledge that you're staying somewhere with tight care. In fact when you walk in, you'll be expected to walk through a metal detector and have your handbags searched by the security personnel. This; I was told, is a norm in Philippines as it is a way in ensuring that no firearms are entering the building.

A park for casual runs and exercises.

Friends coming out for a casual rugby play.

Cycling, jumping jacks, name it and you can do it here.

A plain clothed policeman with the most adorable looking golden retriever guarding the corners of our hotel.

It's also good to note that the Bonifacio Global City where F1 Hotel Manila is located is an urbanized area and you could possibly spot quite a number of expatriates having their roots set in this area where night runs and exercises is a common practice. It gave me the same vibe that Hong Kong set for me and I was thoroughly shocked that this was Manila; a completely different area that I had in mind. Canines are also readily placed in nooks and spots around the area as Ah Bok noted and this just got us feeling even more safe than we already did.

The sun sets really early in the Philippines and the skies were already dark by 6 PM, setting us in the mood for a good night's sleep before our adventure began for Tagbilaran the next day. While I had initial plans to combine my hotel reviews, this has proven to be long enough to beat any old grandmother story so I shall keep that to the next.

Until then, please don't forget me.

I should just also say that they have a HUGE mirror next to the bed. Bliss for those who want to wake up and have a look at themselves I suppose. Cheerios!

32nd Street, Taguig,
1634 Metro Manila,
Bonifacio Global City

Disclaimer: This has been a trip graciously sponsored by AirAsia and the supporting parties on hotels, tour services and visitation fees in the Philippines. Much thanks shall be given to AirAsia MY and AirAsia PH as well as the F1 Hotel Manila, South Palms Resort Panglao, Angels' Wings Tours and Tourism Bohol for the gracious 4 days 3 night AirAsia Media Familiarization Trip. 

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  1. I'm sure Max enjoyed the trip in a new hotel....

    1. I think he did! Hahaha he vaguely smelled like hotels for a week when he came back... xD


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