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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! It's the day where love is all over and my social media feed is filled with nothing but best wishes and yummy food adventures between two. So here I am, fueling the need for all these feels with the introduction of Haagen-Dazs' new menu!

In no place better than The House of Haagen-Dazs

 Coming here at any time of the day? Yes!
I've always had a liking for ice cream, especially if it were from Haagen-Dazs. I remember when it would be a true treat for myself when we could splurge during the days I worked in a retail outlet with my best friend and now it just brings me so many memories to savour. Back then, everyone would call Haagen-Dazs a spot for just a sweet surprise but revisiting the store after such a long time seems to prove a very different vibe all together. So what indeed has Haagen-Dazs come to? Let's get down to the food.

For those who have no idea, I've always had a thing over salted caramel and better yet if it's paired off with latte. To date, the best one I've had was in a local indie coffee shop but I came across a clear contender last weekend and it was none other than...

The one from Haagen-Dazs
 Pictured is the Salted Caramel Latte (RM 22) and the Belgian Chocolate Mocha (RM 22)

 Nothing more satisfactory than to have mocha and a milk mustache, eh Isabel?

Made with a shot of espresso, hot milk and blended salted caramel ice cream, the latte proved itself to be smooth yet sweet and so fragrant, I had to tell myself to stop sipping. Topped with milk foam and almond nibs, Senri and I both agreed that it absolutely won in placings of all our salted caramel latte adventures. For a thought on Isabel's Belgian Chocolate Mocha, do look out at her space.

Unleashing heavens

Embracing heavens

 Indulging heavens

As a treat that I have always wanted to try, the Haagen-Dazs Fondue (RM 68) features 12 mini scoops of ice cream alongside seasonal fruits, cookies and almond nibs for everyone's sweet toothed needs. It comes with a choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate sauce, much of which is heated with the help of a tealight at the bottom to help keep it runny and perfect for dipping.

Hands allowed

You should really consider grabbing a few friends to share it out however, perhaps in 4s so you could double date and everyone could go ahead and set off to an ice cream heaven. Trust me, it will happen.

Banana Caramel Crepe (RM 31)

Our next try turned out to be the Banana Caramel Crepe, one of the regulars on the menu. What you can expect is a warm crepe that's thinly delicate, topped with bananas and a drizzle of caramel sauce for good measure. But of course, given that you're in the house of ice creams, it probably would never be complete without two grande scoops of the Caramel Biscuits & Cream ice cream (Hint: It is the best thing ever since mint chocolate chip ice cream!) and finished off with cream and almond nibs. My verdict? The ice cream makes everything so amazing, you cannot leave without ordering this.

The Eiffel Tower (RM 40)

If you're one for the city of love but can't get the real deal of Paris just yet, why not settle for The Eiffel Tower from Haagen-Dazs? Luxuriously created with a soft and moist brownie that's topped with the finest Belgian Chocolate and Cookies & Vanilla ice cream, The Eiffel Tower is just the epitome of how much you could love desserts. And it absolutely helps that it's so picturesque with the dark chocolate Eiffel Tower pieces, there's nothing but je' taime to say to this new addition to the Haagen-Dazs menu.

The Eiffel Tower: A Valentine's Special

Created especially for Valentine's Day, you could also opt for The Eiffel Tower with a twist of Raspberry Sorbets by the side that's delicately cut into heart shapes. I mean, how much more lovey could you get? Perhaps experimental, this seemed to have combined interesting palate experiences to most of us as it gave a tangy yet sweet clash through every bite in a good way. It was refreshing but I don't know how long they'll keep this on the menu so you better act fast to take your loved one to a trip to "Paris".

The three musketeers.
Pictured here is the Salted Caramel Crunch, the Mango & Vanilla & Cream Crunch, and the Chocolate Crunch. (RM 24.50 each) 

As this arrived our tables, most of us were in awe on how pretty it looked by the layer. Combining several ingredients into a tall glass, each of these crunches gave out an immensely interesting texture through the spoonfuls. I thought it was best enjoyed with a tall spoon as you could dig right through the bottom and scoop up everything as you go to eat. The result is a crunchy and sweet treat that is thoroughly enjoyable.

The Seventh Heaven (RM 61)

The folks at Haagen-Dazs clearly knew how to save the best for the last as they served us with The Seventh Heaven to end our sweet adventures for the day. The choice of naming was a no brainer, you simply had seven scoops of ice cream of your choice alongside fruit slices before getting drizzles of chocolate sauce all over it. What you least expect of it however was the way it would be served to wow everyone of their seats. And here, let me wow you for now with the video I took as it happened.

What is this perfection we see? Kudos to my mum, the temporarily lazy Susan.

Topped with a round bowl in the middle to contain dry ice, the server simply pours water into it to create a misty effect that spills through and onto the plate of ice cream, hence the name The Seventh Heaven. You would indeed feel as though you were in heaven and there's no doubt about it when you sink your teeth into each of the ice cream scoops you've picked beforehand. Ideal for sharing, The Seventh Heaven is one of Haagen-Dazs' best sellers and I could see why for sure.

The lot of bloggers that morning. Plus mum.

I guess by the end of the day, the only thing that seemed to be missing was that I couldn't treat the men of the Lam clan to these goodies as I could only pick one for the morning of trying out everything nice and it obviously had to be mum. Perhaps it would make perfection for me to bring Chef and my dad someday to experiment on the other new additions on the Haagen-Dazs' menu, especially owing to the fact that they turn 29 years old today and 60 years old on the 17th of February respectively. Whether as a give back to the days they have had to deal with me or the fact that there's nothing but family that matters, some day I'd hope to make it come true. You know, because ice cream makes the world go just as round as love does.

And in the Lam clan, love matters.

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