Beyond Kindness

By Elie - 7:25 AM

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Hello everyone! *Waves* Finally getting around to the weekends to post this up and I'm fairly excited to write because it's been in my head since Tuesday and I need to get it out before I go crazy.

Taken just before the LRT left the station. Not too shabby a sunset after a long day at work.

Kindness. We speak about being kind to people most of the time; hoping and wanting to do more for the unfortunate. I wouldn't deny being one of those people either, just donating my money or old clothes and assume that I have already done all the kindness I could possibly do. I would give myself excuses too. Being too busy to volunteer. Being too far to do good. But have you ever stopped to think about how a little bit of kindness can take you a long way?

Okay, that was very sentimental but I first wrote that down when I hopped up my aunt's car making it pretty emotional than it really seemed. But really, have you ever thought about how a small bit of kindness can take on a longer road? Now onto why I am even writing about this. You see, I usually drive to work but on rare days when my father has something up in town, he would take me to down instead. It would however mean that I have to take the public transportation home because he really didn't have the need to stay there from 9 AM till 6ish or 7 PM when I got off.

And that was my Tuesday. I always seem to have thoughts in the train because hey, it's the only time when I don't have much to think about and just look around at people's everyday antics. First you'll see the lazy ones. Then the rude ones. Maybe the tired ones and occasionally the happy ones. You would see the sad ones or the excited ones and sometimes, the ones who just wouldn't stop looking at time. This particular person I saw however, was at the station. She looked lost, tired and desperate for help.

And that was where I stepped in. Or at least, I wish I did. I could clearly see her tapping the receiver of the public phone, possibly hoping it would work for her. "What's a person doing without a cellphone in the world today?" I thought.

"Does she need help? To call someone?"

As I wondered on and off whether or not to approach her to ask if she needed help, I also thought of how she could possibly be a fake. Someone who would say, "Yes please!" to my help offer then pretend to walk away and run off into oblivion. "But she looks pregnant! How fast can a pregnant woman run?" I thought again. I weighed my options: To ignore her and wait for my mother or to walk up and speak to her. I thought of my consequences, I put in endless conclusions and mother called.

And then I came home.

Phew, what a lengthy post by now. I knew for sure I had to blog about this because it's a reminder to myself over odd reasons. I'm still wondering right now, would it have been different if I did offer her my phone to make a call? Would she have gotten the person she had to reach? Or would she have proven my worries right and escaped with my dying phone because of the crook she is? I would never know. But doesn't it just make you wonder?

Beyond kindness.

TL;DR? I should have helped someone but doubted her authenticity. Now I'm beating myself over it and I don't even know why. Will you read the story now?

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