An Update Because

By Elie - 3:37 PM

Days since my last post: 14

Surprise, surprise, people! I'm still well alive but I haven't quite dropped by for 2 weeks because...

Work happened.

Basically I've turned into a routine just as before where it's mostly work and weekend classes so there doesn't seem to be much in updates. I mean, I'm happy through my times with friends and family to boot but that's just about it! No little thoughts on daily life because I haven't been cafe hopping and neither are there times where I watch humans and their antics because...I haven't been cafe hopping.

I really think I should go cafe hopping again.

Anyway, I suppose the most interesting of things that has happened these two weeks is that it's Chinese New Year and I've been taking lots of pictures...of myself. So bear with my vanity as I post them around and until my next (Hopefully much more interesting!) update, stay happily healthy!

Chinese New Year, Day 1.

Chinese New Year, Day 3.

Who would have known that aside to my mum, my aunt makes a great outfit of the day photographer too?

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